George Piccard: Liuid Conspiracy Mind Control and Conspiracy Series

Now if you think the liuid conspiracy in this book refers to copious amounts of acid you are not alone because that was my first thought too that all of this revolved around LSD and its impact on JFK the CIA etc But really Liuid Conspiracy refers to the information Piccard claims e received from a man called Kilder a man who worked for the RAF during WWII and in Kingdom of Ashes (Nightfall, his capacity as some sort of governmental flunky managed to find out who the men behind the curtain are and what they want to do It is as referenced in the book a Grand Unification Theory of Conspiracy The elderly Englishman contacted Piccard withis information and unloaded it all before Websters Ii Dictionary, Third Edition, Office Edition he died and Piccard didis best to verify it Luckily Kilder Aladdin had a photographic memory one day I will go off on a rant aboutow it is eidetic memory does not mean what people think it means and ow it is often than not a relatively useless trait but that day is not today and wrote a lot of things down Of course the skeptic in me is always immediately ready to snert when a clerk in some governmental agency is able to get the lowdown on the conspi. Underground author George Piccard on the politics of LSD mind control and Kennedy's involvement with Area 51 and UFOs Reveals JFK's LSD experiences with Mary Pinchot Meyer The plot thickens with an ever expa.

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Racy controlling the world because you know it s a damn conspiracy and you d think they d be a little careful in ow they disseminate their evil plans especially when they know they The Message Glorious have a clerk with a photographic memory whoas access to their nefarious plans but all I can do is give my O Cérebro de Broca head a shake refuse to approach this with reason relax and enjoy the show I advise that you do the same Read my entire reviewere A very informative book that could drive people mad with fear and feeling trapped if taken entirely literally which is a terrible Damia's Children: Rowan 3 (The Tower Hive Sequence) by Anne McCaffrey (1994-02-03) habit to form let alone keep up in this time of disruption but unfortunately the most popuilar response to so much bad news This book is an overview of America s secretistory including indisputable little knowns like a detailed Breaking The Curse (Sexy Reversed Fairy Tales history of the Bush family s Nazi allegiance in the same bag asypotheticals like alleged CIA biological research a creature in Ohio called the Grassman is cast as one such failed experiment escaped or deliberately freed from the lab but according YouTube the thing s been reported in the area since 1839 So you ave to read. Nding web of CIA involvement from underground bases with UFOs seen by JFK and Marilyn Monroe among others to a vaster conspiracy that affects every government agency from NASA to the Justice Department This.

Between the lines Either way it s an ugly setup they got backstage I d say used to ave but in the last two days Obama perpetuated warrantless wiretapping and the suspension of ROMANTIC TAKEOVER habeas corpus by moving Gitmo to Afghanistan after dramatically closing it down It was the same old dirty shell game from before in sheep s clothing I went to the supermarket and stood there in a line and looked at all the other people standing there in all the other lines andeard the cash registers beeping Could I really believe George Bush II stole two elections in a row started an illegal unending war then just gave up Even I swallowed the ook It took me a couple of days to feel normal again after reading this book It s very well written some parts credible than others but according to this book and common senseif there is an over arching conspiracy to influence American consensus opinion and ow could there not be considering all the cash registers that s just Keeper of the Light how the conspirators want you to feel afraid and uncertain and worried Here s a word to the wiseguy Circumstances don t matter only state of being matter. Mayave been the reason that Marilyn Monroe and actresscolumnist Dorothy Killgallen were both murdered Focussing on the bizarre side of istory Liuid Conspiracy takes the reader on a psychedelic tour de for.