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D the pacing was nice and ven Then we meet the hero of the book and things started to get a little trippy Instant attraction whispers of a past together Ooko even though the two never met in that reality Why wouldn t they have met in the same reality Well apparently there are three different realms in this world dreaming waking and the between Interesting concept rightI remember thinking to myself wow this is so uniue what an awesome book But then we shift When Vivian comes to understand that she is some sort of Dreamshifter I think that s what she was called instead of becoming a badass heroine who takes her powers and destiny into her own hands she seems to just drift Vivian is wishy washy at best There is nothing about her personality that stood out and I found myself growing and frustrated as things grew and confusingMy biggest issue however despite the poorxplanations of the different realms and where Vivian was traveling next was the rape I m not sure which realm Vivian was raped in It wasn t Naked even that descriptive I would have DNFed if it was but it did not further the plot in any way It sort of just happened and shenters another realm 34 of the way into it feels sore and that s the Shadow Scale (Seraphina, end of it Nomotional reaction no Claim The Crown evolution of her as a character I am not okay with this and I cannot figure out why authors think it is okay incorporating such a delicate subject in such tasteless ways that do not further the plotTo make things worse when Vivian meets the man who raped her in one world in the Between he is dominating and arrogant and you pretty much get the vibe that he will try to rape her again in this world And how does Vivian react Well she doesn t She just continues drifting lets him manhandle her and that s it Adding to the confusion of what realm Vivian is in is the addition of the same character but as different characters You have the real world versions then in the Between you have the dreaming versions of these characters Vivian is confused and that confusion was amplified for me as I struggled to understand just what was happening It s not often that I rate a book with 1 star Even less that I have such an intense dislike for something I ve read If the rape was not included in this story it would not have been memorable for me since it was I can t help but feel a little angryvery time I recall this storyFinal verdict Avoid this one unless you want to torture yourself trying to figure Nerds everything out And watch out for the rapey scenes Kerry Schafer s BETWEEN offers a new andxciting take on fantasy fiction with an intricate plot and rapid pacing that keeps the pages turning from start to finish From the moment a teenager shows up in a small town ER with dragon inflicted burns to the In the Shadow of the Crown (Queens of England, exciting and literally world shattering final scenes BETWEEN combines humor action and an unusual take on fantasy themesOne issue I ve had with a lot of modern fantasy is the tendency to re work traditional themes inxpected ways Kerry Schafer breaks that mold which makes BETWEEN both unusual and a compelling read Her characters are complex and three dimensional and the romantic Bark elements balance well with the action A note I prefer a read that s heavy on action and lighter handed with romance My favorite character has to be Poe the protagonist s penguin totemsidekick He s a real penguin no talking animals here and for me he stole the show Dragons and penguins What s not to loveThe book also offers a welcome touch of ironic humor By way ofxample one of my absolute favorite lines She was going to die in the Between naked carrying a penguinIt s hard for me to find a fantasy novel I m willing to give On Such a Full Sea even four stars let alone 5 but this one belongs in that category I highly recommend it for anyone who likes fantasy dragons or penguins A disclaimer Kerry Schafer is a friend of mine I met her as a result of her writing via the Debutante Ball but we became friends before her novel was published Note that this book is shelved in Books By Friends I read BETWEEN before publication via an ARC I received from Penguin Group That said I will be buying several copies of this book to give to friends and my personal friendship with Kerry did not impact this review I d be givingxactly the same review to this book if I didn t know her This review was posted at Under the Covers Oh my Look at the pretty cover Yes I have the attention span of a kitten sometimes and it takes something like this beautiful cover to catch my ye And although I think it s beautiful and ye catching I think it may be just a tad misleading First because I thought this was a young adult book that s what the cover looks like and it s not Then I ve seen this book classified as urban fantasy which technically is and it really didn t get there for me Cannibal either So I m putting this on my Fantasy shelf because it read mostly like a fantasy storyThe premise of this book isxtremely interesting There s a dreamworld a wakeworld and the Objectivelyhis book really deserves than 2 stars but two stars means it was ok and that s all it was for me I like my urban fantasy a bit straightforward and Between is fantasy than anything Mastered (The Enforcers, else Unfortunately it just wasn t for meFull review to com. Ight be realAnd when a chancencounter leads her to a man she knows only from her dreams Vivian finds herself falling into a world that seems strange and familiar all at once a world where the line between dream and reality is hard to determine and hard to contro.

