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Is the kind of guy that everyone likes easy to get along with fun loving and really good looking Cami is just the opposite She is a workaholic who has to be in control of every aspect of her life That tight control tends to turn men off so it s been awhile since her last relationship She s gone out with a coworker a few times but it has been pretty platonic She s hoping to get a bit further with him at the office Christmas party until she spots his shoes along with a pair of women s shoes in the ladies room at workThen in a comedy of errors Cami and Matt have a confrontation that has her convinced that he was the one in the ladies room Encountering each other at the masked Christmas party Cami mistakes Matt for Ned and they share a scorching hot kiss which makes Cami mad when she discovers the truth She can t deny the way he made her feel and Matt is eually surprised by her effect on him I loved seeing the way that Matt was determined to pursue the attraction between them He was amazingly sensitive to her needs for a man with the reputation of a playboy and Cami wasn t sure how to deal with it I loved the way that he appreciated how smart she was and that she didn t back down when she was trying to make a point I also liked how he tried to get her to relax and have some fun Cami discovered that Matt was the only one who could make her want to give up the tight control she kept on herself I really enjoyed the scene in her office when she really let goI also enjoyed the way they worked together on the office mystery of who was behind all the scandal revelations As they worked their way through all the possibilities their differing ways of looking at things meshed well The guilty party wasn t really much of a surprise as they were the one with the most access I loved seeing how the confrontation went down and the effect it had on Cami Two haiku reviewLady scientistInn owner city plannerThree women find loveI love Christmas booksThree holiday novellasAll happy endingsNote This is a reprint of older holiday novellas I hadn t read any of them previously but ou might want to check before buying This book isn t what I d call Christmassy and it s definitely naughty than nice The stories held my interest though Story 1 was super cute stories 2 3 were ok But JILL SHALVIS so I m ok with it Merry and Bright by Jill Shalvis is a collection of three short stories set around Christmas I don t normally read holiday setting books but I picked this one up for the Ho Ho Ho Read a thonI ve only ever read one other book by Shalvis and this collection reminded me why I never picked up another While the stories aren t bad they re just not my thing If I read a contemporary romance I tend to want the conflict to stay at believable levelsThe fact that Shalvis seems to think that all her stories need a conspiracy or life and death situation annoys meThe first story Finding Mr Right was the best story in the collection Chemist Maggie Bell has a crush on the contractor working outside of her office Even though she knows he s completely wrong for her she decides to pursue him for a short term relationshipMaggie has the habit of spewing out random facts when nervous At first I liked this but the character trait was overused to the point where it started to get annoying Even though Maggie s wikipedia knowledge started to get on my nerves I still liked her character I only wish that Shalvis had stuck with character conflict between the heroine and hero to move the plot forward rather than going the actionconspiracy routeThe second story Bah Handsome features Hope a BB owner who owes a ton of money to her loan shark step brother When one of her step brother s lackeys shows up at the BB Hope doesn t expect to be attracted to the man This one really didn t work well for me Hope was annoyingly stubborn and I honestly didn t care at all about the relationship I also really hated how meddlesome her friends wereThe final story Ms Humbug focuses on city planner Cami who discovers the man she s dating is banging the office assistant Disheartened she takes up with mayor and long time verbal sparring partner Matt Another story th. The heart is a genius Bah Handsome Behind on her bills BB owner Hope receives an unlikely guest stranded solicitor Danny who has been threatening to put her out of business Funny how the holidays can bring people together no matte.

At would ve worked better for me if Shalvis hadn t taken the actionconspiracy route While this one wasn t bad I thought the characters were the most underdeveloped compared to the first two stories Despite this I still generally enjoyed the lighthearted tone and bickering between the main charactersShalvis has an engaging writing style and her characters are fun so I can see why her novels are so popular However she s not for me If And a Bottle of Rum you re looking for a cute holiday read and are a fan of Shalvis this is probably worth checking out I read two out of three stories and could not work up the enthusiasm to read the third The plots were cute and the characters okay but for short stories there seemed to be an awful lot of sex I prefer relationships to be developed before sex is involved Finding Mr Right the smart woman wins the heart of the stud muffin who she had a major crush on in high school I will always devour that story lineBah Handsome love that Jill Shalvis wrote a nerdy hero but the heroine was too bitchy for my tastes Ms Humbug my favorite of the three Hate to love stories seem to be doing it for me lately Jill Shalvis Christmas stories HappinessThat s really allou have to know MERRY AND BRIGHT is a Jill Shalvis orgy of her Christmas stories compiled together in one book That being said Crochet you may want to check and see ifou re a The first two stories in this collection were terrible The writing was sloppy and felt like mediocre fanfic to me The plots were kind of ridiculous and also not at all suited to novellas The plot in the last one was also not suited to a novella but there was some good tension and chemistry between the leads and the writing was markedly better And all three female characters were primarily motivated by the fact that they desperately wanted orgasms They were obsessed with orgasms And honestly it was one of the most off putting things for me because it made their motivations murky for me with how short of a time the characters were given to develop anything even remotely resembling a relationship I m glad I bought this series for 99 cents as I see Jill Shalvis books advertised constantly and I am always so close to buying but this was a good way for me to see that her stories just aren t for me Three cute Christmas short stories Don t know why but I go through these fazes throughout the ear where I want to read Christmas storiesFinding Mr Wright Chemist Maggie Bell finds that a man she knew in high school Jacob is doing some renovation work at the company she works for She hasn t had much luck with the guys who she thinks are ideal for her so on the advice of a friend she decides to go for a guy who is totally opposite of her and Jacob is looking like the ideal candidate Jacob s appearance couldn t have come at a better time in Maggie s life Someone has been breaking into her office her home and has slashed her tires Bah Handsome Hope is a Bed and Breakfast owner who is struggling financially She took out a loan from her stepbrother who offered her terrible terms Now the money is coming due and she isn t real sure how she s going to pay It doesn t help matters when her brothers s financial solicitor appears at her door in a snow storm Danny has very strong feelings and is concerned about Hope He knows the money is coming due and wants to do everything he can to help her out But Hope isn t exactly making things easy It s a good thing Danny is just as stubborn as she isMs Humbug I m pretty sure I ve read this in another book before Cami works as a city planner She s been dating one of the guys in her office and it doesn t seem to be going anywhere Recent Mayoral elect Matt and Cami always seems to be fighting at opposite sides of the coin And for Matt this is a good thing He loves Cami s intelligence and her spirit and isn t afraid to take advantage of a moment once presented Not only do Cami and Matt find themselves in a developing romance but they also find themselves in an office investigation Someone seems determined to cause the downfall of many people in key administrative roles for the city and Cami and Matt are determined to find out who is behind it al. R how much they resist Ms Humbug Born rebel or overgrown man child Matt is the kind of man no woman can tame until an unexpected encounter with his nemesis Cami at the office holiday party proves there is an exception to every rul.

