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I think Pierre Boulle s novel Planet of the Apes is a social fantasy an allegory for evealing our civilization as blindly mimicking our past as aping the good and bad of what has come before It is a statement against complacency a warning that history will No Limits (Brutal Master repeat itself if we are not eternally vigilant The novel may also beead as a cautionary illustration of our Liar, Liar relationship with our environment and the animals with which we share the EarthOr it s a fun science fiction book about chimps orangutans and gorillasuling a planetWritten by Pierre Boule and first published in 1963 as La Plan te des singes this bears a closer literary Essays One resemblance to Edgar Rice Burroughs or Jules Verne than to modern science fiction Boulle himself the author of The Bridge Over the River Kwai described the novel as a social fantasy There is a scene ofacial memory that is especially noteworthy but a fine work throughout I can say after eading the original novel that all of the films have been loosely based upon Boulle s literature although the most ecent series may ultimately be the closest to Boulle s vision I am coming to believe that the 1960s were the zenith of science fiction and this is a good example ENGLISH Planet of the Apes ITALIANO Jinn and Phyllis were spending. I am confiding this manuscript to space not with the intention of saving myself but to help perhaps to avert the appalling scourge that is menacing the human The Kaya-Girl race Lord have pity on us With these words Pierre Boulle hurtles teheader onto the Planet of the Apes In this simian world civilization is turned upside down apes are men and men are apes; apes ule and men un wild; apes think speak produce wear cl.

A wonderful holiday in space as far away as possible from the inhabited stars A couple of tourists on an interplanetary trip uns into a bottle drifting in the space They obtain in this way a manuscript in which is told the story of Ulysse M ou a French journalist and his space journey toward the Betelgeuse star 300 light years far away from EarthI fell in love with this novel after half a page Simple addictive shocking The core of the science fictionVote 9 Jinn e Phyllis stavano passando delle meravigliose vacanze nello spazio il pi lontano possibile dagli astri abitati Una coppia di turisti in gita nello spazio si imbatte in una bottiglia alla deriva nello spazio Vengono cos in possesso di un manoscritto nel uale narrata la storia di Ulisse M ou giornalista francese e del suo viaggio spaziale verso il sistema solare di Betelgeuse distante 300 anni luce dalla TerraMi sono innamorato di uesto omanzo dopo mezza pagina Semplice coinvolgente e sconvolgente L essenza della fantascienzaVoto 9 I enjoyed this story I can say both the book and the movie are great in their own way The movie was science fiction but the book seemed socially based lo fi science fiction The book goes way in depth about the planet our narrator and his crew have landed on Through th. Othes and men are speechless naked exhibited at fairs used for biological esearch On the planet of the apes man having eached to apotheosis of his genius has become inert To this planet come a journalist and a scientist The scientist is put into a zoo the journalist into a laboratory Only the journalist etains the spiritual strength and creative intelligence to try to save himself to fight the appalling.

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E narrator we discover much about the ape planet than the movie gives The interaction between the primitive man chimpanzees gorillas and orangutans follows the movie yet the author does a great job of telling the tale On the planet exists social constructs and norms a Simian language art and science zoos lobotomy experiments and Lastly we discover how the shift occurred and monkeys came to ule the world Pierre Boulle has a uniue way of telling a story full of detail yet is entertaining and creative Overall I enjoyed this book and would ecommend it to anyone who likes any movies from the franchise Thanks Planet of the Apes is shocking and eye opening a classic sci fi novel that everyone should ead The themes within it are certainly worth it Almost all the great discoveries she stated vehemently have been made by chimpanzeesExperimentation is needed for all great discoveries and what would a chimpanzee use as a lab animal Why a human of course Oh those damn dirty apesDespite Charleton Heston s scenery chewing I ve always loved Planet of the Apes the movie The book Well it gets off to an awkward start The writing is clunky and the plot so improbable view spoilerA couple is sailing in space when they come upon a message in a bottle Seriously hide spoiler. Scourge to emain a man Out of this situation Pierre Boulle has woven a tale as harrowing bizarre and meaningful as any in the brilliant oster of this master storyteller With his cutomary wit irony and disciplined intellect and style the author of The Bridge Over the River Kwai tells a swiftly moving story dealing with man's conflicts and takes the eader into a suspenseful and strangely fascinating orbi.

Librarian Note There is than one author in the Goodreads database with this namePierre Boulle 20 February 1912 – 30 January 1994 was a French novelist best known for two works The Bridge over the River Kwai 1952 and Planet of the Apes 1963 that were both made into award winning filmsBoulle was an engineer serving as a secret agent with the Free French in Singapore when he was captu