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Innocent mind downloaded because I thought it was something else Totally into fantasy at that moment I had NO idea it was smut and if I think about it might have been my first real introduction to the genre Anyways I was really embarrassed Since I have read countless of just as smutty books since and this was fun to re read Sophie is a young virgin who was kidnapped my a man Well not exactly a man A werewolf He needs her for sex The willing the partner the stronger he gets Read 09052018Will I recommend It s very smutty kinda trashy but oddly entertaining And it made me blush when I was younger so This was a steamy read for certain but the heroine really rubbed me the wrong way She was a wimp sure and I accepted that because she was playing the virginal card but to go from not wanting to submit to her captorrapist to doing so in the blink of an eye just because he gave her decent orgasms just didn t seem plausible to me There was almost no fight in her to try to fight against him for longer even if she was enjoying the sex I just didn t care for how she just rolled over and accepted things As a rape victim myself it just seemed to me that the supposed rapes were too convenient and the only way the author could further the story In my opinion the rape angle really didn t need to go in there she could have had the heroine fall into instant lust with the stranger and just worked the kidnap angle instead of throwing in a rape angle with it Very short very sexy very fun And come onwho picked this p expecting the next Pulitzer It s a werewolf story with hot sex scenes a reluctant virgin and a to be continued ending It s an appetizer for sure and wickedly sinfully enjoyable as just that I like fairy tales of which this really fits in so many ways You want to sex The Playboys Virgin (Australian Playboys up my fairy tales Okey dokey I m all in This is a short and sex filled read which for me borderlined on sexy and goofy It satisfies the primal desire Some of the dialog is a bit rough and repetitive and the fact that Rylan shifts afterward was just funny I was honestly expecting a tiny bit in terms of story but overall it was decent eno. Nergy she had“Female you do not want tose all your energy now” said the man and she heard the dark humor in his voice The sound made her stomach turn She went limp against the man and The Creed Legacy (Montana Creeds, uickly began devising a way to escape She felt the man slowly slide his fingersp her legs nder her skirt“No” she cried out kicking her legs But he held her legs tight with one arm while the other arm explored her soft young skin The man moaned deeply and he pushed his fingers p to her thighs feeling her soft flesh He kneaded his fingers into the skin moaning in iet appreciation Sophie sueezed her eyes shut cringing from his touchSophie noticed that the man’s pace began to slow and it seemed as if he were tiring.

Wow this is a great example of werewolf erotica for the ninitiated Sophie is abducted and overpowered by Rylan He is a werewolf and his species will weaken and die out without freuent sex and the willing the partner the powerful the sexual healing The series was addicting admittedly a delivery system for some really erotic and yummy sex I read all 3 books back to back I m a hedonist sue meAnd I must say if Rylan is anything like my fave wolf I d volunteer for healing duty This book was free on and I thought what the hell I will give it ago I am glad I did it was suprisingly good So good I may buy the next one I ll tell you I got this book because it was free but once I started reading it I couldn t stop reading I then went back to and bought the two other parts of the trilogy and was just as enthralled as I was with the first book They are very short stories that in some places will have you sitting on the edge of your seat because that s the best position to sit in nder these circumstances Watch for the big twist in the third book I really enjoy the way Bree Bellucci writes the sex scenes She s got finesseClassy Humorous and Sexually Entertaining Talking about sexually satisfying your minds sexual hunger this short novella is just the thing to take on a journey as Rylan werewolfgrabs Sophie human from within the woods and takes off with her The sexual attraction is immediately as her virgin scent drives Rylan crazy However Rylan is a lover and he easily breaks Sophie in in all positions possible so get ready for pure erotic heaven Rylan comes so hard that he shape shifts into his wolf form LMAO I thought it was a cute read and it captivated my interest so much that I went and bought the 2nd part in the series Breeding the female at All RomanceI really enjoyed the way the author writes and look forward to reading of her sex crazed works LOL Smut smutty smut smutI am dying here I have no idea what possessed me to open p my iBooks app on my phone I read from kindle and have done that forever but when I first started reading I only had iBooks and this was one of the first books my sweet. While enjoying the summer at her grandmothers cottage Sophie falls captive to a sex crazed Werewolf Still a virgin Sophie is reluctant to give in to his sexual desires Hopeless and without a plan of escape she begins to crave the wolfs depraved needsA small taste of what's inside “No” Sophie screamed beating her fists against the man’s back“The less noise you make the easier this will be” the man said darkly“Help” she cried “Someone help me please”But the man was fast and seemed naffected by her weight as he swiftly carried her deeper into the woods Sophie screamed again in vain but she knew no one would hear her She thrashed and kicked her legs and beat her fists exerting every ounce of

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Ugh It does have a bit of forced sex in it so if you don t like that then you have been warned It was good enough to hold my interest and pass some time Since it was free I don t regret checking out it out but I don t think I ll purchase the second one Very erotic tale of a young girl that has been warned to never go into the forest She soon discovers that the forest has to fear than lions or tigers or bears She meets p with a werewolf that intends to take her with him Thus begins Sophie s journey It begins as a journey of sexual discovery but develops into much by book three of the trilogy The eroticism in this book is off the charts The love scenes are freuent but not overbearing and always left me wanting The trilogy continues with Breeding the Female and Sophie learns that her journey has only just begunWarning This is a very short read at about 16 pages with lots of hot wicked sex This book was hilarious Since I m not at all sure it s supposed to be I m giving it one star The writing is immature and the sex scenes horribly clumsy but I did get a few good laughsSophie is kidnapped and raped and she figures that if she sucks the rapist off well enough he ll let her go Perfect logic She sees a creature that looks like half bird and half corpse What is it Why a CorpseBird of course Oh for heaven s sake someone should donate the author a little imagination Unless this was a parody though it doesn t The Ice Maidens Sheikh (Sons of the Desert uite work as a joke eitherI had a really hard timenderstanding Sophie s character She s an innocent virgin who turns into a lustful vixen in a heartbeat tries to escape is thoroughly screwed and feels sorry for the poor rapist tries to escape again and so on Maybe some kind of a personality disorder would explain the sudden changes of heart Rylan I nderstood a little better he at least had a straightforward pattern of action Kidnap a girl have sex and make her your slaveMy favorite ote I came so hard that I shifted Rylan said dazed I ve heard stories of that happening but I never believed them An orgasm has to be so intense that it shifts our molecules I laughed so hard that I almost cried. Of course he couldn’t continue at his pace with Sophie thrown over his body Taking advantage of the opportunity Sophie kicked with force and her body hit the ground with a thud She scrambled to get p and run but the man was faster pinning her to the earthHe smiled “No need to run female You can’t escape”Sophie fought against his weight but he did not budge“I wanted to find a better spot but his will have to do” he said Sophie studied the man; nder normal circumstances he was probably very attractive He was tall and broad with large muscles He had dark auburn hair and dark chocolate eyes with a strong jaw“I am Rylan” he said his voice softer “I wish you no harm but I must se your body”.

My name is Bree Bellucci I’m a nurse by day and a sex fiend by night Writing sexy smut has been a hobby of mine for years I started out writing stories for my own pleasure and eventually began sharing with friends There is no better way to get me horny than reading about a slut doing whatever it takes to please her partner or partners The greatest erogenous zone is the mind and erotica is th