Melissa J. Morgan: Charmed Forces Camp Confidential #19

Not one of the best uite good i really liked it Summer before ninth gradeNatalie s puppy has a tumorDonovan likes Candace but she wants to focus on herself so he goes to the social with Gaby who is his sailing partner and likes himAlyssa finds and amethyst She has psychic powers Also there s a new camper Sloan who becomes Alyssa s friend This book is about a girl named Alyssa and she is spending to her final summer at Camp Lakeview As soon as she steps off the bus she fines a purple stone Her friend Sloan says that it is a ametheyst and that it can predict the future Alyssa loves to do physic things so she starts to predict the future by rubbing the ametheyst and concentrating Her first prediction is correct She makes a lot of other predictions which are correct and she thinks she s become a physic Some of her friends think that it s all fake but Alyssa feels that the ametheyst s powers are real She soon bonds with the ametheyst and names her Amy However when she predicts it s going to snow at camp no one believes that LLThis was not good The story was again very rushed and all over the place The topic of choice was not handled well although the boy drama wasn t as bad. Alyssa finds an amethyst a stone believed to aid in psychic awareness Suddenly shes interpreting dreams and making predictions all with 100 percent accuracy While half the camp girls are believers the other half are skeptics attributing th.

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E 3 day trip during school with my classmates I can t even begin to express my love and adoration for this series and it s characters I am sad to see it end Especially because I am now 14 the same age as Natalie is in the book and it is uite a reality check I started reading this series at about the age of 8 Gosh I feel so old as the characters and I both grow up I wish I could continue reading these stories as I continue on to the next steps in life After all it has helped me answer some difficult uestions as the author shared her wisdom with her readers through these easily relateable characters Harry Potter may be a lot of people s childhoods but this series is ust as important to me if not Hogwarts was a world I could escape to when needed but I would always have to return to reality With these stories there is no other world per se but in learning the lessons with the girls helped me survive in the reality that I can t seem to escape from I have almost half the series on my shelf and I intend to get the rest and treasure it after we ve all grown past this stage in life This will forever be entwined with my childhood I LOVE THIS BOOK AND AMY I cant imagine how Amy look. Ers cross over to the dark side Still Alyssa proclaims that the chances of her giving up the amethyst are as likely as a snowstorm in July And lo and behold the next morning the campus is carpeted in snow Coincidence Only Amy knows for sur.

As it usually is so that gave it two stars This did not need to be a super special and be 100 pages longer than the normal books It was dragged out and boring Okay this one is awesome Melissa J Morgan is a great author her books rock I liked this book it was my 2nd fave in the series The book Charmed Forces is a great book because it is about two friends on a summer camp with each other I couldn t stop reading the book because it was about friendship and I love to read about friendship A uote from the book is I can t wait until we see each other at summer camppg2This supports the opinion by telling the reader that it is about friendship I hope you will get a chance to read the wonderful book These books were a special favorite when I was younger and it still is The friendships between these girls got me through some terrible days in elementary and middle school that seemed like the end of the world at the time Their little escapades really did teach a few lessons and provided much entertainment I grew up with Natalie and Jenna and Alex and Alyssa and all those Camp Lakeview girls I got to go to camp myself for some time though it wasn t summer camp but ust a short littl. E gems track record to coincidence Not that Alyssa cares what anyone thinks In fact shes so attached to the amethyst she names it Amy But when a prediction causes the bunk to miss a Phillies gamewhere Justin Timberlake singseven the believ.

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