Tracy R. Twyman: The Merovingian Mythos and the Mystery of Rennes le Chateau

A well researched look into the Merovingian claims unfortunately the author makes a few lamentable mistakes that completely undermine her already far reaching hypothesis Holy cow I don t even know where to start The first 30% of the book was like cliff notes for Holy Blood Holy Grail book Just read THAT book Then we go from Templar s Freemasons to CIA and government conspiracy to sex orgies fairies elves angels and bible readings where in some twisted tale about half humans and angels having sex and out comes Cain who s father is now Satan and the true messiah Wait what Throughout the whole book she uotes everybody and their mother Then she takes their work and twists it around to fit whatever may have crossed her mind during what I can only describe as a drinking bender At the end she herself admits that it s impossible impossible to prove any of it It s awful A lot of research was done to come out with a book full of nothing but fantastical speculations and nothing new I thought this was a well written book with lots of research The Author presents her theory and for the most part seems good There are a lot of uotes from Holy Blood Holy Grail The history of the Priory of Sion is well covered as is the route from the beginning times to now Nicholas De Vere s work is included a lot also I will read some of her other work after covering a few titles from the genr. En a ournalist and occult researcher for than ten years She has pursued the Grail mystery in her magazine Dagobert's Revenge for than seven years Now within the pages of this revolutionary work Twyman reveals the shocking results of this exhaustive research After reading this volume you will never look at history or mythology the same way agai.

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It almost reads as a Clift Notes version of HBHG with a new twist on satanic apologists at the end This is a look at and far beyond the usual theories related to a continuing bloodline of Jesus and organizations that have been formed to protect that bloodline and its interests Tracy Twyman obviously has done a great deal of homework on the topic and blended it with her own instincts and intuitions Some of the observations in the book are eye opening Some are frightening Many are well cuckoo This reader suspects that the book would have been far powerful if it had remained grounded in the real world Instead Twyman took off on X Files like expeditions to redefine all history all religion and the cosmos itself It is perhaps a sign of my own intellectual limitations but she lost me on all of those expeditions I find no evidence and no excuse for them Ever since reading The Holy Blood Holy Grail in 2002 I have been fascinated by alternative history and the myths and legends of the Holy Grail and the MerovingiansI found this book interesting but I found some of the author s hypotheses extremely tenuous at best A plus B doesn t always mean C and from my perspective she made a lot of claims without sufficient facts to back her up She was standing on the shoulders of the authors of Holy Blood Holy Grail and others but very soon her leaps of logic left me shaking my head. Do five mountains in Southern France contain the greatest treasure of human history What exactly was the artifact known as the Holy Grail Was civilization created by beings that were greater than human Was there once a primeval language given to us by the gods Does the so called Grail bloodline descend not ust from Jesus but from the biblical.

At the conclusions she had drawn In his book Underworld Graham Hancock who is dealing with similar subject matter origins of civilization and global flood myths puts forward far better scientific fact based research into the origins of civilization While incorporating myths and legends regarding Atlantis and the great floods Hancock doesn t make the fantastic leaps to udgment this woman doesThough this book was published in 2004 after Dan Brown s The DaVinci Code which was published in 2003 this book makes NO reference to it or its claims I would not have an issue with this except the fact that she claims that if there were some truth that Jesus fathered a royal bloodline that no one today would have an issue with this How can she claim such a thing after the controversy that The DaVinci Code stirred up and how the Vatican condemned it How could that be ignored One gets the impression that the book s manuscript had lain around the publisher s office gathering dust and they decided to cash in on the controvery yet didn t make the necessary additions to the text to take in the latest developmentsAnother criticism I have this book needs a better editor There were several embarressing typos that should have been caught These errors makes the book look bush league and unprofessional thereby contributing to the belief that one can t take much in this book too seriously. Cain What is it that makes the Grail bloodline special and gives the Grail kings a divine right to rule What is the nature of the ancient conflict that has shaped thousands of years of human history These uestions and are addressed in Tracy R Twyman's long awaited book The Merovingian Mythos and the Mystery of Rennes le Chateau Ms Twyman has be.

Tracy R Twyman is an American non fiction author born on August 28 1978 in Kansas City Missouri She writes about esoteric history Her most well known books include Clock Shavings The Merovingian Mythos Solomon’s Treasure and Money Grows on the Tree of Knowledge Her latest is Baphomet The Temple Mystery Unveiled co written with Alexander Rivera of The AeonEyecom Before writing books