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Aders to wonder whether Grigg s can write as fast as she makes them readMy only gripes with Grigg s writing remain the indulgent and xcessive repetition of the title phrase within the story as well as the occasional lengthy prayer I d love to be in a prayer meeting with Griggs but with the context of the story a little less would actually be This book continues the story of Gabrielle Mercedes and her Desire and Truth everlasting struggle with Paris Simmons Holyfield Ms Vanessa has done it again She truly has a way of spinning a tale She is certainly gifted The story unfolds and truth comes to the light throughout this book Folks don t know what to think about how their business is getting out It is fantastically awesome If you THINK you know what is likely to happen you ll NEVER guess this Some stuff goes downand you are NOT ready for the who But I love the story I can t wait until the next book The Other Side of Divine comes out I believe there is some truth to be unveiledWhat I love about Ms Vanessa s books is that there is ALWAYS a good message in them With The Other Side of Dare she does not disappoint Pastor Landris makes some appearances in this book Listen to what he says My favorite line in the book is when he tells his wife why he is not worried about her and anotherit was cuteBottom line If you ve read any book by Vanessa Davis Griggs you need to read this one It is certainly one worth the money VDG has done it again I was so wrapped up in this story and the characters that I did not want it tond You will find yourself talking out loud to the book I can t wait for the next installmentDarius Lordlord We all know someone like him The man we all love to hate A good story but the writing was not For The Exiles Gallery example he stood up on his feet Excuse me I had to read that one twice And I don t know any man who knows cyan isven a color yet along would mention it in describing a dress A good Dislocating China editor would make this storyven better. Re so opposed to the adoption But the reality is far scandalous than she imagines To get to the bottom of it she'll have to deal with blackmail from the last person she Childerley everxpected and battle Gabrielle who'll fight with verything she's got including the truth Soon all involved will learn just what's on the other side of dar.

I see that I read this series out of order but it s cool I will go backward and forward when it comes to this series But these Urban Christian Fiction stories Be so lit they re so different from Christian regular one that focuses on God in a good way As to where the Christian African American version always nded up with the women or men acting a fool but I will say these stories aren t far from a lie Because they re these Christian who are out here doing these things the Urban Chrisitan Fiction genre be stating the facts and truth be told it s NOT only one race ither The guy Darius will never learn If he does it ll be a miracle I do need to go ahead and get book nine because I do want to know what will happen when Paris husband finds out that he is NOT the father I will say he is not Because I do believe he is the one who cannot have children because They ve been trying and soon she piggy wiggy with Dare she got pregnant yeah okay Tell me something I don t know But the way Andrew and her father were doing her was petty as them Sour Patch that is in the commercial smh So I couldn t blame her for stringing away from him and into the arms of the scam artist seriously Dare was one but I couldn t hate the guy he just doesn t listen when someone is trying to help him stay out of trouble and not lead himself into the arms of the Devil Paris Simmons Holyfield wants one thing a child Although she d love to conceive with husband Andrew and give birth as a first option when that does not seem to be panning out for her Paris reveals few concerns about how or where she gets that child including making good on her threat against Gabrielle Mercedes to separate the x stripper cum dance ministry leader from the daughter Paris suspects might belong to her congressman father Paris s two part uest leads her to get involved with Darius Connors whose wife is a friend of Gabrielle s and whose morals are less upstanding than Paris After seven years of marriage Paris Simmons Holyfield and her husband Andrew are still childless Now Paris is determined to adopt orphaned nine year old Jasmine Noble Trouble is Jasmine's in the custody of x stripper Gabrielle Mercedes Worse Andrew is vehemently against the idea and he's not alone Paris's father Lawrence Simm.

And together they begin to unravel scandal than ither of them imagine or are prepared to addressAfter reading this latest installment in the Grigg s Blessed Trinity series I figured out what Grigg s books most remind me of soap operas Each book is an installment in a long running story that keeps twisting turning introducing new characters and wrapping up one plot line only to open up three just like a soap opera Which is probably why I ve Cultural Aesthetics enjoyed Grigg s storytelling Television soap operas are dying because viewers have too many options for theiryeballs But there s definitely an audience for this manner of storytelling and Grigg s is firmly and successfully Class and Conformity entrenched in this nicheIn THE OTHER SIDE OF DARE the story of Paris Simmons Holyfield builds upon what began in The Other Side of Goodness There s a family secret to be uncovered and she s bound and determined to do it But her greater mission is to become a mother At first glance it seems that Paris is motivated by what is good for Paris but she actually is trying to recreate the life that she has until recently believed that her parents have shared a solid family structure in whichach parent knows his or her role and in which children are born bred and Descartes and His Contemporaries encouraged to soar Paris had that growing up and she wants to relive it by recreating such a family with her husband Andrew She and Andrew have a mostly secure marriage so the only thing missing is the child She s determined to have oneGrigg s a consummate storyteller weaves this bountiful cast of characters withase as seemingly unimportant characters in prior installments become focal points here She pens dramatic twist after dramatic twist High Tide at Midnight each new one raising the stakes and causing readers to turn the pages as uickly as possible to keep up and discover how this will allndBut as with any soap opera an Education and Equality end is not uite annd in Grigg s work To be sure the stage is set for the next Deceptive Beauties episode leaving re. Ons a powerful politician has vowed to shut his daughter down The only man toven dare be on Paris's side is shady Darius Connors Unemployed and not uite out of the dog house with his wife Darius is than happy to help the beautiful vulnerable yet undeterred Paris Paris has her suspicions about why her husband and her father

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