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My name is Tim Lott and I have a ton of Very Important Political Observations to make I could research lobal diplomacy or lack thereof red handed corporate lobbying and the insidious duality of any and all political parties whether left or right and use that information to write a scathing non fiction book orOr I could write a shitty young adult novel I think I will write a shitty young adult novel So much easier Kids don t care about uality right They wouldn t know stilted obvious metaphors even if they were sledgehammered over and over and over with them right Young adults are brainless They are corrupted and ruled by television and social networking and video Darkness Creeping games right I can treat them with contempt and make money by writing in the teen hipenre of dystopian literatureAwesome Here we Herzblut (Alexander Herz, goOkay I moing to need a token character A Waking Nightmares girl maybe Yes That s it Airl How subversive Girls are usually weak and ignorant so I will make mine strong and fearless and I will OH MY GOD I will name her Little Fearless Done Even though she s fearless ah ha ha ha ha I should totally make her bland and predictable What teen would notice that right None Good Moving onNext this Youre the Boss! girl isoing to need friends No wait Too conspicuous She s oing to need fellow classmates No Prisoners It s the future and she s in a place that looks like it s a school but it s really an institution For uh juveniles and the mentally ill Oh no I ve set this book in the future I ll call them juvies and mindcrips Eat your heart out Anthony BurgessThis school it s otta have like social classes I ve The War Planners Series got to be able to comment on social strata The most brutalirls rise to the top and those who refuse to adapt to the bourgeoisie mentality will be punished and be forced to work in menial mindcrippling jobs Good Christ I m a Glidepath (Max Fend, genius Oof I almost forgot Thisirl s classmates they should be completely indistinguishable from each other Good thing teenagers are stupid I can make each character completely one dimensional and stuff them each with interchangeable dialogue That might be confusing though Why don t I just The Complete Calvin and Hobbes [Box Set] give them names that reveal their identity Names like Beauty Tattle and Soapdish because one is beautiful one talks too much and one likes to be clean Writing a YA novel is so easyThere sotta be some central problem and Little Fearless must be FEARLESS and solve it But how can she leave the Institution in order to succeed Let s see Well the Um Natal em Ardmore girls could produce a lot of trash that needs to be removed so Iuess she can escape in a Skeletons garbage truck She ll also need toet back in somehow Maybe maybe a laundry truck Because I VE GOT IT the irls at the Institution do people s laundry Little Fearless shouldn t be successful at first though So she ll have to leave again Dammit I ve written myself into a corner though How will she et out a second and third time I So Far from the Sea guess I ll have to use thearbagelaundry truck route again And againI bet there s one thing no teenager would pick up on and that s foreshadowing You know what would be really funny If my foreshadowing is so damned transparent that I have one of the characters be a visionary Also I should drop hints at some of the identities of the antagonists hints that are so obvious that if a teen doesn t pick up on it they ll feel stupid when I reveal my ruse in the endThis is so much fun I bet I could make it fun by mashing Unnecessary Capital Letters into the story weaving mood jarring fantasy and fairy tale elements in the book and maintaining a narrative that is completely devoid of tone Teens would never pick up on all that would theyThey wouldOh balls Publish it anyway I loved this book Now I know many will disagree with me but what made Fearless appeal to me was Little Fearless s strength of character her courage and her spirit not only contributed to what other people saw her as but to who she was The fact that here she was in a prison an institution yet she told stories and disobeyed the rules to receive the cruelest punishment without entirely selfish motives Little Fearless was a lifeline of hope for all of the The Wolfs Healing Touch (Wolves of Stone Ridge girls who had been torn from their families to be institutionalised and unlike so many romantic mystical and usually. A Whitbread Award winning novelist tells a chilling dystopian tale about a heroicirl prepared to risk everything in the pursuit of justiceIn the not too distant future the world is safe from terrorists the streets are clean and irls labeled juvies or mindcrips have been hidden away behind

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Ich you would expect to result in improper rammar and such Lott writes in a memorizing way that really Bible Prophecy gets you inside Little Fearless headSome people think the characters are very dull and typical but I moing to strongly disagree I love all of the Yaratma Cesareti girls In particular I loved Little Fearless the Whistler Stargazer and Lady Luck LF was a beautifully portrayed character who was heroic and true right until the end I admire her determination and compassion traits which are often dismissed in fictional heroes these days heroes these days I find are all very similar as the author attempts to make them realistic byiving them pointless and irrelevant flaws Little Fearless certainly does not apply and I applaud Lott for creating such a wonderfully brave character I liked the Whistler simply because she was so very strange and different yet uirky at the same time a real mash up of a The Astral Codex girl Stargazer who I at first found to be merely the opposite to LF starts to develop a very uniue personality I liked the supernatural aspect to Stargazer too but for whatever reason I can see her perfectly in my mind Lady Luck who is certainly my favorite Xirl is very uniue I love her way of deciding things with her coin though I would have loved to have known a little about her To round it all off we have the Controller who is so brilliantly written and so frustratingly complex at the same timeIf you re reading the other reviews for Fearless and are reconsidering reading it reconsider again this book is beautifully written with a brilliance that proves the true horror behind society The themes of the novel are so carefully created and Lott has really done a fantastic job Give it a Here There Be Witches go it won t disappoint The premise was interesting Kind of 1984 or Brave New World but what happened to the kids in these societies So you would think hey this should be coolYeah not so muchDialogue HORRIBLE Characters Totally 2 dimensional Maybe he wanted to keep them simple because this society was breaking them down so they didn t resist the rule But if that was the case why did Little Fearless just suck She didn t say anything new She had the same conversation over and overalso the bit about hiding their names It was so trite like not that theirls hid the names from each other but that the author hid the names from the reader AFTER the main character learned their names It was infuriating and stupid I skimmed through a lot of this because the dialogue was so boring And really kids talk like this And a whole society of misfit Story of the Liberty Bell girls talk like this Whatever The author was trying too hard I read this book years ago and liked it but I didn t really understand what it was about I would like to reread it so I can try and understand it better 15 stars mini rant this book was just so insanely bad but i just don t have the heart toive it a lower rating timmy clearly was tryingfirst thing i want to Fake Mustache get off my chest is that this should NOT be a ya book WHY is this aimed at young adults the blatantly obvious subliminal messages that were meant to make the reader reflect on society fell flat because it was so painfully obvious and it felt as though the author was trying to spell everything out by shoving a dictionary down my throat the writing was better suited to middlerader or really younger than that tbh if you want to read a book with BAD dialogue like really bad dialogue PAINFULLY bad dialogue it makes you uestion if every social interaction you ve ever had was real one dimensional characters who were frustrating to read but were somehow less annoying than the mc fearless then this is the book for you also yes her name is fearless and that is about the only thing you found out in terms of her character she s fearless and everyone else is a coward and we re supposed to root for her the whole time while she hides in dump trucks and talks to random people when i put it like that the book sounds half decent a fsdsdjghs i kept wishing she d Desert Rose and Her Highfalutin Hog get caught the whole time and by the time she did i d lost interest i m honestly not sure how or why i own this book and i m probably overthinking it too much but wow might try and reread this and find the funny side since it s just too disappointing School tells the otherirls stories stories about the day their families will return for them Little Fearless’s own hope and conviction spur her on a dangerous adventure a bold and unthinkable plan that will either save the imprisoned irls or mean the end of Little Fearless herself or bo.

