Alexander M. Schenker: The Dawn of Slavic An Introduction to Slavic Philology Yale Language Series

An excellent reference manual for anyone interested in Slavic philology I m not sure I really think this is an introduction to Slavic philology I d rather say it s an excellent book of reference for when you want to check something OCS related Reading it all in one o wasn t very exciting partly because I am familiar with lots of the material already and partly because there is just so much detail about for example vocabulary scribes or monasteries Brilliant for when you are working with something related to that and want to check it but for just reading Forgotten the second I start a with new sentence I skimmed parts of the book and a large section in the back is dedicated to OCS text samples with translations which is excellent There are very nice IE ending charts and a thorough section on the missionary work of Constantine and Methodius It s really the kind of book you should have on your bookshelf if you are interested in Slavic philology You don t have to be a linguist to enjoy the book either since Schenker is actually wait for it pedagogic I know Shocking Alexander M Schenker s The Dawn of Slavic An Introduction to Slavic Philology is a comprehensive historical background to th. This work uses linguistic cultural and historical themes to provide an account of the.

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S The Slavonic Languages ed Bernard Comrie 1993 While it doesn t compare at all to a real primer it has some interesting perspectives on several matters most notably phonology And the Windchill Summer grammaroes all the way back to the beginning Proto Indo European introducing the reader to concepts like laryngeal theory through a Slavic lense The final portion of the book deals with Slavic philology in its most limited sense writing The two alphabets Glagolitic and Cyrillic their functioning and their evolution along with all the debate over their order of invention is described Major literary figures like Clement of Ochrid are sketched The most fascinating part for me however was Schenker s description of each of the major manuscripts from the OCS period and their contents Most OCS primers just The Shadow of Your Smile give a single selection from anyiven manuscript it is nice to know what else is out thereIf you are interested in any topic having to with early Slavs from comparative Indo European linguistics to the history of the modern Slavic states The Dawn of Slavic is highly recommended Very rarely do I encounter such an entertaining book Informative and lively could use a bit background information for non linguists. Standing of early Slavic writing is incomplete outside the context of medieval culture.

E first Slavic writings For anyone learning Old Church Slavonic from a primer like Nandiris Auty s HANDBOOK OF OLD CHURCH SLAVONIC or Schmalstieg s INTRODUCTION TO OLD CHURCH SLAVIC Schenker s book is a vital overview of archaeology comparative Indo European linguistics and manuscript studies to serve as accompaniment The Dawn of Slavic opens with the historical setting a hitherto unknown tribe makes it existence known by sweeping into central Europe Schenker lists the various theories for the Slavic homeland along with the possibility that peoples reported earlier by ancient historians may be identified with the Slavs The Slavic expansion is carefully tracked as well as the intercultural contact of the Slavs in the Balkans Schenker s history The Three Worlds goes up through the Moravian mission which also tackles the problem of the exact location of Rastislav s kingdom and the arrival of Slavs in the northwest and finally ends with Kyiv Rus This portion of the book contains a rich bibliography and has spurred this reader onto countless interesting sourcesThe section portion of the book is is a brief 100 page diachronicrammar of Proto Slavonic expanded from the author s prior presentation in Routledge. Development of the Slavic languages The book contends among other things that an under.

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