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Scovers romance the hidden motive of the ead scientist and an ulterior motive behind the project one that gives the unassuming scientist an opportunity to undo the evil plaguing his worldArchie Roy s novel is an entertaining blend of two genres of science fiction time travel and alternate history Both are well done as Roy constructs a plausible reality and explores some of the ogical complications. Urope and Africa Joe McCarthy is President for Life Japan's empire sprawls across the Pa.

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Posed by time travel with considerable ingenuity though he ultimately ignores the argest glaring one The main characters are also well drawn save the main villain who is a Fear the Darkness (Brigid Quinn, little too cartoonishly evil while the pacing allows for their development and the gradual revelation of the differingayers of the plot All of this comes together to make for a uality read one that fans of either genre will enjo. Cific and on a remote Scottish island Nazi scientists start to experiment with time trav.

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David Hamilton a scientist in a Britain under Nazi domination is whisked from his empty Tarot Says Beware (Herculeah Jones Mysteries, life in Glasgow and transported to a secret research projectocated on the island of St Kilda When he arrives he earns the purpose of the project time travel the development of which would give Germany an advantage in its stand off against an authoritarian United States As the team explores the past Hamilton di. An interesting and slightly overlooked work of Alternate History In 1969 Germany rules

AE RoyProfessor Archie Edminston Roy was educated at Hillhead High School and the University of Glasgow He was married to Frances with three sons; Dr Archie W N Roy Ian Roy and David RoyProfessor Roy was a Fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh the Royal Astronomical Society and the British Interplanetary Society He was also a Member and past President of the Society for Psychical Research and Founding President of The Scottish Society for Psychical ResearchThe asteroid 5806 Archieroy is named after him with a registration in the IAU's Minor planet center He has also been elected a member of the European Academy of Arts Sciences and the Humanities He was a Patron of the Churches Fellowship Scotland for Psychical and Spiritual Studies and a member of the Scientific and Medical Network Archie Roy conducted research in astrodynamics celestial mechanics archaeoastronomy psychical research and neural networksIn addition Roy has published 20 books six of them novels some 70 scientific papers and scores of articles His books have been published in the United Kingdom United States France Russia Italy and IndiaIn 2004 he was awarded the Myers Memorial Medal for outstanding contributions to psychical research by the Society for Psychical Research