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For the time being He emphasized each word I ll be the only one climbing through your window Genre YA Contemporary romance Play With Me was such an amazing and cute book Just Let s be honest here i did not have high expectations for this book I thought it ll be a 3 4 star readIt was so freaking hilarious I haven t laughed this much in what seems like a very long timeMeet the main characters Liza Matthews has had a crush on her best friend Tony since kindergarten She s dying to see him after he went away to soccer camp but when he finally arrives he has his sight on another irl And worse she s a soccer player Desperate times call for desperate measures and Liza deciding to fight for her boy joins the teamIn enter Ryan stood over me What are you doing Dying The tryouts end up a total catastrophe the first match ends up bloody and the morning after the selection party she wakes up in the worst place possible in the arms of the captain of the soccer team The hottest So Far from the Sea guy in school Ryan Hunter Which boy will Liza play with Will Ryan win her heart over What i thought of Liza I don t think i have ever adored a main female protagonist so much She wasn t annoying like all the other female characters and for that i am sorateful I could extremely easily understand and connect with her because she was very much like myself sarcastic didn t let people bring her down and had the most amazing comebacks ever They had me laughing out loud Although i was a little bit angry at her for still having a crush on Tony after what a jerk he was to her i was like What i thought of Ryan I absolutely LOVED LOVED LOVED Ryan He was so sexy sweet and just swoon worthy Ladies you will need a bib because you will drool all over the place He was also a very interesting character to read about I only wish we would The Wolfs Healing Touch (Wolves of Stone Ridge get background about him and scenes where he s at least half naked wink Liza s and Hunter s relationship was beautiful at it s worst It was heart warming and heart melting and just awww I love them together so much And i simply adored reading the romantic and not so scenes between them like every time Hunter climbed through Liza s window You re such an ass you know I shoved his shoulderrinning at himThe roguish The Draft gleam in his eyes captured me I ve been toldirls o for that Overall Play With Me was a fabulous book that i inhaled in one day Din t want to put it down A very sweet short 200 pages novella that i recommend to everyone who loves romance books A perfect summer read Although you might want to re think if you re the type of reader who hates love triangles and irl having a crush on her best friendI m dying to read Hunters POV So if anyone has a spare copy or something let me know Surprised It s Not That Bad Re readI don t know why I m trying at another re read of a YA book I mean YA and I do not Yaratma Cesareti get along any and haven t for uite some time But I wanted to test myself at least one time I mean I might luck out The book centers around Liza Liz Isadora Matthews 16 airl who has loved her best friend for ages Unfortunately he only has eyes for another The Astral Codex girl and then there s the boy with the tiger eyes that seems to catch her attentionOverall I mlad I did this re read The book is adorable cute and had me smiling uite a lot I m surprised at how fast the time went while reading it I didn t stop once nor did I want to That bei Actual Rating 5 My GR challenge was in desperate need of help soooo I used this uick read Liza Matthews has always been in love with her best friend Tony but he s never really noticed or if he has he s not doing anything about it She finally decides that maybe joining the soccer team which he s on will Here There Be Witches get Tony s attention. This is a short sweet novellaRyan Hunter's parties are legend And tonight she'soing to be thereLiza Matthews anticipates the return of her best friend and only love since kindergarten from soccer camp But when Tony finally shows up his min.

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Ngly suggest you don t do that During a Story of the Liberty Bell game you will have to stop the ball But you re not allowed to use your hands So you use your body to block it Your shoulders or head but mostly your chest Aha There s only one problem with that I cupped my boobs with both hands I veot these Struck silent his Fake Mustache gaze traveled from my eyes downward and didn t return The spark in his eyes almost scared me Like I was Snow White and he was theHunter In fact I didn t want to even imagine what thoughts crossed his mind right then I sapped my fingers between our faces Eyes up here He obeyed Reluctantly The sliver of an impish smile crept to his lips It s a light novella a bit predictable BUT I really love it cause it made me really really smile an honest tooodness smile An innocent smile and laugh not the smile because I know something would lead to something adult like LOL I ve been reading new adult books a lot now so this is just a Desert Rose and Her Highfalutin Hog good change of pace If it was Piper Shelly s intent to showcase the shallow nature of teenagers she s succeeded spectacularly with this book and its seuel I can t uite figure out how to describe Shelly s writing I think she has potential She knows how to pace at least and her plots could make for some compelling reads but her characters and the attention she pays to detail are abysmal The reader isn t led into the story and shown around so much as thrust into the middle of an OC style melodrama And don t read this hoping for any kind of emotional depth because there isn t any Probably a read teenagers would love since there s a lot of angst and kissing and whatnot but the emotional connection that most seasoned readers reuire islaringly absent This is like three and a half starsI feel like this should have been book two in this series and book two should have been book one I m really lad I accidentally read book two first I really enjoyed this story from Ryan s pov and the longer story This is an enjoyable ya romance though and I will continue this seriesLisa is in love with her childhood friend Tony They do everything 45 Very cute sigh young love starsIt s been uite a long time since I ve read a true blue YA book like this one I say true blue because this book and others like it see Julie Prestsater s So I m a Double Threat as an example has a shall I say realistic portrayal of high school love and the drama that oes along with it And personally I find these books endearing and it takes me back to well my own high school days Play With Me tells the story of Liza Matthews a semi awkward high school student who s been in love with her best friend Tony since kindergarten Unfortunately for Liza Tony returned from soccer camp in love but Hey Wait a Minute! Five Rough and Reluctant Sex Erotica Stories gasp not with her but with anotherirl In order to Drawing Straws get close to Tony and steal his attention away from his new love interest Liza joined the soccer team organized by the boy s soccer team Determined to fight for her man Liza accepted Ryan Hunter s proposal to help her with her soccer skills Ryan Hunter by the way is the team captain Gorgeous loaded and actually very sweet And he seems to enjoy Liza s company as much as she s enjoying his But of course not everything is uite what it seemed and when secrets started coming out Liza must choose between Tony and Ryan No worries though for all of you love triangle trope haters like me this isn t a love triangle per se Just one heck of a confuseirl who needs a little push in the right direction Very entertaining very sweet very cute novella about the joys and pitfalls of young love I really enjoyed myself Ryan Hunter is a wonderful hero and Liza is adorable A reat novella to read in between heavier themed books Definitely worth it. To play ball to et her manThe tryouts are hell the first match ends bloody and the morning after the selection party she wakes up in the worst place possible in the arms of the captain of the soccer team The hottest uy in school Ryan Hunte.

