David King: Vienna 1814 How the Conuerors of Napoleon Made War Peace and Love at the Congress of Vienna

That the nations took to the Congress and the various positions that veryone came into it with as well as what they wanted He could have written the whole book just about that these people are so incredibly colorful and rich Metternich Talleyrand Tsar Alexander Castlereagh Wellington and various little kings princes ministers and lords are all there and all have their famous witty lines shining moments crazy rages and Miss Westons Masquerade emotional breakdowns to detail This was the Romantic period and these peoplembodied it to a TThen he really gets into the good stuff The 19th century was the century of diarists and letter writers and the Congress was an The Millionaires Proposal epicenter of all of that So there are sooo many good first hand accounts of he said this at a party and so many juicy uotes Almost all the principals wrote memoirs or diaries of the time so the first hand research is really really good He really gets into the various rounds of political intrigue combined with the parties in between the conference meetings how people tried to stabach other in the back at balls delivered devastating one liners at the opera that wrecked someone s career how jockeying for seating at a concert was an olympic sport and the fortunes that people spent on doing all of itEven better the various love affairs going out throughout the Congress He tends to stick to the ones at the very upper Michael (New Orleans Knights eschelon but also takes particular glee in talking about the tsar s affairs with flower girls princes fruit selling mistresses and this or that minister s pretty boy tucked out of the way For some juicyxamples Prince Metternich s devastating affair with the Duchess of Sagan is chronicled in painstaking detail showing this powerful stern intelligent man reduced to howling at the wind for this woman who didn t love him they uote from his love letters to her freuently and how the cong This was gossipy and uite Memoirs of a Millionaires Mistress enjoyableI rated this 1 star because the author kept talking about slavery in reference to whiteuropeans being sold by Muslims into North Africa I borrowed this as an audiobook from Scribd so perhaps I misunderstood some of the particulars here Yet these European nations are all profiting from many forms of slavery between the captivity of West Africans to the captivity of various Meet Phoenix ethnic groups across what is now India How fucking hypocritical and ridiculous to act like slavery was only wrong when whiteuropeans were harmed I m not surprised those at this conference felt that way but I m disgusted that the author of a nonfiction historical text like this wouldn t The Mistletoe Melody (A Brookhollow Story, explore this issue In some way other than calling the concern over whiteuropeans just a general call to free slaves They meant specific Sid and Sam enslaved peoples here and Ixpect a modern author to handle this with considerably accuracy Otherwise fun look at the players of this outrageous conference Anyone interested in the Napoleonic Screwball era mightnjoy this look at the personalities gathered at the Congress of Vienna over the latter part of 1814 through arly 1815 when the protracted and killingly xpensive gaieties were summarily interrupted by Napoleon s The Outlaw Jesse James escape from ElbaIt was amusing to recognize bits from this or that memoir or set of letters however unlike those King navigates between the Scylla of unreliable narrators and the memoirists are all or less unreliable in that they all wrote with an intention often to paper over their own shortcomings and affairs de coeur with penetrating hindsight and noble patriotism or to slander annemyand the Charybdis of nineteenth and Up All Night early twentieth century whitewashingSo we know who was sleeping with whom including proof of one of Metternich s important indiscretions the letters illustrating which having lain secretly in a Swedish palace wall until 1989 who was friends or rivals with whom peppered with the popular Prince de Ligne s wit The man was not the least important in state affairs but he knewveryone pretty much the The Spiral Dance entire century and he had his refined finger on the pulse of society all his long life And people knew it It s just this sort of person who is usuallyxcised from histories in favor or The Erotic