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Predictable easy read If it were not for the descriptive sexual encounters and anguage it would be a book for early teens as the writing style was juvenile This explicit and sometimes harsh novel Enzymes Enzyme Therapy looks at an issue from two perspectives Two women are inove with the same man and both struggle with their sense of identity trust and value as partners as their man waffles between themVery mature sex scenes and stilted dialogue make this a difficult read I read this so Blindsided long ago but remember enjoying it aot Crazy story When I read this book I had just broke up with my ex so I was feeling kind of vulnerable I guess but when I finished this book I was mad as hell why can t men keep it in their pants why do they have to cheat and At Land leave a good thing for something they have no idea as to if it is actually going to work out never theess it is a good book but I was really mad at the ending YO YO LOVE was a Twenty six year old Kimberly Vanessa Brown is no ordinary single mom Pregnant with her second child she's got a career a college degree and enough common sense to know that her boyfriend Malik may not be ready for fatherhood But when Malik surprises her with a marriage proposal it seems that Kim's got her man for the ong haul Or does sheDespit.

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N berating each other instead of putting the cheating oser in his placeThere was a whole The Price Of Blood (Phil Broker, lot of Pick me you don t know what a mistake you are making that is my man and yadda yadda yadda Same story different title Wow I picked this up on a fluke and LOVED IT It was so good I read it in one day justike I used to when I was young This book is real about black people and different cultures I could identify with so many of the characters Two thumbs up I felt I was a bit too old to be reading this book Nonetheless it was an easy read and it okay if you are in your early to mid twenties I believe this was Daaimah s second book and I ve read this one several times too this was a really good book the use of anguage that the author used was incredible i really enjoyed reading this book although the ending was nt all that good i think he stayed with the wrong person but what can i say It was very interesting. Thing when she's got it That good thing is her ove for Malik and she intends to keep it at all costs Unfortunately she's not the only one who feels that way What follows is an emotional roller coaster ride of changing plans changing partners and a surprising change of heart as three people wrestle with what's right what's wrong and what's real.

Reat read It was the perfect example of African American chick Meg and the Mystery in Williamsburg (Meg Duncan, lit Filled with comedy romance and great friends it was a novel I truly enjoyed So when I discovered that Ms Poole released a sopho project I just knew I was going to enjoy it as much as I did her first That s what I get for jumping the gun GOT A MAN was not onlyukewarm but the editing was bad and it was extremely repetitious throughout Whatever happened to keeping the reader on their toesMeet Shonda Kim Two women in Pregnant Man love with the same man Kim has been in a steady relationship with her fianc Malik for about 4 years but that relationship is tested when Shonda temps as a receptionist at Malik saw firm The two begin to hit it off and Malik strays away from Kim pursuing a relationship with Shonda even though he and Kim have a baby on the way From then it becomes a back and forth thing Malik strings the two women along but the two women insist E his honorable intentions Malik can't seem to stay clear of other women When Shonda Robinson the shapely new receptionist at the aw firm where Malik works as a paralegal comes on strong to him his resolve finally crumbles along with his heart and his future plans Shonda may not be the most moral or discreet person around but she knows a good.

Daaimah S Poole was born and raised in Philadelphia PA She graduated from Temple University with a BA in journalism in 2003 While attending Temple Daaimah worked almost every job imaginable – receptionist car salesperson bill collector waitress tutor and substitute teacher She would later say she was unintentionally doing character researchDaaimah completed her first novel Yo Yo Love