Maureen Martella: Friends and Lovers

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M there the whole time the story lost something I hope if she continues these books she reconsiders and brings him back into the plot uite a fun book I m vaguely familiar with the lead character as she appears in two previous books you do. Seat for so long but it seems as if someone doesn't want her to succeed And what's the infuriating but intriguing Size has been brought in to help her investigate a dodgy insurance claim He's got brains as well as brawn but Annie's determi.

I didn t realize that this is possibly the third book in a series It was okay although I won t read the rest of them This was njoyable but not as good as the others in this series It might just be me but I really missed Gerry without hi. Is there such a thing as just good friendsWhen a long distance phone call summons private investigator Annie McHugh's lover and business partner Gerry across the Atlantic Annie's left in charge She's been looking forward to being in the hot.

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N t need to read them before you read this but I think it might helpMy main critisms are that you can tell who Annie is going to Crush It! end up with from a mile away but it s a fun ride anyway Also the cover which doesn t really suit the contents. Ned to prove she's perfectly capable of managing on her own Or is sheWith a case that's proving harder to crack than a high security safe dirty phone callsrrant colleagues and Size clamped to her side Annie faces her greatest challenge ye.