Mind earnest politicians or determined military men which robs a history of a sense of the timeMost important I think King successfully demonstrates how though we use the term Napoleonic for thera Talleyrand was at least as influential as powerful and far far longsighted Talleyrand never led armies to smite thousands of lives but he was Dancing at Midnight (The Splendid Trilogy, expert in shaping the fallout into a semblance of order and then rejuggling as those statesmen and military leaders rushed about grabbing what they could Revolving like satellites are personalities like Alexander of Russia and those who influenced him including his mysterious sage That s another thing I like King does not leave out the women Though they were kept from prominence in the legal sense they had tremendous influence socially and intimately which King demonstratesFinally he illustrates what it was like for so many kings to live for this protracted time in close proximity something that had never before occurred He also illustrates what it was like to participate in inventing a government from afar Louis XVIII s and what happens when that government begins to disintegrate and nobody knows what will happen next thescape from Elba Finally we get a succinct overview of Waterloo and the desperate days of the Alliance It It Hurts When I Poop! a Story for Children Who Are Scared to Use the Potty ends shortly after Napoleon is sent off to St HelenaI would have liked delving into Castlereagh so conflicted and interesting a character and a bit focus on the Polish uestion and their remarkable champion but this is a short book and the writer must pick and choose About how the Congress of Vienna arrived at the decisions that it made after Napoleon s first abdication and why it took such a tremendously long time for them to arrive at a conclusion King does a good job of making all the players distinct and memorable The pictures also help tremendously But this book DESPERATELY NEEDS MAPS King kept referring to this or that country which no longerxists and how this one was next to that one and why that proximity made it a region that some other country didn t want someone Here With Me (Together else to have In other words the geography of the time was hugely important to all the decision makers concerns and decisions and not to have a picture of what Europe looked like before Napoleon after Napoleon and the changes being proposed during the Congress was a huge omission My dad agreed He read this in two days but it took me a couple of weeks I found all the deliberations to be slow readingspecially in the absence of maps Sometimes I liked the filler stuff about the balls and parties The passage about Count Razumovsky s house burning to cinders I found interesting But other times the Double Deception (Code Name: Danger entertainment frippery was described with little purpose or specificity The chapters about Napoleon were lively When hescapes from Elba Wicked Lies (Men of Summer, everything in the book picks up speed and interest there s conflict Something is happening The chapters on Waterloo were very well done justnough detail to be informative yet with Grave Tattoo enough pace to keep moving forwardIn spite of whatever complaints I might have had including the fact of occasional grammarrrors this was nlightening material in that it helped me understand a phrase that got bandied about in my history classes all the time with little xplanation Metternich s Europe I understand better the ingredients that were in the pot when the Churchills Trial events that triggered WWI happened and I have a specific sense of how Napoleon s actions affected Europe both during his time and for centuries afterward I m glad I read this. He sheer star power of the Vienna congress outshone nearlyverything A Conspiracy of Ravens (Lady Trent Mysteries else in the publicyeAn Lakeside Redemption early incarnation of the cult of celebrity the congress devolved into a series of debauched parties that continually delayed the progress of peace until word arrived that Napoleon hadscaped abruptly halting the revelry and shrouding the continent in panic once againVienna 1814 beautifully illuminates the intricate social and political intrigue of this history defining congress–a glorified party that seemingly valued frivolity over substance but nonetheless managed to drastically reconfigure Europe’s balance of power and usher in the modern ag.

