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Really enjoyed this book is just that many women in this world who have been raped and have political ties have been in Mia shoes but we don t ever hear about it because ike this story they try to or do in fact sweep it under the rugI would definitely recommend this book to my friends For those of you that have been following my reviews for a On the Plains long time you know I m a bit of an ebook hoarder I have a ton of books by aot of different authors Lizzy Ford is one of those authors I have dozens of her books Even though I have so many I have never read any I recently decided to pick up Broken Beauty I really enjoyed the bookIt feels weird to say I enjoyed the book I m not sure enjoyed is the right word This is in the synopsis so I don t feel Sock-Yarn Shawls like it s a spoiler to say that the book deals with the sensitive subject of rape I thought the author handled the subject well She drew attention to the issues without being offensive I think she did a good job portraying some of the situations rape survivors find themselves going through I felt heartbroken watching Mia go through everything she did while I was reading her story I alsoiked that there was zero romantic involvement in this book Mia didn t need to What Lacan Said About Women lean on a guy to feel whole again I really respect the author for thatSpeaking of Mia I could not stand her family I wanted to reach through my kindle and smack the hell out of her father I couldn t believe that he could care soittle for his own flesh and blood especially after everything she went through Mia s mom was the best one in the family which isn t saying much She still didn t seem ike she cared too much She cared but it came off as indifferent or fake than anything elseBroken Beauty was a powerful moving book It dealt with a sensitive subject in a respectful and informative way It made the reader aware of a situation they might not normally think about because it s not relevant to them I don t think I will be continuing this series just because this book was so hard to read I do however recommend this book to anyone that wants to earn about the subject Holy crap That was all sorts of depressing There were times that I swear the behavior of all the characters other than Mia and Ari made me uestion my faith in humanityThere was no one that The Cursed Dragon Armor (Dragon Hero, looked out for Mia Not really Everyone had theirs own agenda and if helping her worked into that they mightend a handMia was about the most naive characters I ve come across in a Stalker long time view spoiler I mean how many 17 year olds honestly believe that you can t get pregnant from rape hide spoiler Broken Beauty was a tough read The story is about a 17 year old girl named Mia who was drugged beaten and raped at a partyMia comes from a privileged family Her father is a politician they have money but as the saying goes money can t buy happiness She has virtually no real familyife to speak of and to make matters worse instead of trying to find the jerks that hurt her her father is focused on putting a spin on the horrific things that happened to Mia to help him win an electionI have to admit that when I received the ARC copy and blurb from Lizzy I was a bit El mundo contemporneo: Del siglo XIX al XXI (Pensamiento) leery I m not much for the realife stories preferring to be sucked into a new world but there hasn t been a Lizzy Ford book that I haven t North American Spies liked so I decided that I needed to read it I m so glad I didMia was so well developed in this short story that I felt as if I d known her my wholeife I felt her pain I wanted to reach through the pages and huge her For the entire 78 pages Mia was my best friend and I ached for her every second I was reading this bookAnd Dom well Dom was the ray of sunshine that this story needed He was there for Mia giving her the support that her family should haveMy only complaint about this book was the constant use of Daddy Mia has virtually no relationship with her father and she s also 17 It made me think of her as so much younger than she really was But Mia wasn t the only one referring to her father as Daddy even grown adults were I know it s a silly thing but it seemed really odd and it was used so often that it kept pulling me from the storyEven though I had a Che Guevara little complaint this book was very well written I felt everything Mia felt heartbreak fear angeroneliness Lizzy wrote this story in such a way that you just can t help but feel something on every single page Broken Beauty is a heartbreaking read dealing with real ife topics Although this book may not be for everyone due to the sensitive subject it was a good read and I would recommend checking it out ARC received from Netgalley I DIDN T KNOW IT WAS A NOVELLA I DIDN T KNOW IT WAS A CLIFFHANGERI DIDN T KNOW THIS WAS BOOK WAS GOING TO RIP ME TO SHREDS Everything about it was a freaking awesome ride one I enjoyed immensely as I ugly cried I want NEED NOW. Ce by the betrayal of her family She does what her father says But the rapists strike again and beat their next victim near deathWith the help of her best friend and a couple of unlikely allies Mia must decide does she risk osing everything to do what’s right Or does she turn her back on the truth and preserve the family nameWhat’s privileged girl to do when her perfect ittle world isn't so perfect an.

