Salina Yoon: Wheres Boo?

A fun board book that allows young children to look for Boo the cat in a Halloween background and thus etting to know some other stereotypical Halloween characters in this hide and Contacts Desired go seek read The book has an interesting design that helps to make the page turning a bit easier with the arch taken out of the middle of the right side of the page Due to it is the tip of Boo s tail in the patch ofreen children are asked to turn the page and see whether Boo is hidden beneath a bunch of fun things that all have relations to Halloween while also using Boo s tail tip to complete the picture The writing is definitely easy to understand and follow as it mostly follows a pattern to help lead young readers on their finding journey Otherwise after a first or second read though many older readers may find the book used up and be done with its predictability of what will happe. Where's Boo is a Notorious Pleasures (Maiden Lane, guessingame in board book form Very young readers will love searching for Boo the black cat among familiar Halloween characters and objects and find.

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N each page and a felt cat that feels wonderful to touch This is a cute book for any time of the year but especially Halloween when children will be seeing the themed decorations and trick or treaters around them The witch s hat was a little bit of a stretch as far as the hidden items went and my 14 month old daughter was not terribly impressed with the attempts to hide Boo every time the story asked where Boo was she would flip the book over and point to Boo on the front XD I suspect this one has a short shelf life as far as re reading oes because the surprise of finding Boo doesn t last than a couple of readings at most It s still a fun book for babies and toddlers and the thick cardboard pages black flocking and cut out space around Boo s tail make it both a visual and tactile reading experience Not as outstanding as Where Is Baby s Pumpkin but still a big hit. Over and do it againBlack fuzzy flocking on Boo on the front cover and the last spread add depth and a tactile element to this die cut board book as well as extra valu.

N next so maybe the book would better work as a picture book for curious children to find all on their own instead Nana ave me this book for my first Halloween I enjoy looking for Boo the cat Super cute book Boo is the name of the cat Love Didn t make Measuring the Subjective Well-Being of Nations great use of the touch and feel element A hide and seek book that challenges young readers to find a fuzzy black cat named Boo The bright digital artwork teases readers with a curly black tail peeking from behind familiar Halloween props making this areat seasonal read aloud with toddlers Comparable to Where Is Baby s Pumpkin but without the flapsBoth are fun with vibrant colors I love flap books for Baby Storytime but they are not as durable If you are looking for a book that will last the longest o with this one I am a cat person my kids too not too much fun but it was fine A cute board book with a trick Ing something unexpected instead Each page offers a hint of Boo but it isn't until the last page that readers will find him And when they do they'll want to start all.

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