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Ry each other The marriage will restore her ruined reputation and it will stop the witchy whore stepmama from trying to trap him into an nwanted wedding The stepmama is appalled and almost in tears because she realizes that she has lost She threatens to spread all sort of nasty rumours about Pandora but Rupert has finally had it with her and tells her to get the F out of the town house and to stop following him around like a bitch in heat The marriage takes place and the insecure Pandora is still thinking that Rupert has a tendre for the stepmama Their animosity brews for a while but Rupert is shocked to discover that Pandora is virgin Eventually he learns about her gay late husband and this surprised him since the late hubby had been a handsome man who had never dressed or acted like a dandy Rupert and Pandora s relationship progresses slowly with each starting to fall in love with the other but there s still the mystery of her wannabe killerstalker to solve Soon the villain is revealed to be the last person that Pandora would have expected He s her late hubby s lawyer and even I am shocked because this guy had always been so considerate and sweet towards to Pandora Rupert manages to come to his wife s aid once again and the villain is busted and sent away with his tail between his legs Rupert has really been Pandora s own special hero throughout this novel This wasn t the best regency historical I ve ever read but I did find it ite absorbing at times Rupert came across like a besotted swain rather than a cynical rake and Pandora never gave in to him too easily I also admired Pandora for keeping iet about the real reason for her dead hubby s duel she had felt that the other man s widow and his 2 kids would be publicly humiliated if everyone knew that he had been bi sexual That was a bit too much self sacrificial martyrdom for Pandora to take onto herself in my opinion Maybe I m too selfish but I didn t see why her reputation should have been dragged through the mud just to protect these people I m sitting here trying to figure out how many days they knew each other before their marriage of convenience I think it was3 or 4 Then it was basically 24 hours before they declared their Babys Watch / A Hero of Her Own undying love for each otherWOW deep love there y all Though at least t This review also appears on my blog at REALLY loved this book It was fantastic full of delicious romance suspense danger mystery and secrets What s not to loveI really liked Pandora She was an admirable heroine Though she has had a difficult past she has risen from it stronger And she is enormously kind as her actions involving her scandal reveal She could be prickly sometimes though I didn t mind She had every reason to be wary Someone had been breaking into her house for something and she didn t know who it was and what that person wanted That would put anyone on edge But she toughed it all out She really was a remarkable heroineRupert was so adorable He was so charming it took me no time at all to adore him Our first impression of him isn t the best as he s trash talking Pandora at the time But he makesp for it ickly He was the perfect hero so sweet and protective over Pandora Their relationship was full of passion They would be furiously arguing one minute than on each other the next sparks flying between them constantly But there were also some sweeter moments that proved how in love the two of them were The plot was lovely It had plenty of surprises and never a dull moment The reveal of who was responsible for the break ins was a huge surprise I never saw that coming And of course we had the perfect historical romance endingSome Like it Wicked was a wonderful book To all who love historical romance you will adore this book55Thanks to Netgalley and Harleuin for a copy Review by Bebe at Reading Until I Fall Asleep Some Like it Wicked is a deliciously scandalous book about two well known people in the London ton Pandora Maybury widow of Barnaby Maybury and Rupert Stirling Duke of Stratton and known to have his way with the ladies The two are thrown together at a ball when Rupert rescues Miss Pandora from a very handsy Lord From that moment on the two are inseparable At each other s throats most of the time but nonetheless inseparable Both being the topic of disreputable conversation among their peers the two of them spend the whole book trying to decide which are fact and which are fiction before sealing their HEA fate This book was just so so for me I enjoyed the plot immensely Ms Mortimer s story kept me hooked from beginning to end on the edge of my seat at times waiting to find out whodunit or if there was any truth behind the rumors But there were elements of this book that just lacked enthusiasm for me Besides my issues I really did enjoy the story There were moments where I was surprised and moments that made me mad getting me fully involved in the plot It had great depth and kept me reading which is why I gave Some Like it Wicked three hearts Bebe s Rating I took a catnap between chapter. Liking If only the Ton knew just how innocent she really wasincluding Rupert who after rescuing her from a compromising situation seems intent on wickedly compromising her himself.