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Ory of 17 year old Mia Abbottt Renou Beautiful rich girl missing the ove and affection from her politician father and French actress mother She is De Koersk - De dodelijke reis van een kernonderzeeër living a carefreeifestyle At a party without her best friend Ari but with a fake id she finds herself being served drink after drink with no uestions asked She sees someone she knows the son of one of her father s closest political colleague A handsome college boy who pays attention to her He asks her to take a walk with him to the garden Trusting naive and unassuming she agreesand then her world will never be the sameShe is drugged raped brutalized and Sweet Bags left for deadThis is the story of Mia Abbottt Renou and how her family friends and strangers and how they will affect herife and the decisions she will need to make to set things right My heart goes out to Mia and what she went through I found myself having to pause off and on while reading this book Tears fell and my chest was tight at some point I just could not imagine how something so terrible so horrible can happen to someone or just anyone But I know it does and my heart goes out It s hard especially when she does not have the support of her family because their political careers and status which is important than family It s sad that it brings out the ugliness in people Yet she finds real comfort in the two people in her England in America, 1580-1652 life someone familiar and another a strangerAri her best friend heroyalty dedication Battle Scars: A Story of War and All That Follows love and support for Mia was incredible I can only wish that everyone can have a friendike her Dom the police officer who first found Mia he was her rock supportive and encouraging He and Mia had a special bond Someone who she found comfort in and peace of mind I just fell madly in The Economics Of Business Enterprise love with him I had to keep reminding myself that Mia was only 17 years old and Dom in his early twenties There couldn t be any chance that something could develop other than friendship between the two of them Or could theyI hoped that there would be another book to follow And YESSSSS there is And instead of that cliff hanger mouth hanging uneasiness until the next timeI ameft with a feeling of pride belief and hope that it can only get better2nd book in a series of 5 is Dom s Way Let s just say I m keeping my fingers and toes crossed that this will be about Mia and Dom moving forward ARC provided in exchange for honest review Broken Beauty by Lizzy Ford is a heartbreaking and painful tale and reminder of how easy an innocent Comparative Contract Law, Second Edition life can be destroyed and shattered foreverThis book is part one of a six part novella that deals with a serious issue of RAPE and coping and dealing with the aftermath of being sexual assaulted Broken Beauty begins in the aftermath of a traumatic and agonizing ordeal thateaves 17 year old Mia Abbott Renou beaten blooded and truly broken She has no clear memory of why she is Breakfast with Anglo lying naked in a garden Little pieces of her memories of the attack comes back to her in muddled and confused snapshots As she is being uestioned by the police to recount her attack it is then that Mia realizes that one of her attacker s is the son of her father s political ally and major contributorIn the world of her father nothing is important than public perception and his political career Mia s father was just a complete asshole What father does not show up to the hospital after hearing that this his youngest daughter has been drugged beaten and brutally raped by two men Instead Mia s father sends out his team ofackeys and publicists to spin the news of Mia s attack to work i ARC provided by Netgally for my honest review This book made me so mad because of the fact that it was so real how a girl or women could go thru this Mia Abbot Renou is a 17yr old high school student with a politician father He pretty much chooses his career over her and so she is One Big Damn Puzzler left by herself uite often Mia goes to a party where she is drugged and raped by a guy she knows and his friend When her family finds out no one goes to the hospital to help her They care about hiding it from the mediaThe simple fact that everyone who is suppose toove and protect Mia has basically put the image of her rape under the rug so that they will be out of the public eye They choose to make her not admit to the police the name of her rapist that she doesn t really remember who raped her The are either blind or choose not to see how this had affected her way of Landscapes of Communism life no one should have to go thru what poor Mia has She know that she is doing wrong by not admitting the truth she now know there are others not just her One of the cops how found her is Dom she sees him as her guardian angel hopefully with his help she will tell the truthHopefully as the rest of this series of novella s are realesed she changes her mind I can t wait for the other books I need to read about how this story transpiresI. R out if she does It’s a critical election year one that his party mightose if the public sours on his doting father image when they realize his daughter is an underage ush and party girl He can’t risk splintering the party in a nasty court battle that’s certain to draw way too much press even if that means sacrificing his daughterMia’s world is shattered twice once by the men who hurt her and on.

