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Rating 35 5Before eading this one I heard that a lot of people liked it less than the previous book Bound and Determined but for me I found them to be fairly eual Both were decent booksabove average probably but didn t entirely capture meSummaryIn the previous book Mark Sullivan is a mostly absent character who is in jail suspected of embezzlement His sister works to prove he is innocent and in the process discovers Mark s wife had set him up to take the fall for her actions Mark was freed but his life was not the same after He lost all faith in 6 Verses That Can Change Your Life relationships women and his ability to see a woman for who sheeally is He uit his job and took one from his brother in law as a CPA and financial investigatorNow he s been offered a chance to investigate the Mafia connection behind his now ex wife s actions He s been asked to free lance for the FBI by going undercover at a male strip club in Las Vegas that the authorities suspect is being used for money laundering The FBI doesn t think the owner Nicki DiStefano is involved but they don t know for sure Mark s job is to secretly look into the club s finances and to investigate those around the club including NickiBut from the moment he meets her Mark can t esist her They begin a sizzling affair despite Mark s growing belief that Nicki is involved in the money laundering Only he doesn t know if it s his past affecting his opinion or if his investigative conclusions are correct He s torn between his feelings and the past and his indecision may cost Nicki her life And even if he manages to save her he may not get his to forgive himReviewI thought this book had a very similar feel to Bound and Determined in the sense that both are about a man and a woman who get involved thinking it s just a sex thing a casual fling And in both the people involved end up developing feelings for the other person but fight it And in each at least one of the characters is eluctant to enter a elationship because of their pastSo the books had a similar feelit didn t feel like I was eading the same thing The books were uniue enough but the vibe was similar Which is probably why I ended up liking the books about the same amountLike some other eviewers I did find Mark a bit frustratingnot as much as some other eaders did but enough that it got annoying now and then He s so up and down about Nickihe likes her wants her then thinks she s guilty pulls away egrets it goes back etc etc He s just very very very affected by what his ex wife did to him and it colors his every action egarding Nicki And it did get a bit old as I was eading But it didn t totally frustrate meWhat kept me from loving this book and the previous one as well is the sort of lack of action I don t necessarily mean action as in suspense and all that but action in general It seems like there s a lot of space spent on character introspection A lot of paragraphs with what the character s feeling thinking wanting etc and I just wanted some scenes of things actually going on Couple that with all the sex and the book gets kinda one dimensional or if you e a math geek 2 dimensional I think I would have liked the books a lot if there were fewer bulky long paragraphs and actionStill not a bad set of books I liked them enough and don t feel like I wasted my money I am a little disappointed that there is apparently no book for Nicki s sister Lucia and Blade There was something interesting going on there and I was eally hoping there was a book for them but I haven t found one BummerWARNING this book contains moderate to very explicit sex and language light bondage toys a little ass play and that s about all I think Another If the Feds want to nail a Mafia kingpin they need a trap Enter Mark Sullivan totally built for the job to go undercover as a male st.

Ead from awhile ago Fabulous STRIP SEARCH by Shayla BlackThis was one hot tastic storyThe description of the book I am listing below is from the back jacket of the book I m adding it because I believe the one on the Goodreads page does not depict this story If the feds want to nail a thug with ties to the Mafia they need a slick trap to catch him Enter Mark Sullivan who s totally built for the job to go undercover as a male stripper in the Vegas club where the mobsters works The perk The club s owner Sure she s got some unsavory connections but how can anyone with those legs be all badWhen it comes to business Nicola DiStefano s a pro As for pleasure she s been out of commission too long to care If anyone can strip her of her inhibitions it s the new guy who s stirring her wildest G string fantasies But Mark and Nicki have in common than sizzling sexual chemistry They each have their share of secrets and motives and with the mob closing in what gets exposed is as irresistible as it is dangerous Strip Search by Shayla Black was a phenomenal and titillating novel Nicki DiStephano is the main character of this thrillersuspenseromance novel Nicki has been on her own since her parents dies and her uncle Pietro is the head of the Gamalini mafia ing but she doesn t know it Nicki is frustrated because she has sunk all her money into a strip joint and her uncle helped bank ole her so now he thinks he can do what he wants He puts one of his goons Blade Bocelli in as an accountant and Nicki is hard pressed to get id of him but women have to keep their mouths closed and know their place in the family Nicki has a knockout half sister named Lucia a very intelligent professor home for the summer Nicki wants to get id of Bocelli but the only way out of the situation is to first pay her uncle back Mark Sullivan owns an undercover investigation agency with his brother in law Rafe They are doing a job for the feds and have to bring down a thug with connections to the mafia Blade Bocelli In order to do this Mark must act as if he is a stripper to infiltrate the business and find out who is laundering money and where it s going through the strip joint Mark used to be married and his wife Tiffany destroyed his life setting him up for embezzlement and prison The man that helped bring him down was Blade Bocelli and now he is in this job deep for the ultimate pay back He has never been the same again once he found out Tiffany never eally loved him and he was just a patsy for her greed Mark got cleared with the help of his sister Kerry left Florida for New York and never looked back He has had a tough life including the death of his parents the loss of Kerry for three years to foster care stage two melanoma and chemo therapy Mark eventually petitioned to get Kerry back and they were very close from that point on He has a lot of one night stands but never epeats till him and Nicki get together and both have an undeniable attraction to each other Bocelli was a voyeur waiting around every corner Always lurking and giving Nicki the creeps She tried to stay clear of him as much as possible He was definitely attracted to her little sister Lucia and that was a problem for Nicki Mark and Nicki begin a mutual sexual elationship but every time Nicki thinks that they are getting closer Mark is long gone once the deed is done Mark has a lot of conflict and trust issues due to his past experience with Tiffany and he never wants to fall prey to another woman He over analyzes everything Mark just needs to earn Nicki s trust which she has a hard time doing also so he can get a chance at doing the books for her to see what is eally goin. Ripper in the mobster's Vegas club The club's owner Nicki is an unexpected perk But Mark and Nicki have in common than sizzling sexua.