The genre of popular history is somewhat hard to pin down over the years I ve seen it defined in a number of different ways The most common definition you ll find is any work of history written for a non academic audience but this has always seemed somewhat limiting to me After all can t a work accessible to the general populace also advance scholarship This dichotomy between popular and academic history results in having the former type be almost overwhelmingly broad while the latter type is restricted to only nearly unreadable articles in academic journals Bit of a tangent I know but having said that know that Vienna 1814 isn t just pop history it s bubblegum history You might want to put a not that there s anything wrong with that after all sweeping subjective opinions I make in this review A word of In Pursuit of a Princess explanation I ordered this used off and only realized afterwords that I had gotten it confused with Adam Zamoyski s Rites of Peace published one year before this one a book that I had flipped through at a book store shortly after it came out Normally not a big deal right It s not like I have read any Zamoyski before or had heard anything remarkable about that book I just had wanted to read a history of the Congress of Vienna for a few years and that one happened to pick myye My first hint of warning was that there were no maps This alone left me pretty disappointed because Second Time Loving ever since My Father s Dragon I rathernjoy having a nice map to consult when I m reading a book specially when what s being discussed is some semi obscure principality that I m not 100% sure I can pronounce After all if any topic cries for at least a few handy reference maps it s the multi power conference that had to determine the fate of a continent full of semi obscure republics formerly known as semi obscure principalities However it turns I didn t need to be worried about the lack of reference materials because David King isn t so much concerned with our friends the semi obscure principalities Instead he s interested in who was getting fucked And not fucked in the Poles in the 17th century or Kurds in the 20th century sense ahh Peace Conference humor but fucked in the Real Housewives of the Hapsburg Empire sort of sense The Congress of Vienna serves as a mere backdrop for King to describe lavish parties profile fabulous nobles and pass on tawdry gossip It s not social history it s tabloid history Again not that there s anything wrong with that But that was absolutely not what I was looking for I should say that King doesn t neglect the actual Congress itself at all He ven manages to artfully weave in an account of Napoleon at Elbe and his breathtaking Dark Awakening escape and final hundred days in France But it s all fairly bare bones There s no real context to thevents at all When King gives the reader a closer look at important figures there s a real sense that he s only relating what the general reader will find colorful or intriguing not trying to build Hawks Way (Hawks Way even a decent understanding of the individual I finished this thing several months ago so I m going to refrain from going into much greater detail To be fair King obviously didn t set out to write the definitive history on the subject He probably set out to write antertaining history that happened to Family Men enlighten I was just looking for something that attempted to do the same thing I just prefer the other way around However if your interested in an incredibly readable sometimesngaging often titillating and always professionally told account of atmosphere surrounding the Congress of Vienna I can Creative Participation easily point you toward this book Unfortunately if you want any depth of understanding I recommend you startlsewhere If you re at all interested in modern European history and looking for a bit of a racy tale too then this book is for you David King is to be commended for crafting such an Sabina Spielrein elegant andngaging work that really does read like a novel Vienna 1814 details the doings of the Congress of Vienna held in Vienna Austria in late 1814 and Cognitive Radio Networks early 1815 itsxpressed purpose to restore Europe following the abdication of Napoleon to Elba and the Personnel Management in Government end of nearly 20 years of war across Europe Kings and ueens Princes and Princesses and diplomats from all across Europe gathered together to try and bring order from the chaos and advance a long period of peace The problem was thatvery nation came with its own hidden agenda and only looked to further its own national interestsThis very well written book focuses on the fforts and activities of Austria s Prince Metternich Russia s Tsar Alexander England s Lord Castlereagh and Duke of Wellington Prussia s Chancellor Hardenberg France s Talleyrand and a whole host of papal legates minor plenipotentiaries and ministers These men also brought their wives and mistresses to Vienna There are also numerous cameo appearances of many of Europe s wealthy artistic and intellectual lite like Beethoven Antonio Salieri Jacob Grimm of the Brothers Grimm fame and so forth Throw into the mix that the conference also attracted The Time It Never Rained every scoundrel rogue courtesan and spy and you have the perfect recipe for political intriguespionage and sexual seduction on a scale never before seenWhile the diplomats struggled and schemed in their negotiating sessions during the day in the The Child of the Soul and Other Stories evening they attended great parties and balls hosted by the variousmbassies or salons scattered across the Viennese landscape with Childrens Phantasies each country trying to outdo the other in cuisine and grandiosentertainment Flirtations secret liaisons and seductions and ven flagrant affairs were common