Everything changes though after a party at Ryan Hunter s I knew oing into this that it d be really short but I was still surprised especially with the endingIt was prettyabrupt It s not really much of an ending although I ve read reviews for the 2nd book which shows Ryan s POV and there s of an ending there so I ll definitely read that soonOh and something else one scene in the story was super unrealistic it was actually funny how unbelievable it was Ryan and Tony are both yelling at each other with a lot of punching in the middle of the night INSIDE Liza s room while her mom is asleep in the same HOUSE I don t know about you but my parents would definitely wake up from that they wake up from a CUP falling onto the floor so a bunch of yelling and fighting would with no doubt awaken them Ahhhh oh well it s fiction Well Play With Me was a cute and light read I just wish that it was longer and we could ve seen maybe development with the MC and other characters I liked the characters and all especially Ryan but I would ve liked to know about them Can t wait to see Ryan s POV Blog Very cute and sweet Really liked it Epilogue for Play With Me is up here Scarily enough I LOVED this story 0o Lke I REALLY LOVED IT Coming from ME that says a lot considering this is YA 45 Sexy Soccer Player Stars Someone find me a time machine so I can climb in The scarecrow go back to high school and find me a Ryan HunterYoung love it can be so cruel but it can also be soood and incredibly sweet This was excellent The cover and the price were what caught my eye then I read the sample I immediately one clicked because I was hooked This is an adorable swoon worthy story with some really Elizabeth Cady Stanton great characters It s amusing fun and it doesn t wallow in angst which made it that much better Liza s confused and hurt but an unexpected boy comes into her life makes her forget and she finds herself falling for himjust as I did Ryan Hunter where were you when I was back in high school You were there you just didn t see me So I lived my teenage fantasy through Liza Matthews and for a while Ryan Hunter was mine too I love aood YA was in the mood for one and this was exactly what I was looking for This is a read that will appeal to all ages The writing is very After the End good the dialogue is witty and cuteand lots of itand the story is entertaining For a few hours it took this older reader back to her youth and I had a blast Oh my young love and your first kisssighI see there is a version of this story Ryan Hunter written from Ryan s point of view The author did a wonderful job portraying a teenageirl now I m curious to see what she does with a boy s More time with Ryan Hunterwoohoo Guess what I ll be reading this afternoon92813 Play With Me is only 099 for Kindle Worth every penny for this well done YA novella Wow I love this book Full review when I wake up later Morning came and I still love this novella I think this is the first book after months that really made me The Doll and Her Friends (1893) giddy because of the sweetness Ah I don t know what to phrase it in English but we do have this word in Tagalog called kilig kilig KEE lig To shiver When used in topics of love and romance it means to shiver with delight when something romantic or cute That s what I freakin felt while reading this novella I mrinning from ear to ear Thank God it s night time when I read this stupidly feeling happy and I ve been biting my lower lip while reading to stop myself from smiling BUT I JUST CAN T HELP IT A smirk played around one corner of his mouth I m afraid my time of numb indifference is over His thumb had started drawing small circles on my skin So unless you re up for some trouble now would you mind moving your leg I stro. D is focused on another irl And worse she's a soccer player Fighting for the attention Liza craves she's just a hairbreadth away from making a very stupid decision But when extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures she's prepared.

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The uick and dirtyI’m a cool girl with a passion for writing The genres you’ll find me hanging out at are contemporary and paranormal YA but I’m also snooping into some adult paranormal right now All of them romancesof courseThe nitty grittyI’m an Austrian lass—totally uncomplicated and up to anything fun I grew up in Vienna not by free will but because my parents decided to move there w