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Ander was sad and this was kind of sad But you know Joel will triumph in his life A Surprisingly good readMaybe it s not a children s series of books after all Serious topics are addressed Henning Mankell 15 year old Joel Gustafson lives with his lumberjack father Samuel in the far north of Sweden so far north that it snows on his graduation day in June Joel cooks for his father his mother Mummy Jenny left when he was only a baby Samuel and Joel spend hours oring over world maps together dreaming of this time Joel will be old enough to leave school and sign on as a sailor and they can sail away from the cold north together But then a letter for Samuel arrives telling him where Mummy Jenny is and the air take an overnight train journey south to Stockholm to find her Joel s life begins to shift and change Joel is coming of age Samuel is ageing and the docks and the ships and sea are close at handAt first I found the writing in this story uite stilted and alien but by the end I was fully engaged Mankell s story of a boy stepping out into the world and the aching sadness of the narrative is slow burning but memorable Totally engaging read It is the only one I have read in this series and that is fine It completely stands alone Though now I m keen to read the first one A great read for adventurous readers aged 13 to adults A awesome end to a wonderful coming of age series. Uch a long time how will Joel and his dad cope with such a reunion and will Joel ever sail the seas as he dreams.

Tories but they never find closure like in The Neverending Story However it is never done in an unsatisfactory way it s just life The last book well let s just say it hit home I am moving soon after living most of my life with my single mother Looking at Joel s journey is a lot like looking at my ast and a little into my future I m not going to be a sailor that s for sure but like him I hanker to see the world and live in it This book means for me much than the story of four years of Joel s life It means the journey through childhood The Scot perhaps even through life If you read this book berepared to read a slow story No magic except that of childhood No romance except that of foolish teenagers kissing in a dark theater But a lot of growing up and a lot of life When I heard that this was the last book in a series of books for young adults I didn t know what to think Wasn t in the mood for a kid s book I wasn t disappointedIf this was a coming of age book maybe it was just what I was looking for Joel is beginning a new life at fifteen and so am I at 63 I enjoyed this book in the same way I look forward to enjoying my journey to the end of the worldI love to read Henning Mankell this book came at the right time and Spring Snow pleased me Immenselyck I love Joel This wasn t my favorite of the four but it was well done Henning Mankell always seems to make endings kind of sad The end of Wall. Northern Sweden But first he must face up to theast and meet his mother who ran off when he was little After

The best of the lot of henning mankell s Joel Gustafson books The series ends sadly but with hope as all childhood s do I ll miss Joel he is almost as wonderful as Kurt Read as the childhood theme for the Davenport Public Library reading challenge and my Goodreads reading challenge goal two completer I enjoyed all four books in this YA series by Mankell By writing about a boy between the ages of 12 and 15 which represents the end of his schooling Mankell brings his coming to age to lightA good read Loved the end to the Joel Gustaffason stories A fitting conclusion sad and emotional a great deal emotive than the book before When The Snow Fell This book how can I begin to describe it I started reading it by chance a week away from my high school graduation uickly I read the first two The Greatest Victory parts I loved every character each seen through the eyes of Joel Gertrude Simon Samuel Sara They were all dear to me and in my heart I felt like I loved them as much as Joel did Then came the third book In this one Joel is growing up He starts leaving his childish things behind Gertrude the dog the imaginations he wants to be tough to travel to see the world Whereas before he was content with his local world the river the bridge theeople he grows restless not unlike Mother Jenny must have beenThroughout the books like life there were many things left unresolved Sometimes in life we start Joel is fifteen and has left school wanting to become a merchant sailor and travel far away from his home town in.

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Henning Mankell was an internationally known Swedish crime writer children's author and playwright He was best known for his literary character Kurt WallanderMankell split his time between Sweden and Mozambiue He was married to Eva Bergman Swedish director and daughter of Ingmar Bergman