Appealing tragic protagonists not once in the story did Little Fearless fail the reader NOT ONCE did she have a weak moment In a world where rules and blind obedience have taken the place of ood judgement and compassion there lives a Hey Wait a Minute! Five Rough and Reluctant Sex Erotica Stories girl named Little Fearless She spends all her days in The Institution where she s taught to listen and obey Problem is as much as they try to teach it she s not really learning it Little Fearless knows that she and all the other namelessirls at the Institution deserve something Deserve families And freedom Of all the Drawing Straws girls Little Fearless has theuts to find a wayFearless is a dystopian parable a rather one dimensional story of courage and how one person s faith can change everything I liked it liked the IDEA of it I appreciated the arc of Little Fearless s story but sometimes it fell into a sort of preachiness that disappointed me Certainly there are echos of Nazi ish hatred and enforced conformity as wells as other dystopian fare I did like how clean it was and I think my 11 year old daughter would be receptive to the style than I was I hesitate to call this book science fiction because so many people don t like that enre It s set in the future and tells the story of a irls school that is actually a prison where Ethical Responsiveness and the Politics of Difference girls whoet in trouble are sent The The scarecrow girls have been taken away from their families and locked into this facility which the public believes is a school Then one of theirls attempts to escape and Elizabeth Cady Stanton get help from the outsideIt s recommended by JACUELINE WILSON and is a smooth easy read with an engaging plot Try it out This was one of my favorite books in middle school I ve read it so many times and even rereading it as an adult it s held up It s full of adventure heartbreak and hope It s written for kids but it doesn t shy away or make things easier It s so sad but hopeful at the same time and contains such aood message Regardless of all that it After the End gets a five star for nostalgia factor alone But make no mistake this book holds up its fantastic I would recommend this to anyone middle school age If a book is released as an Advance Review Copy the publisher is probably trying toenerate some advance buzz for it Get some The Doll and Her Friends (1893) good reviewsoing ahead of it and make people want to buy this book I think that if that s the case the book has some obligation to be Septiņi good Fearless is what happens when an adult author tries to write a kid s book but doesn t really know how All languageets dumbed down every little detail Nightbane World Book One gets spelled out expositionrows like mold It s like Lott hasn t even read a children s book recently much less has any skill in the writing of one The dialogue is horrible The plot might be okay in another writer s hands but I have my doubts even about that The characters all The All New Jonah Twist given nicknames based on their personality uirks are otherwise indistinguishable in terms of voice The adjective laden prose is reminiscent of nothing as much as high school creative writing assignments His attempts at making the book all dystopian sci fi involve throwing the word vidscreen around as a substitute for TVI wasoing to ive this two stars but as I type up my thoughts and my cataloging of its faults I can t come up with any reason to rate it even that highly This is A Bad Book and I can t see any reason to pretend it s not I first discovered this book a few years ago from an online friend who fell in love with it Taking her advice I eventually ot hold of Fearless from my school library and ordered it online for myself sometime later I read Fearless when I was about twelve or thirteen and have since read it over a Legon Ascension (Legon Series good few timesThe story follows a brave child nicknamed Little Fearless who has been banished to an institute to become a proper Cityzen The opening chapter is beautifully written proving to be very interesting I definitely wanted to continue reading Lott writes in a strange but fascinating way that makes me want to turn the pageAs Little Fearless escapes the institute with the aid of an Xirl Stench I found the story simply amazing Although the dialogue of the characters whom I have always thought to range from about 8 15 is probably a little too proper for their age and PMS general lack of care wh. He smartly painted exterior of the City Community Faith School Their birth names are forgotten and replaced with a letter and number but theyive each other nicknames like Tattle or Stench or Little Fearless As they slave away at chores Little Fearless who is actually the bravest irl in the.

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Tim Lott is the author of seven novels and a memoir The Scent of Dried Roses which won the PENJR Ackerley Prize White City Blue won the Whitbread First Novel Award and his young adult book Fearless was shortlisted for the Guardian Children's Book Award Tim lives with his family in north west London