among the participants Mr King includes a tremendous amount of background material on ach of these fascinating men and women that makes it very The Soviet Union easy for the reader to see that they were just like the A List celebrities of our time It is alsoasy to see where authors like William Makepeace Thackeray Georgette Heyer and so many others got their inspiration Personally I think that this book would provide terrific fodder for a script for a very Gods and Heroes entertaining and slightly smutty period drama miniseries on one of the cable channels anarly 19th century Peyton PlaceEven with the diversions of all of the fancy balls and Science, Technology and Culture entertainment held during the several months of the Congress of Vienna the European nations did reach some important multi national agreements and milestones They restored or recognized in large part many of the small kingdoms and countries thatxisted prior to Napoleon s conuests They also redrew borders and added or took away land and resources from one nation and gave it to another In a fashion they No Beast So Fierce endeavored tonsure that the rule of public law international law would be implemented and applied across the continent An nlightened and consensus position was also adopted that condemned and prohibited the institution of slavery among the signatory states Russia and Prussia were probably the big winners with much of Poland falling into the hands of the Tsar and much of the Rhineland being taken from France and added to Prussia Creation of this large German confederation was thought by the diplomats to be a moderating influence on future European affairs a decision that would haunt the continent in less than 100 years in the future with the horrors of World Wars I and IIDavid King s book climaxes with the scape of Napoleon from his Last Chance Bride exile on the island of Elba his return to Paris and his marshaling of hundreds of thousands of Frenchman to his flag In response the book describes the rapid mobilization and militarization of the Allies in their fierce determination to defeat Napoleon and the French Army for the Vienna 1814 is anvocative and brilliantly researched account of the most audacious and Whos Cheatin Who? (Thoroughbred Legacy extravagant peace conference in modern European history With the feared Napoleon Bonaparte presumably defeated andxiled to the small island of Elba heads of some 216 states gathered in Vienna to begin piecing together the ruins of his toppled Lawman Lover (Outlaws, empire Major uestions loomed What would be done with France How were the newly liberated territories to be divided What type of restitution would be offered to families of the deceased But this unprecedented gathering of kings dignitaries and diplomatic leaders unfurled a seeminglyndless stream of personal vende.

Ast time The Duke of Wellington rides to Brussels assumes command of the Allied Army and meets Napoleon on the battlefield of Waterloo Napoleon is defeated and this time he is City Girl in Training exiled to the island of St Helena an isolated chuck of rock in the middle of the desolate South Atlantic OceanThis book is important for anyone looking to better understand the Europe of the 20th and 21st centuries but unlike many histories this book is anything but dusty musty or dry as it has the added benefit of being incrediblyngaging and loads of fun to read too My only gripe I wish it were longer I wanted I highly recommend David King s Vienna 1814 How the Conuerors of Napoleon Made Love War and Peace at the Congress of Vienna A fascinating history of the Congress of Vienna in 1814 when the European powers met to decide how to put the world back together after Napoleon Bonaparte was defeated What was supposed to be a congress turned into the most lavish party of all time with aristocracy and royalty gathered in one place than any other point in history from kings to tzars And while they were busy not accomplishing anything Napoleon Bonaparte just happened to scape from Elba I truly knew none of this history before and although I knew about Napoleon and what he did as he conuered different lands I never really thought about the mess that was left behind for the leaders of Europe to deal with I really njoyed this and the fun little asides and histories of Dangerous Waters (Cold Case Files each of the key players Kings ueens princes and diplomats would all pour into the city of Vienna in the autumn of 1814 for the highly anticipated peace conference More than 200 states and princely houses would send delegates to settle the many unresolved issues How were the victors to reconstruct the war torn continent How were they going to make restitution to the millions who had lost family members or suffered the horrors of Napoleonic domination The Vienna Congress offered a chance to correct the wrongs of the past and many hoped create the best of all possible worlds Reasoned opinion predicted that all negotiations would be wrapped up in three or four weeks Even the most seasoned diplomatsxpected no than six But the delegates thrilled by the prospects of a lasting peace indulged in unrestrained celebrations The Vienna peace conference soon degenerated into a glittering vanity fair masked balls medieval style jousts and grand formal banuets a sparkling chaos that would light up the banks of the DanubeFirst off many thanks to Kelly for writing a great review of this book back in 2009 she raved about this book and I ve always had it in the back of my mind when browsing the history section in bookstores A few months ago I finally found a copy and bought it Never mind that I know nothing about the Napoleonic Wars aside from the fact that Napoleon got banished The Husband (Smytheshire, Massachusetts, escaped and invaded France again and then got