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The things change the they remain the same I could identify with most of the pieces of advice given and how politicians exploit them We just h This translation of the Commentariolum Petitionis was put out I am assuming in an effort to capitalize on well all the people who might be interested in reading something a bit classic for the US election season Count me in I was actually trying to get through all of it in Latin before Election Day that didn t happen so I gave up and read the second half in translation Should you be concerned about the nature of today s elections take a ook at campaign strategy 2000 years ago The key difference John Stuart wasn t there in the Daily show to show news clips of Marcus Cicero making promises to one group while promising the opposite to anotherThe test s how both the original Latin and and an English translation Compared to the book I read by Cardinal Mazarin this one was Hiding in the Bathroom less intriguing Perhaps it was the flat translation or just the distance in time between now and ancient Rome but the exchanges here between the Cicero brothers brought meittle insight into how campaigns are run or their personalities Maybe I need to read it again in a few years Or perhaps read some of the rhetoric of Cicero to fully appreciate his style Anyway this one didn t really do it for me The advice contained herein is as relevant now as it was then This is another one of those interesting The Perils of Pursuing a Prince (Desperate Debutantes, little books that have been popping upately on Rome The book is based on a The Barracks Thief and Selected Stories letter from uintus Tullius Cicero to his famous orator brother Marcus Cicero on how to deal to an upcoming election It reads remarkablyike what a modern campaign manager would say and for those who might be disillusioned it show that cynicism in politics has been with us forever Some of the advice is insightful remember namessome are practical promise. Scris in 64 iCr de uintus Tullius Cicero pentru fratele sau Marcus acest mic tratat a fost transmis pana in zil.

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Aesars came into the picture and there are some connections to Julius Caesar that were made in the intro Marcus was running as an outsider since he wasn t of noble birth even though he was well educated and known for his successes as a politician and Becca and the Prisoners Cross (The Copernicus Legacy lawyer and so probably needed all the help and practical advice that he could getThe saying the things change the they stay the same is the best description in my opinion of the relevance of this book It was amazing to me how the politics of Rome at that time isn t that much different from today s politics especially the recently concluded US elections From the attack ads to the campaign promises to the soundbites good or bad to the calling in of favors and it seemsike today s politicians and campaign strategists are still following the advice of uintus This book was enjoyable and I think that it s a must for those who are interested in either getting into politics or those The Commodore (Aubrey/Maturin, like me who are interested in politics And other books are included at the end of the book for those who want to go further in their studies Il be definitely rereading this Dare Mighty Things little book in the next four years or even sooner Or to give it it s Latin title Commentariolum PetitionisA delightfulittle primer on electioneering that should still be read today Although given the apparently timely nature of its advice perhaps modern politicians are in fact still reading it today Or maybe The Texas Rangers Heiress Wife little brother uintus invented the art of negative advertising He reminds brother Marcus to dredge up opponents sexual scandals And to smile at everyone And my favourite to promise everyone everything because voters will be angrier if you don t promise them something than when youater excuse yourself and break your promise Id si promittas et incertum est et in diem et in paucioribus sin autem neges et certe abalienes et statim et plures. Politice pasii care trebuie urmati pentru atingerea acestui scop ghidandu i prin sfaturi precise si sistematice.

Everyone everything and deliver what you can and some are underhanded gossip is sometimes useful than truth The text has the original Latin on one side and the translation on the other A handy Her Outback Protector (Men of the Outback little book and in some ways useful as a study in human behavior Politics is full of deceit treachery and betrayalIn hisetter uintus Cicero gives advice to his brother Marcus Cicero on how to win an election The advice that uintus gives Marcus rings true even in 21st Century American politics The Eternal Quest letter is mostly serious but at times is even funny As I was reading it I thought about whether uintus was giving him good advice considering they are brothers and all Not only is he supportive of his brother by telling him about his strengths as a candidate he also informed him about his weaknesses as a candidate I think you will enjoy this book if youove politics Its very short and you can finish it in an hour I can think of someone running for high office right now that could use this book you can fill in the blank Or maybedon t read this book just keep doing what you are doing I came across this book at a Barnes and Nobles bookstore on a table of books that was in front of the entrance I picked up the The Widows Little Secret little book read the jacket cover and the back of the book that had the endorsements of Karl The Architect Rove former US Senator Gary Hart and decided that it was worth picking up to read on the trainThe book which was translated by Philip Freeman who also writes the introduction was taken from the ancient Latin text the Conmmentariolum Petitionis a short pamphlet of political advice that was supposedly written by uintus Tillius Cicero for his older brother Marcus Tillius Cicero considered to be the greatest orator Rome ever produced who was running for the office of consul the highest office in Rome in the summer of 64 BC This was before the Ele noastre ca schita a unei campanii electorale perfecte Manualule prezinta tuturor candidatilor a functii.

Marcus Tullius Cicero He was born into a family of the euestrian order as the son of a wealthy landowner in Arpinum some 100 kilometres south east of Rome