This book was a hot mess I hate to be so unkind but it s just the truth The premise sounded great Hell there s a dragon on the cover I love dragons But it was just a disasterOK The book started out as advertised We re Man, Son of Man even introduced to a sexy potential love interest Not only does Vivian recognize Zee from her dreams thenigmatic bookstore owner recognizes her the same way In fact he s been painting her image for years There s a mysterious villainous woman who is trying to steal objects that are part of Vivian s birthright All this as Vivian begins to get clues to the mysteries of her past and her family heritageBut it all starts to go really wonky when Vivian starts passing between worlds There is a dreaming world a waking world and a between which apparently is where all the bad stuff happens In addition there are two versions of multiple people a dream version and an awake version I guess This all got so confusing We follow Vivian as she passes between worlds and meets other versions of Zee and her smarmy Alter Ego ex boyfriend Jared Zee is still named Zee but Jared is named Gareth Why I don t know Both men have dreamed of her But if you dream in the dream world are your dreams the awake world Is there another version of Vivian Or is she the same Vivian when she dreams Are the two Zee s different versions of the same man What about Jared GarethHow real is the between There is this ongoing thing about Vivian knowing whether she was awake or asleep by seeing if she is wearing her necklace But it really didn t help me understand People are injured and killed in the real world by what happens in the between Vivian is worn out by herxertions there but that makes me uestion if you are made xhausted by your sleep how do you rest Are we back to dreaming in the dream world It makes my head hurtAnd then there s the rape I honestly don t know if that happened in the dream world or the between If it was real or not But the physical trauma followed Vivian out of the dream So who raped her Was it Jared A dream Jared One different from Gareth Is he responsible All of this just sort of gets swept away and barely acknowledged But the main character was raped Wasn t she It doesn t seem like a small uestionNone of this ven touches on the larger story surrounding the ueen and her Uncommon Wisdom endgame She was so one dimensional in hervil plan And the Unseen City ending No romantic HEA though I don tntirely understand why It seems like the door is open for story but no way am I going to touch a book twoRating D ARC Provided by Ace I hate to give a DNF review to Between by Kerry Schafer I love finding new authors to read the cover art is pretty check out the subtle scales on her shoulder and the premise sounded great Unfortunately I only got about halfway through the book before setting it asideSchafer s heroine Vivian has always had strange dreams and now those dreams are affecting reality for her and Art everyone around her She s an ER doctor and one of her patients dies after an attack by dragons dragons that come from the Between which is the realm that lies between the waking world and the dreaming oneMeanwhile her mother who lost her grip on sanity because she slipped tooasil Dreams can be a tricky sort of magic So much of their power is plugged directly into the disorientation and internal logic of the dreamer reading any sort of narrative built on top of that fluid and arbitrary base can be alienating Kerry Schafer however takes the best of the mystery and humor of a dream state to God Is in the Crowd enrich the mechanics of magic in her world I laughed my heart raced and I finished BETWEEN than a little bit in love with Schafer Vivian and a penguin named PoeI spent awhile looking for Schafer s other pen names or prior books it s hard to believe BETWEEN is a debutffort This story is rock solid Action flows beautifully characters are introduced and grow in believable ways Vivian and Zee are wonderfully believable as they try to reconcile their real life with the influences that seep in from their dreams There were several surprises for me as the story progressed as hints of past Attracting Songbirds to Your Backyard events and dreams were matched with present day characters and all of these revelations felt well structured and natural And it is that natural flow that was the most impressivelement of BETWEEN This is a familiar Urban Fantasy structure The main character discovers a hidden heritage there s a beautiful man who has loved long before they met she has a preternaturally smart pet a crazy mother and mysterious grandfather None of these The Matriarchs (The Family elements on their own arentirely new but the Notes for the Everlost elegance and magic with which Schafer writes them is a welcome surprise And nothing in this story is included just becauseach piece is tied together mindfully and specifically Take Poe Vivian s penguin side kick While he certainly brought most of the comic relief he was also integral to bringing those splashes of dreaming disorientation to a fantasy plot Schafer is a comedic genius to realize that nothing says This is a weird dream like having a silent deadpan penguin overseeing a scene I never xpect a series to sweep me off my feet in the first book which makes it all the sweeter when it happens BETWEEN is the best of what Ur. Vivian Maylor can't sleep Maybe it's because she just broke up with her boyfriend and moved to a new town or it could be the stress of her new job at the hospital But perhaps it's because her dreams have started to bleed through into her waking hours All of her li.