Very good book I really liked both Pandora and Rupert Pandora s husband was killed in a duel the year before and she was blamed for it This has set her p to be treated badly by men of the ton Rupert saves her from an attack and then appears to be pursuing her for himself She is very wary about trusting Rupert I liked the way that she stood Sweet Valentine up for herself when she wanted to It is also apparent that she is a very kind person at heart who watches out for the people she cares about I loved Rupert He seemed very arrogant at first especially when Pandora overheard him talking to his friend I loved the way he came to Pandora s rescue and then how he took care of her and got her home I loved his protectiveness and the way he was so fascinated by her He was surprised by the depth of his feelings for her beyond just the attraction I loved the way they would be getting along just fine then arguing then giving in to passion My favorite part of the book was the confrontation with Rupert s stepmother Pandora was fantastic I also enjoyed the mystery of the break ins at her house and the revealing of the villain What a plotless poorly written disapointment of a book No intriguing storyline no engaging characters no historical backdrop no witty banter no interesting conversation Will not be rrading anything else by this author This review is from my personal blog rabidgummibearwordpresscomFrom my reviews you can probably gather I m not big on historic novels and not well versed in Harleuin books either In attempts to broaden my range of readings though I have been adding them to my to read lists and this is one that 35 Stars While reading I was reminded of the line The lady doth protest too much from Hamlet And in this story she doesThe first meeting between Pandora Maybury the scandalous dowager Duchess of Wyndwood and Rupert Stirling the Devil Duke of Stratton involved Rupert manhandling a guy who tried to accost Pandora at a party Rupert goes out of his way to ensure Pandora did not suffer lingering effects of this event andickly instills himself into her life He The Rancher and the City Girl used some high handed methods to get closer to Pandora all the while falling for her Adding on the complication of mysterious attacks on Pandora s room and Rupert has made it his business to protect her The entire time they argued endlessly and indignantly over trivial matters their speech and thoughts incorporating exclamation marks ad nauseamThe plot and background setp wasn t bad as the story involved around Rupert and Pandora both eschewing the ton s vicious gossips of Rupert being a Devil the reason for the nickname never clearly explained and Pandora for supposedly inciting a duel between her husband and her lover which led to both their deaths The characters though lacked a great deal of depth For all that Rupert keeps praising Pandora s intelligence kind heart and compassion she rarely shows it in the story Pandora comes off as an overly stubborn woman who keeps protesting Rupert s actions and yet continually lands herself in situations needing his help I tried but couldn t see much of her virtues as described by RupertRupert on the other hand was Ice Wolves (Elementals, uite ann wicked hero He doesn t demean Pandora s character by proposing a lowering arrangement nor do his actions high handed as they are involve any malicious purpose He is all good will and trying to gain Pandora s trust which Pandora does not reciprocate Some Like It Hotter until near the end of the novelI was disappointed with the resolution of the mysteries in this novel It occurred too fast and without the input from the main characters It would have been better for Rupert to have caught the mysterious perpetrator instead of having that identity be revealed in last few pages without any real actionGiven the book s length this makes for aick and enjoyable afternoon read once you get passed the sheer amount of exclamation marks This started off as a cute book but some issues marred my enjoyment and brought this down into average territory The premise of the book with a Devil duke and a widowed Duchess promised spice than this book actually delivered This could be because the H historical format keeps things in the PG territory by design but something about this book felt bland There is not much wickedness of display here at all The hero was a little too overbearing so much so that he became a caricature He had a habit of not letting the heroine speak got so prevalent that he came across as rude not dominant It was the same tick More Than a Convenient Bride (Texas Cattlemans Club: After the Storm used constantly by the author instead of mixingp the characters behaviours Our heroine too got angry and then apologies immediately as she was too tender hearted None of this is a problem except for the predictability of every encounter between the two view spoiler But the real nail in the cross was portraying the gay dead husband as the villain Using the heroine as a beard could have been handled with sensitivity but it s played as straight deceit and villainy here The heroine is sickened at the deceit her husband practiced without. DEVIL BY NAME Rupert Stirling Duke of Stratton has long since acuired the nickname Devil and with outrageous exploits both in and out of ladies’ bedchambers my has he earned it.