banished for real a second time never mind that the only thing I knew about the Congress of Vienna was that I confused it with the Treaty of Versailles on an AP Western Civ test in high school I was promised gossip intrigue politics romance gossip parties and a heaping dose of gossip so I was on board And guys Vienna 1814 delivers I would say without reservations that this is probably the most readable history book I vever come across King s writing is clear and flows asily and I had no trouble keeping the large cast of characters straight despite never having heard of most of them He does a wonderful job portraying all the different aspects of the Vienna Congress on the one hand you had all the delegates working around the clock to restore Europe to its pre Napoleon state which involved among other things deciding which of Napoleon s relatives would be allowed to keep the titles he had bestowed on them and which should be returned to the rightful heirs and trying to keep veryone happy which was impossible of course while at the same time there was a crazy party An Italian Education every single night as well as salons where all the political powers were gathered Often a diplomat could accomplish by attending a ball for an hour than he could by working in his office all day And meanwhile as all of this is happening Napoleon is sitting on Elba tenting his fingers and plotting his return to France It isn t until he actually succeeds landing in France and recruiting an army almost instantly that all the Vienna Congress delegates look around and say Well damn Guess we d better start figuring this out for real and actually accomplish what they set out to do six months ago All the characters and they really feel like characters not historical figures are great the descriptions are beautiful and you shouldn t shy away from this book if you know almost nothing about Napoleon Basically if those first two paragraphs I uoted from the book intrigue you at all the rest of the book will not disappoint Absolutely fantastic A play by play of the most fascinating peace conference in all of History with its months of intense negotiations by some of the most brilliant diplomatsver a never Protecting the Colton Bride Coltons Cowboy Code ending social callendar and a glitt Peculiar mismatch of modern and period interests I hate to tell you this but the fortunes of different peculiarly named German noble houses have turned out to have fuck all historical interest after that little thing we call the 20th century Unless you re going to include the nasty details I also do not care who Mitternich was dreaming about shagging on any given day I think it was mostly the Tsar Or maybe thats the author But yes let s dedicate chapters and chapters to that and only briefly skim over such curious irrelevant historical asides as the first international statement against slavery and the seed of humanitarian issues in global politics or one of the Grimm brothers wandering around complaining about book piracy and the beginning of the notion of intellectual property Those aren t interesting at all to a modern reader lets talk about someone s hat some instead Okay so you know how you re in that airport bookstore because you ve tragically finished off your book before itsven time to take off Because naturally nobody on goodreads would be caught there because they forgot to bring a book So you re standing torn between that shelf of NYT bestsellers cheap thrillers a few Serious Looking Histories and those shiny shiny pretty ridiculously indulgent magazine racks and trying to pretend like you don t care at all if Brangelina had the world s most beautiful baby Or for men I don t know sports porn magazines full of ridiculous statistics that you do not EVER need to know but like saying when you ve had too many beersOkay so this book solves all your problems This should be placed strategically in the center of all these locations and advertised better with a few ripped bosoms on the cover it would sell like hotcakes I promise youThis book has something for us all Yes you probably need to care a bit about history and have some very basic knowledge about the Napoloeonic Wars but really the bare facts of there was this little French dude Napoleon who tried to conuer Europe and pissed off Look-Alike Lawman (Texas Twins, everyone in the meantime and then got his own Mediterraean island afterwards whileveryone tried to fix the continent in Vienna afterwards will suffice Oh also the Bourbons are sissies But other than that You can really just dive right into this one The first third of the book spends some time setting up the various important personages who took part in the congress giving detailed character studies of their histories and personalities It also deals with the various roads both literal and figurative. Ttas long simmering feuds and romantic Daddy Wanted entanglements that threatened to undermine the crucial work at handven as their hard fought policy decisions shaped the destiny of Europe and led to the longest sustained peace the continent would Forbidden Stranger ever seeBeyond the diplomatic wrangling however the Congress of Vienna served as a backdrop for the most spectacular Vanity Fair of its time Highlighted by such celebrated figures as thelegant but incredibly vain Prince Metternich of Austria the unflappable and devious Prince Talleyrand of France and the volatile Tsar Alexander of Russia as well as appearances by Ludwig van Beethoven and Emilia Bigottini

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David King is the author of Finding Atlantis Vienna 1814 and most recently Death in the City of Light A Fulbright Scholar with a master's degree from Cambridge University King taught European history at the University of Kentucky before becoming a full time writer