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I was browsing in Chapters one day and came across this book I read the first entry to see what it was like and I found myself tearing up in the middle of the store this never appens So I immediately bought it It is a compilatio I was initially Reign of Fury (Battles in the Dark, hesitant to pick up this book as I worried it might be ideologicallyeavy Nature Cure handed or particularly nationalistic The sheer variety of voices rendered that nearly impossible the breadth of experiences painted a distinct landscape under whichyper real The Bookshop on the Corner human emotions and interactions came to life With tales from aid workers and soldiers Outside the Wire juxtaposes a uniue sense of orality and epistolary with its vivid and varied prose This is a collection of essaysshort true stories from various points of experianceviews Doctors soldiers aid workers etc I really liked some others didn t do much for me But it was definitely worth the read This is a collection of accounts by Canadia. A remarkable collection of firstand accounts written by soldiers doctors and aid workers on the front lines of Canada’s war in AfghanistanVisceral intimate and captivating in ways no other telling could be Outside the Wire features nearly two dozen stories by Canadians on the front lines in Afghanistan including the previously unpublished letters ome of Captain Nichola Goddard the first female NATO soldier killed in.

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Ns soldiers and civilians who served in Afghanistan during the first bloodiest alf of our deployment there Patterson One of Your Own himself served and contributes a piece Particularly poignant are those of Mike Frastacky and Capt Nichola Goddard in the form of letters and emails which were provided by their families after their deaths over there Goddard some would remember was the first Canadian female combatant fatali An account of life in Afghanistan from the people that were there on the front lines Some of it isumorous and some is Nina heartbreaking when you learn the words full of personality andope were written by a soldier whose life was cut short by the conflict A great read for anyone who wants to understand about this conflict from the point of view of the people that are doing the work on the ground True stories told by Canadian Vets about themselves or fellow soldiers some who were killed in action You can t Super Gran (Super Gran, help but get emo. Combat and an introductory reflection by Roméo DallaireCollectedere are stories of battle and the subtle engagements of this little understood war the tearful farewells; the shock of immersion into a culture that as been at war for thirty years; looking a suicide bomber in the eye the moment before e strikes; grappling with mortality in the Kandahar Field Hospital; and the unexpected umour that leavens life in a war.

Tional reading these stories some make you proud to be Canadian some make you sad and others mad A fantastic collection of stories inside the wars through many soldiers eyes Gripping and each story is as endearing as the last It was funny sad eartbreaking thoughtprovoking and so to the point Some of which stuck with me was seeing the names of those lost many of whom I knew While I will never be able to say I know what you went through I can in fact say I understand it compares to nothing elseI now understand some of the long silences the aloofness the anger and the inability to let it go The book Shadowspell Academy has been edited and perhaps embellished according to some Iave spoken to regardless I Anna Del Contes Italian Kitchen highly recommend everyone reads this book I found much of this compilation very moving and at times difficult to read as a result Not suprisingly it is not an uplifting read but important for those who want to better understand this conflict. Zone Throughout each piece the passion of those engaged in rebuilding this shattered country shines through a glimmer of optimism and determination so rare in multinational military actions–and so particularly CanadianIn Outside the Wire award winning author Kevin Patterson and co editor Jane Warrenave rediscovered the valour and orror of sacrifice in this the definitive account of the modern Canadian experience of