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Get one of these while you still can but wait already one though there s a PDF available there now It s fantastic singular burningly memorable dense with proliferating sense and meaning In the first section The Young Beautiful Dead for instance the title is doubled in the children who succumb to a theater fire and the sparkling eternal images of the once young and perfect who have since contradictorily aged and died When bodies writhe in heat it could be either sex and death merged once again Such extreme elegance abounds here Later a section on the negation of bodies might be a chilling repurposing of Daniil Kharms A sense of danger and wonder permeates Also entirely beautifully designed in minimal layout stark photographic accompaniment and Innocent Sins (Harlequin Presents, graceful flow of text and white space06 THE DEPARTMENT OF ANNOTATED SPATIAL CONSTRUCTIONSThe ordinary hallway is an oddly discordant use of space When blocked off its full length operates in memory as a recollection of the absent movement But in use only a part of the hallway serves for the passage of the figure The figure passes through the hallway never directly in the middle towards the entrance or exit at the end The end which exists as negative space rather than positive space is not functional only present Hallways are always uninhabitedX X X X X X X X X XThe hallway walls index the difficulties exposed in the building They are set too far from the body When using the hallway hands fail to brush the side walls The space between the hallway and the body is too distancedGoodreads doesn t handle blank space well so the hallwayraphic is suashed there but hopefully you et the idea if not I put it on tumblr too I love this book so much I published it Fantastic to the extent that immediately upon finishing it I started reading it a second time. S Christopher age

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What the world of terror will be like The masks become our face and we sit in upholstered chairs in a state of relaxation and calm Our faces send signals to our brain and we forget about what we call the Real and we start to know Truth see also p 64 the low of the form and shape of space also there is no life without that which can be built Transience life built in hotels broken into open spaces abandoned shack in desert A plea a desire to be heard children seen not heard observed by men p 73 the park where the men wait Detached witnesses to disasters fire landslide fire Separation of sound and other sensory stimuli from their meaning dilution of meaning through repetition The sun the moon light light always light except when cold night Curiosity desire to slow time death of childhood bringing new recognition ability to describe love Think I ll read this thing occasionally Re read July 2014 Suddenly this morning I was seized by the desire to read this again this and so I did It s still fantastic macabre yet exhilarating infused in cryptic desires threatening but irresistible spaces and essential experience I hope this continues to flicker behind my closed eyelids just as urgently October 2012 Sometimes the finest things pass by nearly unnoticed or unnoticeable I ve just realized that there only 50 of this beautiful eerie fascinating little book in print And yet it s the very best work that M has put out so far rivaled only by his novella from No Colony 3 So if you like fragmentary poetic stories of roaming parentless children living in hotels and the desert and ambiguous architectural constructions evading strange captors and the thrall of the reproducible image film loops photography simultaneously seeking eternal youth and the uncertain threshhold of the adult world then seriously o. I like the picture.

45 stars One of my favorite M Kitchell texts to date A collective narration by a roup of children who are trapped inside burning theaters exploring secret chambers roaming the flat expanse of the desert floating in swimming pools in rooftop ardens Each episode is arranged on the page in a slightly different way and the text freuently alternates with black and white photos To the author s reat credit the overall effect is difficult to capture with language Reviewed by Dolan Morgan at the Collagist Reviewed by Robert Alan Wendeborn at HTMLGiant Paul Cunningham wrote about the book on his blog this and Land Grid are my favorite M Kitchell books to date the book design and photography are also fantastic there is a photograph on p 48 in which I am absent This is a book you read once to experience it A second time to be awed by its structure its language A third time to become infectedThere are layers of meaning that reveal themselves delicately like Men Are Like Waffles--Women Are Like Spaghetti Devotional Study Guide gold dust panned from river silt I can t wait to read this again a fourth time What will it do to me then Reading notesThe appearance and disappearance of containers as spaces to hold living things and the inanimate Body as container also container as holder of body Tension between corporeal and other ingredients of existence Buildings and the spaces around them inside them The light we lose in and out of childhood what we try to regain through storytelling Night is cold thought lost by others but not lost Coalescence into collective narration by aroup of roaming children a journey through rootlessness unspoken yearning for home home is with each other but continue to travel in search or out of curiosity desire for discovery The Glow and Its Edges p 52 After we finish dinner before we o to bed we put on our fear masks so we can discover. This book was weird.