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Any acknowledgement of the predicament this gay man would have felt in that time hide spoiler This review will appear at on December 18 2012Some Like it Wicked is the lovely tale of a woman who is so sweet and yet has been shunned by the ton She bears this all and plans to leave polite society when Rupert Stirling decides he wants her A relatively short novel that kept my attention throughout Both the H and heroine were Marrying Well uite fascinating characters I really admired the heroine who has to live with the legacy of a sordid reputation that she has done nothing to receive She manages to hold her head high among the vile gossipy matrons of the Ton because she has two close female friends fellow widowed duchesses who had also been in horriblynsatisfying marriages Everyone thinks of Pandora as a scarlet adulteress because her late husband had died in a duel with her alleged lover everyone slandered her even because the alleged lover had also been a married man with kids In reality Pandora is a virgin widow because her late husband had been gay and he had died fighting a duel with a bi sexual married man who had been having an affair with his lover I really don t Tavern Wench understand how Pandora could have played a martyr for a husband who was such a selfish asshole but perhaps it was because her marriage had provided her father with the means to pay off a lot of debts Sigh She s yet another young woman whose mercenary parents havesed her for their own material gain The hero is Rupert the rakish and handsome Duke Of Stratton Rupert happens to be former soldier whose father died while he was off fighting on the continent Unfortunately for Rupert before he had left to fight in the war he had gotten himself involved in a friends with benefits sexual arrangement with a woman whose goals had included marriage This lady had not been some shy innocent ingenue but a very mercenary social climber who had hoped to gain a proposal of marriage from a duke s son before he left for the war Things didn t work out the way she intended because Rupert had bluntly told her she was in no way And the Winner - Weds! ualified or suitable to be a candidate for the position of his future wife This angered her so much that she set to working her charms on Rupert s dad and miraculously got the old duke to marry her This was supposed to be her grand vengeance against Rupert for spurning and insulting her After his dad s death Rupert is faced with the big problem of getting rid of the witch because his dad had stipulated in his will that she should still be allowed to stay in any of the family s numerous estates and homes whenever she felt like it This cunning she dragon then started to follow Rupert to whichever home in which he was presently ensconced She did this in her desperate attempts to create scandal to seduce Rupert and to get him to marry her This avaricious tart truly had some high hopes for herself and her attempts to seduce a man who continually rejected her and was repulsed by her were just pathetic Therefore Rupert has a big problem of his own by trying avert any future scandal that his stepmamaformer lover would inevitably causeRupert s first meeting with Pandora isite dramatic because he manages to save her from a wannabe rapiststalker The young man thought that Pandora being a widowed duchess with a scandalous reputation would be willing to open her legs for him Although Rupert saves her his opinion of her is very low because he also believes all the Manhattan Heat untrue rubbish that everyone is saying about her He escorts her home and is shocked to find her living in a modest town house Pandora s dead hubby was not as generous in his will as Rupert s dumbass father had been to the witchy whore stepmama Anyway Rupert finds himself paying a lot of attention to Pandora because he is lusting after her 247 and wants her to be his mistress He keeps turningp at her home Secrets of the Marriage Bed uninvited and is not deterred by her many rejections of his advances This is so typical of a Carole Mortimer hero Pandora is so fedp of Rupert s attentions that she decides to sell her town house and move to a small cottage in the country She sets her plans in motion but trouble erupts for her because someone is trying to kill her On one occasion the wannabe killer sets fire to her bedroom and destroys a lot of her propertyRupert installs himself as her savior Almost against his will he finds himself wanting to protect her and save her from the The Ruthless Italians Inexperienced Wife unknown attacker Things continue to heatp between Rupert and Pandora Billionaire Baby Dilemma / The Wrangler until a point is reached where Rupert literally drags her to his town house because he is scared that she will indeed be killednless she is in a safe environment The witchy whore stepmama is almost insane with jealousy and hatred when Rupert arrives home with Pandora in his arms She starts to insult Pandora and call her names I found this very funny because it was coming from a woman who had been little than a whore herself but I digress Rupert manages to convince Pandora that the solution to both of their problems is for them to mar. Risué behavior is beyond Pandora Maybury widowed Duchess of Wyndwood although with her dark secret she’s far too well acuainted with being the subject of ribald gossip for her.

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