Finding Mr RightBrilliant chemist Maggie Bell has a knack for choosing Mr Wrong and with et another lonely Christmas looming she decides it s time to alter the euation and seek out someone who seems totally wrong for her Eureka The heart is a geniusFun story Maggie is tired of her bad luck in finding Mr Right and with the encouragement of her sister decides to have some fun with a Mr Wrong instead When she discovers that the man in charge of renovating the office where she works is her old high school crush she feels she has found the perfect candidateI loved Maggie She s the stereotypical nerd brilliant at her chemistry work but awkward in social situations When she gets nervous she spouts all kinds of scientific trivia which can be a little disconcerting at certain times Jacob is concentrating on getting the job done so he can get paid with the bonus and then get out of town to visit his family He noticed Maggie early on attracted to her without recognizing his old classmate Their first encounter was funny and hot as they went from awkward to steamy in a hurry Maggie keeps trying to convince both of them that it is a one time thing but they can t leave each other alone I especially liked seeing how easily Jacob saw past Maggie s awkwardness and liked what he sawThere s also some mystery going on that has Maggie s office being searched her tires slashed and her house searched Jacob is determined to keep her safe It s pretty obvious who is behind it but there is a twist to the end that I didn t see coming Bah HandsomeBehind on her bills BB owner Hope receives an unlikely guest stranded solicitor Danny who has been threatening to put her out of business Funny how the holidays can bring people together no matter how much they resistAnother fun story Hope has had a really bad ear One ex boyfriend broke her heart and the next one stole her money To make ends meet she borrowed money from her stepbrother Unfortunately for her he s a heartless SOB the loan is due in three weeks and he won t give her an extension Instead he s sent his CPA Danny to make sure she pays upDanny didn t want to come doesn t approve of what his boss is doing He tried to talk Hope out of signing the loan paperwork but she wouldn t listen to him She s not happy to see him and he really can t blame her but he really wants to help her Unfortunately for him he can t get her to listen to himI loved the interactions between Danny and Hope There s a really strong attraction between them but Hope is desperately trying to ignore it Being from the city Danny has no experience with things like frozen pipes and bears so seeing his encounters with them was pretty funny I loved the way that Hope called him Genius Boy and teased him about his reactions I also enjoyed seeing how their attraction would get the better of them and could understand Danny s frustration when Hope would push him awayI thought Danny was a real sweetheart It was pretty adorable when he tried to protect her from the bears I also loved the scene when he tried to save her from the earthuake while just almost wearing a towel It was great to see how getting away from her stepbrother made him realize just what had been happening to him and that he was ready for a change The phone conversation with Edward was really greatI must admit that I got very frustrated with Hope and how she refused to even listen to Danny when he offered to help her She s in deep trouble and she knows it but her pride won t let her accept anything from him I loved seeing her friend Lori keep pushing them together It was also the mark of a true friend when she told Hope what an idiot she was being at the end The final scene was very satisfyingMs HumbugBorn rebel or overgrown man child Matt is the kind of man no woman can tame until an unexpected encounter with his nemesis Cami at the office holiday party proves there is an exception to every ruleFun opposites attract story Matt and Cami have worked together in the past but usually end up on opposite sides of the issues Now thanks to a rash of scandals Matt has gone from councilman to mayor and is trying to bring back the town s reputation Matt. Finding Mr Right Brilliant chemist Maggie Bell has a knack for choosing Mr Wrong and with et another lonely Christmas looming she decides it's time to alter the euation and seek out someone who seems totally wrong for her Eureka.

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