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G on Does Nicki know what is going on Is she part of the illegal crime going on Is she outsmarting and outwitting Mark like Tiffany did Will Mark find the answers before someone kills Nicki or him in the balance for power These are all uestions the eader will find themselves askingThis novel was fantastic It was fast paced non stop action near death accidents coincidences or not and the hottestswoon worthylove scenes ever Mark is some yummy eye candy on a stick and it takes a beauty like Nicky a whole lot of time and effort to melt the ice around this man s heart Ms Black has just made it to the top of my list for sexy and erotic novelsI give Strip Search by Shayla Black 4 Intriguing Scary Enticing Swoon Worthy Stars 35 stars ead as a erelease STRIP SEARCH is the second storyline in Shayla Black s aka Shelley Bradley Sexy Capers contemporary omance mystery series This is Mark Sullivan s story and we first me Mark in Bound and Determined as his sister was struggling to prove his innocence in a multi million dollar theft at the bank where he workedStrip Search begins approximately a year or after Bound and Determined Our hero Mark is now divorced from his wife his sister is married to the man she abducted and Mark is now working for his brother in law s corporate investigations firm His latest assignment will pit him against some of the people involved with his ex wife and her attempts to pin the theft of millions of dollars on MarkNicki is the owner of a Vegas strip club and Mark is going undercover as a stripper in an attempt to seduce his way into Nicki s bed and eventually her books With an FBI operative non esponsive Mark must go in blind to try and discover who and what is esponsible for the money laundering and missing millions in the Vegas club But to Mark s surprise Nicki doesn t seem like the type of person to launder millions but her infamous mafia family is in the FBI s sightsThe sexual elationship between Nicki and Mark is sensual and entertaining but there is a big elephant in the oom as it pertains to Mark He is a man unable to get past his ex wife s betrayal and it is affecting his elationship with Nicki He can no longer trust anyone and everyone becomes a suspect even the woman who has declared her love for him Mark is the male version of many of the female heroine s in omance novels He is so disillusioned and heartbroken that he sabotages every attempt at happiness he willingly hurts Nicki at every opportunity using emotional cuts and bruises He is the epitome of bi polar personality both in and out of the bedroom And in this he is a difficult character to like He is making love one moment and then his mind begins to wander and he pulls away and uns I don t know anyone who would be able to accept his actions on an ongoing basis Nicki is a woman who is oblivious to her predicament She is partnered with a mafia connected uncle and she willingly allows employees and co workers access to her computer information In this she is definitely heading for troubleThe world building continues from Bound and Determined Rafe and Kerry eturn for a few cameos and their lives are about to be turned upside down as well But there are also many similarities between the first two storylines including premise and plot scenarios and conversation stylingsMark needs to make amends to the woman with whom he has fallen in love but he cannot stop the accusations and feelings of betrayal Right up until the end of the storyline our hero pushes Nicki away until it is too late for both If Mark cannot get past the betrayal he will lose the woman and his heartCopy supplied by the publisherwwwthereadingcafecom. L chemistry They each have their share of secrets and with the mob closing in what gets exposed is as irresistible as it is dangerous.

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