ARC provided by NetgalleyRecommended by Tiffany Mia Abbott Renou is the daughter of a politician and a former French actress She ives her ife in the public eye She is in her senior year of high school and is given just about any material thing she wants She is of ittle importance to her family and only feels The Outside loved and valued by her best friend Ari She has been friends with Ari since they were five Her mother is a drunk and is in rehab and her father is a selfish career driven man who really only cares about himselfShe can t stand going to her father s political functions and chooses to go to a party one night instead At this party she is drugged beat and raped by two college guys Turns out she knows one of them and had thought he was this nice handsome football player His father also happens to be a friend and ali of her father sAfter she is abused by these men she is found by two cops They take her to the hospital and nobody comes to her but her uncle Chris who is also their familyawyer and her dad s publicist Shea All they care about is how they will spin this and how it will Loving James (Surviving Elite High, look to the public Her father won tet anything or anyone get in the way of his reelection Image is everything to this family while this poor girl is alone and broken The only person that is really there for her through all of this is her best friend Ari and the young cop that found her Dom He instantly makes her feel safe and calms her He is a gentle kind man He stays with her in the hospital holds her and is her hero in every way I Bedford Square (Charlotte Thomas Pitt, love Dom hope in future books after she recovers some emotionally that maybe things can turn into something romantic between Mia and Dom This series is going to be 6 short novella s I can t wait for in this series and hope that Mia will continue to get stronger ditch that crappy family heal findove with Dom and get revenge on her attackers I thought this was an excellent very well written book It kept my interest throughout It was heartbreaking and tragic but very honest and real I felt is shed I See Rude People light on something that unfortunately happens all the time Not just rape but being drugged In my college years I had my drink drugged but thankfully wasucky to have a friend with me who noticed something was off took me home Mia unfortunately didn t have a friend with her Also it is often someone you know or wouldn t suspect that will drug your drink Ladies don t HVAC Design Sourcebook let your drink out of your sight don t take a drink from anyone unless you saw it being madeOkay rant is over on a happier note did I mention Iove Dom He is a sweetie Here are some Dom uotes I don t recognize anyone or anything but the brown eyes and blue uniform I tighten my grip on the blue uniform I won t Melvin Menchers News Reporting and Writing let go I can tet go not until my mind is right again The man with my grandfather s The Far Dawn (The Atlanteans, low voice and brown eyes is guarding me I focus on the sound of his voice which isow calm and warm Dom s face appears in my vision His warm arms are around me Dom has me clutched against him I don t entirely want him to Ormen i Essex let go it s the safest I ve felt sinceast night I start to wonder if he s my guardian angel Dom is taller than I remember and strong He s really handsome I just remember his eyes were pretty and I Bare It All (Love Undercover, liked how safe I felt with him His smile is slightly crooked his olive skin and dark eyebrows and hair indicating his Mediterranean background Heooks Italian or Greek with dimples in his cheeks that only appear when he smiles He s the kind of person I ve never had in my Bare It All (Love Undercover, life It s strange to think there are people out there that are the complete opposite of my family people who want to help others and not just themselves What s itike to have someone who An Elusive Victorian loves you Nope Sorry I just can t Don t ever talk to me again Shea I yell Responsible You wanted me to tell them it was my fault this happened You gave them pics of what those monsters did to me You know what Fuck you I hope you get raped one day so you know how fucked up that is Getting raped doesn t automatically win my sympathyittle as it was to begin with for this character and definitely neither would this I will never be able to find an excuse for this horribly irresponsible statementDeal breakerChallenge failed xx This was a well written novel that has an important message But it was not easy to read at times The first chapter sets the tone for just how dark it s going to get and that is very very dark Mia suffers terribly at the hands of two politically connected boys and then is victimized by family and friends after the attack My heart went out to Mia and the tough choices she had to make or A Bird in the House less on her own A good story but not aight read by any stretch of the imagination My first 5 star review of 2013 I am soooooooo overwhelmed by this book The first chapter alone I could feel my heart clench This is the st. Sometimes bad things happen to beautiful peopleThe wealthy daughter of a high ranking politician seventeen year old Mia Abbott Renou has everything designer clothes wealth spring breaks in Monte Carlo She ives blissfully unaware of her family’s secrets until the night she is raped by the son of her father’s greatest political allyHer father forbids her from going to the police and threatens to throw he.

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