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Is is for those with this particular fantasy kink but I wasn t while I was reading it Who gets a hard on the first time they are being anal raped and likes it I also got tired of Zeke constantly telling Josh I m gonna rape you now You know you re gonna get raped Also I guess there are people out there who like dick cheese and its buttery flavor but this is always gross when I read shit like this I think I just threw p in my mouth The plot What plot it was ridiculous You mean to tell me the cops wouldn t have the airways railways and waterways on lockdown for a 5 million robbery Another reviewer mentioned the genuine love that Josh developed for Zeke but I did not see that I m glad Weasel was a diseased raper but if Zeke and Weasel shared the same guys shouldn t Zeke be diseased as well Rapers aren t A Mighty Big Wish usually into wearing condomsWell if Josh is happy to be constantly tiedp and raped with Zeke s 11 inches I wish him well To each his own hide spoiler. Nger men The rookie cop's life is turned pside by Zeke Harrington the control freak bank robber who claims the young jock as his boy and decides to hold onto Josh at all cos.

Be continued feeling when I finished reading the book but I still loved it very much and hopefully there is series 2 coming p My friend highly recommended this book to me so I read it in a day I checked out some of the reviews and this one will go against the grain So I guess this book is for people with a fantasy rape kink or like to role play Okay I can go with that view spoilerHere are my thoughts as a reader the first chapter was funny I was giggling the entire time I thought Josh was an asshole and full of himself with his 7 inches The story really starts with chapter two and Josh is a fucking idiot He s a rookie cop who wants to prove himself because he s tired of deskphone duty So what does he decide to do He tries to locate and apprehend two bank robbers by himself without back The Italians Stolen Bride up I was surprised that the sexraping didn t startntil at least the halfway point of the book But that wasn t erotic at all I guess I should have kept thinking th. And wanting and make a name for himself Impetuous the rookie cop follows a tip and gets kidnapped and taken hostage by a ruthless bank robber with a taste for submissive you.

This was a short MM kidnap story that was a good read I ve been having the biggest ball so to speak reading through all of Keegan Kennedy s domination novellas and Cops and Robbers definitely sits somewhere near the top of that list Probably because it s one of the least sanitized of the lot a very The Greek Tycoons Mistress unfiltered kidnaphostagerape fantasy that taps into all of my favored kinks I almost wish that we didn t have to have that reuisite HEA ending where of course view spoilerZeke offers to let him go and of course Josh declines because he s so very submissive yada yada yada hide spoiler something about Keegan Kennedy s Dominance and Submission stories I just digging it with all of Keegan s erotica stories so far I like this one the mostI enjoyed the genuine love that developed between both character Zeke and Josh and I LOVED Josh I pictured Josh Bowman from ABC Revenge when I reading it the only thing that was I felt the story too short and I did have a to. For many Cops and Robbers is theltimate role play fantasy For young cop Josh Castle it is about to become his realityFresh out of the police academy Josh Castle is restless.

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Originally hailing from Mississippi Keegan Kennedy is a writer based out of Memphis TN As a child sometimes his active imagination was the only friend that he had Following a degree in History from the University of Southern Mississippi Keegan floated around the corporate while dreaming of telling stories His first novellas were in the arena of male for male erotica and romance His earlier