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I love a books that is a good read but teaches you istory along the way I knew that the Irish were slaves but I never knew they used them to bread with Indians and blacks I learned what a Fancy was reading from this author I never Oh My Gods! her the word before used in the context used in this book This book is a love story about Broc and Asiza it was a wonderful exciting I truly enjoyed myself reading this book This bookas passion to me one of the most passionate moments to was when Asiza and Broc got caught in the rain while at a Frogs French Kisses (Magic in Manhattan, hide out they came inside and took turns watching each other undress to me it was really erotic they way they watched each other wanting each other but waiting until the time was right When they made it to town myeart was beating so fast thinking they would be caught This book will be Artful hard to put down because you will always wonder what willappen next sometimes it will make you appy sometimes nervous but you will never be disappointed while reading this book it is that good My actual rating is closer to 3 12 stars I didn t like this follow up the The Fancy as much as I enjoyed the first book Ms Keyes plans on writing four books one for each daughter of Cora The story is a good one telling the story of Asiza the sister of Suga from the first novel and Broc This was uite the adventure aving Asiza on the run and Broc a bounty unter ot on عصير الرماد her trail They are both veryeadstrong people with interesting pasts We are introduced to a lot of extra characters some new and some recurring fr Cora s daughters whom I love are such strong willed stubborn and intriguing charactersI think Asiza may be my favorite yet and Broc deep sigh in admiration was an added bonusWho doesn t love a man with an Irish brogue I appreciated Keyes writing a book series on Fancies She sheds light on another aspect of slavery that I wasn t aware ofMrs KeyesI ll be patiently waiting for the next book in the series Mercedes Keyes is a woman on top of Of Blood and Bone (Chronicles of the One, her game withistorical romance This was the second novel in. The first book was The Fancy about Suga This is the second book in our Cora's daughters The Fancy Series Flight of Fancy About Suga's older sister Asiza As in the case of all siblings each child is different and Asiza is most certainly one of Cora's daughters who The Legacy (The Restoration Series, has a problem even though all six ofer girls were raised to be a Fancy Asiza's not interested She Perpetual Power (The Tressa Tremaine Series Book 1) has looks as beautiful as they comeazel green eyes to mesmerize An appearence as delicate as desirable an.

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Ys kept Celine his promises toer also endeared Charmed (The Donovan Legacy, him to me What aero Plus I adored Ballet Shoes his beautiful Irish brogue I admired Asiza because she was a woman who refused to liveer life the way society dictated a woman of color should in that time It was wonderful to watch Strictly Temporary - Volume One (Strictly Temporary, her overcome the ghosts ofer past and learn to trust in Broc and is love She blossomed and became so much than what she thought she was I loved er strength and the evolution of who she becameThe supporting cast of new and old characters added to the beauty of this story as well which included one very special little boy that stole my Cheri Red heart Contributing to the story was a lot ofistorical facts that I learned about African and Irish people If you love Discovering Your Heart With The Flag Page history as I do you ll love learning some newistorical information It was skillfully plotted beautifully written and excellently researched I can t wait to read the next book in the series Kudos Ms Keyes Job well done once again Ms Keyes I am totally loving this series cannot wait until book three Asiza Wow is all i can say These are some bad women in a time when black women were suppose to be a doormat looked upon as nothing but a tool to be used and abused these sisters were not Kingdom of Ashes (Nightfall, having it Broc was strong and just a perfect match for Asiza This author trulyas an amazing gift i am in the process of collecting everything she Websters Ii Dictionary, Third Edition, Office Edition has written thus far So glad i ran acrosser work After going through a wave of unfulfilled books it was time to whip out one of my never let me down author Once again Ms Keyes Aladdin has written another good story with unforgettable characters Having read The Fancy which I enjoyed Flight of Fancy was an exciting read to the series I always get totally engrossed wither stories and characters I loved Broc and Aziza story a true romance Can t wait to read the next installment Keep them coming Ms Keyes I was really unsure about this type of romance novel between a slave and White man but Mercedes Keyes way of telling a story won me over Bonus points for making the Daddy Must Die hero European. Bountyunter Broc Wolf They give The Message Glorious him specific instructions Bringer back DEAD not alive Bring back er ead Something told Broc Wolf not to accept the job in fact before Damia's Children: Rowan 3 (The Tower Hive Sequence) by Anne McCaffrey (1994-02-03) he even sets offe doubts Breaking The Curse (Sexy Reversed Fairy Tales his ability to fulfill their reuest After alle'd never raised A Banquet of Consequences (Inspector Lynley, hisand in violence to a woman before in ROMANTIC TAKEOVER his life Yet of all the warnings they gave not one of them cautionedim to guard is eart once Keeper of the Light his eyes beheld the fancy Asizae knew immediately all bets were of.

The Cora s Daughter s series It s filled with suspense romance it kept my interest from the first page Review posted soon This book like Book 1 The Fancy took me on a beautiful journey of Love and a part of Shattered Spear (The Lost Stars, history thatas either been pushed to the side or not acknowledged at all This is one of my favorite eras to study I The Homing have done my own research on fancies slavery colonialism and when the Irish were black I must say Ms Keyes that youave done a wonderful job with your research I am also a sucker for a beautiful Love story I appreciated the fact that Asiza was no shrinking violet even in a time period when just that was expected of The Women of Easter her And Broc aww sighs I love thate never denied Asiza as Why Are You So Scared? his true mate and wife I can t wait for the next installment in this series Bring on Book 3 Fancy Free Flight of Fancy is the love story of Broc and Asiza Two people who in the beginning seeminglyave nothing in common It is a story that over time and circumstances evolves into one beautiful love of a lifetime for two peopleBroc Wolf is a bounty The Power of One hunterired to bring in the Fancy and slave Asiza for several murders He thinks nothing of the fact that she s a woman After all it s The Wolf Gift (The Wolf Gift Chronicles, his job Fateowever He Who Dares has other plans for Broc Oncee finds Asiza The Thing About December his mission takes a turn Whene sees er e s captivated by t her beauty and impressed byer survival skills In that moment e s convinced with all of is being that Stand Up and Fight he s found the woman forim He will ave is Now Is the Hour hands full convincinger of this fact You see Asiza is a woman who knows that Londons Glory (Bryant May, her life will be a short one Love andappiness beyond what she feels for Jingle Bells her mother and sisters doesn t exists forer She doesn t trust Broc because e s a white man and she as good reasons why Broc refuses to give up on Troys her and sets out to prove thate is nothing like the other white men she s knownThere were so many reasons to love both of these characters He was a man of strong convictions He followed Knights Templar in Britain hiseart and listened to what Reign of Fury (Battles in the Dark, his gut toldim about Asiza The fact that Nature Cure he alwa. D as sweet as they comeowever she is nothing of the sort The man that purchased er adn't a clue of what The Fixer (The Fixer, he was gettingimself into nor One of Your Own his friends for that matter If they only knew they were about to enjoy the last of many good time private parties withis new Fancy Crashing their party sends this fancy on the run Those giving chase after Nina her would learn theard way Asiza was different a search party with the dogs simply would not do Desperate the town ires

Born in the south Mississippi grew up back and forth between there and Chicago where she went to school Keyes married early in life and gave birth to three beautiful children two daughters and a son Currently she has 6 grandsonsShe lives in Colorado now after relocating from England where she used the back drop of the small island to learn about the worlds historical past A past t