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Absolutely loved it A perfect balance of suspense and thrills and an ending not even a psychic could see coming A talented writer who understands character development and creates characters you love and ones you love to hate If I could give 10 stars I absolutely would I flew through this book so fast It was an amazing yet sad story about an up and coming pottery artist and what happens when a sadistic predator decides he wants her for his own and will stop at nothing to have her even threatening to kill her longtime love This was a fantastic paranormal suspense and I love how Zuri go. Awakening from a coma University of New Mexico's Professor Grayson Lane finds himself in a living nightmare He emembers a delivery truck hitting him while out on a leisurely un but he has no memory of his near death experience in ICU or his soul encountering the soul of Sophia Cruz the woman lying in the hospital bed next to his Bewildered by the entanglement of Sophia's ghost Grayson seeks the help of University of New

T her evenge but I hated the price she paid for doing it This is a fantastic debut novel from Ms McCoy and if her first book is this good I cannot wait to ead what comes next Spellbinding A character driven page turner with a thought provoking ending that haunted me for days Soul Survivor has ghosts in it but I wouldn t call it a ghost story They play a decidedly secondary ole After a traumatic head injury Grayson Lane can see ghosts meanwhile his girlfriend Zuri can see monsters and not the supernatural kind He probably got the better end of that dealThe book is very well written. Exico's parapsychologist Dr Prothro But Grayson is skeptical of Prothro's explanation and he does not believe Zuri his long time lover has become too busy with her pottery business to spend time with him Zuri is horrified when Grayson eveals the ghost that is possessing his soul to be that of Sophia Cruz the dead wife of State Senator Domingo Cruz the predator who is sexually extorting her Dom is powerful and dangerous and.

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Most of the characters are sharp and well defined I especially like Tate and though I know it probably makes me a bad person Spyker But I had a hard time eading it This isn t a happy happy joy joy type of book Zuri is stuck in hell and the How to Write Essays reader is forced toide along side her Luckily McCoy wasn t inclined toward titillation and avoided being The word is shocking but the devil has a new name and it s Dom What an awful manWelcome to the world of corruption and deception he would do he anything to get his way including murderThe middle of this book was a little slow but what an ending. When Grayson tells her that Prothro suspects the Senator of murdering his wife she pleads with him to steer clear of Dom Desperate Zuri also turns to Dr Prothro for help He enlists Tate Edwards a PI with a ghost of his own to help her break free of Dom's control But none of them are prepared for the events that unfold when the ghost of Sophia Cruz begins using Grayson to accomplish her evenge on those who have betrayed he.