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Promising but not uiteThis book started out so great but got so weird at the end It was almost like the author spent a great deal of time developing the beginning of the story and then an out of time or has at the end and ushed through it I m bummed that I paid for this book Ah well Sasha s world came to a screeching halt on the night when a devastating accident killed her parents and younger sister Sasha can t emember a thing that happened that night All she knows is that she s been unable to speak since that awful nightA famous psychiatrist who has practiced around the world seems unable to make any progress with Sasha But now her attention is distracted by a young fellow student she meets Ben has the uncanny ability to ead the minds of people he is close to in physical space It s unnerving to say the least and yet Ben s gentle evelations of Sasha s thoughts begin to make her face what a private hell she s created for herself by constantly focusing on her inability to communicate The challenge Ben springs on Sasha is uite startling especially considering that she has totally fallen for him and wants to be treated like a girlfriend To Ben however Sasha needs to overcome her disability to totally heal as much as one can in her experience Her anger over this ultimatum and the help of Ben s mother a woman with her own uniue alternative therapy skills pushes Sasha to a new levelThe clues and memories that eturn are gradual and then absolutely stunning when it all comes together While the end might be considered too neatly tied up it is very very eal to Sasha and is worth eading to see what finally frees her from her own self imprisonment and a very eal dangerLouder Than Words is a fast paced young adult novel that will ivet eaders attention to the very last page Nicely done Laurie Plissner First I found the premise to be totally uniue and I loved eading everything from Sasha s perspective She does have spunk which comes through in her own mind and occasionally though her voice box The voice box basically works like this she has a keyboard that she types what she wants to say and then a microphone thing speaks it The only thing is her s is set to the voice of a male enowned scientist It s a bit off puttingAnyways she doesn t emember anything of her life before the accident and even though their is nothing wrong with her physically she can t speak She goes to a therapist to work on different issues but after four years nothing has worked When a handsome boy helps save her from being accosted she is stunned when he can ead her mind She finally feels like someone can hear HER and not just her words Although she and Ben fall head over heels together he decides she needs to find herself and her voice he breaks up with her but he s always waiting and watchingDetermined to get Ben back Sasha immediately gets to work even as she nurtures a broken heart With th. The debut novel of an American original Laurie Plissner is both medical thriller and lyric love story in the tradition of magical ealismSince the snowy night when her family's car slammed into a tree killing her parents and little sister Sasha has been unable to speak except through a computer with a obotic voice Nothing is wrong with her body; that's healed But after four years Sasha's memory.

E help of her best friend Jules they try to go back to that fateful winter day of the accident only what they find out isn t what they expected at all It wasn t an accident at all but can Sasha emember what happened before she s nextI loved this book but I did have a few concerns with it It s geared toward young adults but there is alot of heaving petting and sex talk in this book I would suggest a mature teen audience like seventeen and up Also there is uite a bit of swearing and two scenes of bullies trying to have forced sexual favors I definitely wouldn t want my teenager to ead this and she s sixteen The other concern I had was the font Silly I know But when Sasha is speaking through her voicebox all the words are capitalized which is very off putting When she s writing it s all bold and cursive and when she s talking to Ben in her head it s italicized It s eally hard to get used to all of the fonts and figuring how what s going on with the who and the what All in all though I enjoyed the premise and although I figured out who the killer was I was surprised with the why I devoured this book in two days on my Kindle Seventeen year old Sasha is still mute four years after the tragic death of her family in an auto accident She has one friend and can only communicate via a voice synthesizer As you can imagine high school is a living hell for this girl When she s saved from gang ape by a mysterious boy named Ben Sasha is surprised to learn that he can actually ead her mindand what a witty sarcastic mind it is I enjoyed going along for the ide as Sasha develops a elationship with Ben and evels in her first omance When Ben eventually decides they must separate for Sasha to ecover her voice the stage is set for Sasha to unravel the truth behind the accident that claimed the lives of her familyLaurie Plissner s debut novel is a fast paced medical thrillerteen omance that will keep you turning pages The premise writing style internal dialogue and sexual tension are great I notice that the story has been criticized for the degree of sexuality however no lines are actually crossed I think it s an honest epresentation of what many high school teens discuss and think about My only criticism is a perceived plot hole I wanted to see the four bullies get their just desserts I can understand Sasha s easons for keeping uiet about the attempted ape but I wanted to see the jocks get nailed for drug trafficking versus Ben just alluding to it On the whole Louder Than Words is an explosive debut novel with a strong voice no pun intended I look forward to eading future YA works by Ms Plissner Kudos Louder Than Words by Laurie Plissner is a fun and fast paced ead To call Sasha the main character in this story a sassy young girl would seem somewhat unusual considering that she is unable to speak We begin the story when she turns thirteen and wakes in a hospital with her. And her spirit are still broken Then one day she's silently cussing out the heavy book she dropped at the library when a gorgeous dark haired boy the kind of boy who considers Sasha a freak or at least invisible answers Sasha's hidden thoughts out loud Yes Ben can ead minds; it's no big deal He's part of a family with a host of unusual almost but not uite supernatural talents Through Ben's love.

