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Id not catch nor keep my attention what so ever The little that i read was through skimming and the rest i DNF d I might try this one again but not fir me ATM Interesting stort Bored guy reluctantly accompanies his brother and niece to the carnival He hopes to pick up a girl for sex Just has he is ready to leave he meets the girl of his dreams She is also looking for sex They have great sex and agree to meet againRead it if ou want the full detail. After allCarnival Girl Fuck is 6500 words long and contains casual sex exhibitionism public sex acts and For adults onl.

A throughly enjoyable story The interactions between Adrian and Serena reminded me of the kinds of thoughts and actions people did back Okay story nothing special though Carnival Girl Lover is a romantic erotica short story Adrian meets Serena at a carnival and they have some fun togetherAs short stories go Carnival Girl Lover is not much fun Soichiro writes clearly but there is nothing special about this tale It is simple vanilla sex and nothing. When Adrian is guilted into a trip to the carnival by his brother he's sure it will be a boring waste of time Things ch.

Unusual happens Character development is poor and the dialogue is ordinary Carnival Girl Lover is a boring read and does not brighten up our day It is about as much fun as reading a cookery book so I can only give it the bare minimum score of 1 starCarnival Girl Lover is available as an Kindle eBook and was written in 2011 and republished in 2014 Cute short Slow to start but once Adrian and Serena meet it s a much better read FREE ON The story Ange when he meets a spicy dark haired vixen named Serena With her help Adrian realizes that the carnival isn't so bad.

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My name is Soichiro Irons and I'm an writer of eroticaMy belief is that sex should not be taboo nothing is sacred nothing is untouchable I aim to change mindsand if one mind is changed because of something I have produced I will be pleased