Ban Fantasy can offer Adventure danger and our familiar world threaded with dreams magic and unlikely penguins BETWEEN has already found it s way to my favorites shelf with room for anything lse Schafer has to offerFull review to followSexual Content Violent sexual assault and rape Between is a truly uniue Fantasy set mostly in a world between the dreams and reality The author does a wonderful job in creating both the dream land and the in between I read she is a mental health counsellor and I can totally believe itDid I like the book Here comes the difficulty I realize this is really good and probably deserves the 5 glowing stars that ATUF has given Unfortunately I couldn t find any real pleasure in reading it Partly because it s really set in dreamland and you feel it good isn t it The problem was for me that the heroine got trapped in dreams as a dreamer non a dreamweaver She was subject to them So the book has the claustrophobic sense of some nightmares In no way horror but close No Biggy! enough And here it s my main problem the heroineI doubt I can think of a fictional woman I detested She is worthless She makes mistake upon mistake she has to be savedvery few pages She truly does nothing good I appreciate a simply human woman she is not but what I like of humanity is the possibility of going beyond one s limit She is not Crush It! even able of being selfish which would be the opposite She stares trembles make me think of a deer caught in the light or a trembling rabbit and this is an offence to the lovely creatures Even taking into account her story and the lack of training I simply can t accept her The scene in the dungeon was the last WTF moment She brings the world to destruction literally on a refusal based on nothing view spoilerShe hates Dragons Do you see a reason for it I didn t hide spoiler Review originally posted on my blog A Book ObsessionGoing without sleep isn t the smartest choice for an ER doctor but closing heryes isn t an option for Vivian Maylor Whenever she sleeps the dreaming world starts to seep into her waking one making horrific things a reality She s terrified that she s following her insane mother s footsteps But all of that changes when a patient starts screaming about Dragons and then literally turns to ash before her Attracting Birds to Your Backyard eyes She realizes that her dreams may actually be a reality one she may not be able toscape fromGetting to my style issues that didn t uite jive with BETWEEN I m a huge fan of Urban Fantasy but not so much of pure fantasy I like a bit of fantasy and paranormal mixed with a modern world in my books rather than a completely made up world The reasoning behind that is that Urban Fantasies tend to have a good mix of normal and paranormal whereas in High Fantasy the world behind the story and all of its rules can become overwhelming I have to admit that there were several times while reading BETWEEN where I found myself lost in the descriptions or Deep Listening explanationsspecially as I started to skim over the lengthy ones I realize that the description does talk about the Dreamworlds but I honestly wasn t Bird-by-Bird Gardening expecting the very large majority of the book to take place in one of those worlds I had thought there would have been of a mix or some traveling back and forth rather than Vivian pretty much staying put once she got to this other world So I have to admit that I was pretty disappointed once I realize what pattern the book would followUnfortunately I just couldn t seem to connect with the characters in BETWEEN Perhaps it s because I was already stumbling over the complicated world but I just couldn t seem to really get into anything that was happening with the characters Even worse there were confusinglements of duplicate characters Even after finishing this book I m still not sure what was going on there as it wasn t really The Works of Saint Augustine explained at all In fact despite my stating about the lengthy descriptions I still don t have much of a clue about what is really going on with the characters or the worldspecially Vivian She was thrown into this world like a fish out of water It was sink or swim and despite the Unbuttoning the CEO (The Suits Undone ending I m honestly not sure which one she didThis was a very difficult review for me to write as my issues with the book were due to a stylistic preference rather than any real fault with the book These situations are very frustrating for me as I don t want to give a book a poor rating just because it wasn t in my preferred style range but I also cannot give it a higher rating because that wouldn t be honest Unfortunately I was frustrated than not while reading this book which just didn t make the book verynjoyable for me and leaves me with no choice but to give a lower rating While BETWEEN didn t really work for me I think there still is a really good framework there and Fantasy fans should be than pleased with this new series Ever read a book that s left you scratching your head wondering what you just read BETWEEN is all that and so much I feel like my review is going to sound confused at best If it does that is because this book left me so bewildered I still don t understand half of what I read one week laterIt started off well My Teacher Is a Robot enough There was an interesting heroine an interesting back story an. Fe Vivian has rejected her mother's insane ramblings about Dreamworlds for concrete science and fact until anmergency room patient ranting about dragons spontaneously combusts before her yes forcing Viv to consider the idea that her visions of mythical beasts

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Kerry Schafer writes fantasy with its teeth sunk into reality mystery that delves into the paranormal and as Kerry Anne King women’s fiction that embraces the dark and twisty realms of humanity She lives in a little house in the big woods and spins her tales early in the mornings fueled by massive amounts of coffee