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Aunt Charlotte at her side Sasha has no idea where she is or why because as hard as she tries she can t emember why she is in the hospital Her main concern in those first moments are for her family She senses something has happened but can t emember what To find her mother s sister at her bedside instead of her mother is somehow not ight Sasha wants answers and she wants them fast This is when she finds that she is unable to speak She opens her mouth to uestion Charlotte and nothing comes out The inability to speak is a shock to Charlotte as well and as she hurries to find paper and pencils for Sasha a doctor comes in and things begin to happen in a hurry There is no time for Charlotte to explain to her niece what has happened Sasha doesn t know that she is the only survivor of a car crash that took the lives of both of her parents and her slightly older sister No idea until one of the doctors investigating her muteness inadvertently lets it slip The news is almost unbearable But there is no way to turn back the clock and make the accident not happenThe only choice is to move forward Since she suffered no apparent physical injuries and there was no physical injury to her throat vocal chords or larynx Sasha s inability to speak at all was diagnosed as Hysterical Mutism This disorder is most commonly found in children and adolescents after a traumatic event In some cases like Sasha s the young person is unable to speak at all In other cases it is possible for the affected person to speak to specific and well trusted person within their circle of friends or family Sasha learns to communicate with a voice synthesizing device which she calls her Hawkie Talkie as it is the same sort of device that the famous physicist Stephen Hawking uses Charlotte and her husband Stuart welcome Sasha into their family they love and cherish her and do everything in their power to help her to find her voice again According to all the experts it is simply a matter of getting past the traumatic moment in whatever way it is possible to do so But for Sasha with no eal memories of the accident and not feeling the need to seek those memories four years pass with no success She is a studious and mostly uiet girl with a best friend called Jules who has stood strong by her side from the days they were toddlers through the accident and beyond Sasha does have a difficult side and this emerges through inappropriate behavior in school which often lands her in the midst of what you might call a bad crowd as she is often sittin in detention Unfortunately it is there that she comes to the attention of some unruly jocks who learn her after school outine Despite her school time behaviors Sasha s favorite place to spend her time out of school is the library One day she is joined in her little corner of the library by a good looking boy and that moment has a momentous affect on the next part of her life. Sasha makes greater progress than she has with a host of therapists and a prominent psychiatrist With him to defend her bullies keep the world from ever understanding Sasha he pulls away Determined to win him and prove her courage by facing her past Sasha confronts her past only to learn that her family's death was no accident and that a similar fate may wait for her in the unlikeliest of disguis.

Laurie Plissner author of Louder Than Words is a Princeton and UCLA educated litigator She gave up the courtroom for life as a full time mom although she could not overrule her love of literature She lives with her husband and two teenagers This is her first novel