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Mbers 12 John Calvin 10 JI Packer and AW Tozer 9 I was surprised at how CS Lewis is mentioned by such a wide margin among Evangelicals mainline Protestants and Anglicans The two recent authors that et the most recommendations are Philip Yancy and Richard Foster 7 each I thoroughly enjoyed this bookand for different reasons than I expected I ordered it because the foreword is by one of my favorite Christian authors Philip Yancey and because the title and premise ask several well known Christian writers what books have most influenced them other than the Bible were appealing I expected to mostly The Good and Beautiful God get some ideas for a few spiritual books to read When I actually opened and perused the book I was concerned The authors tended to be of the fundamentalist persuasion than I usually prefer so I was afraid that their recommendations might not be as meaningful or helpful to me Two big surprises1 With a couple of exceptions their writing about reading all kinds of reading was delightful and compel Ooh This book is so inspiring I just had to journal about it though I m only 8 or so essays into the book I love hearing about what types of books others read that I might be interested in And I love to hear others praising my favorites CS Lewis makes a strong showing in recommendations as does Augustine But than theologians I appreciate the recommended novels I canet so much into a story than I can into theology or philosophy SO I loved Michael Card praising my personal fave The Count of Monte Cristo And others oing on about Shakespeare I ve been plodding through a newly auired stack of cheap books found at a number of recent booksales zipping through the less interesting ones first because then I can release them and et them out of my way An interesting novel I might want to keep for my personal collection However this book has reminded me that everything you read becomes a part of who you are so I need to choose my reading wisely With so much reat material available why should I waste time on something I don t care for So I ve broken out the old Shakespeare I ve dug out one of my favorite authors George MacDonald to reread I m excited about reading again I found this book waiting on my bookshelf and I finished up the last few essays The philosopher recommendations were not very interesting to me but the final essay in the book was one of my favorites that really made me think about my life and the way I ??points you to the most valuable books from the past and present including fiction biography theology devotional works histories even commentaries and reference works These are the books that left the reatest imprint on the lives of the leaders who are making a spiritual imprint on today’s enerationThis uniue.

I was drawn to this because I strongly agree that books deeply shape us and are among the reatest forms of learning Some chapters were better than others I particularly enjoyed those by Joni Eareckson Tada JI Packer John Stott and Larry Crabb My favorite chapter was probably Edith Schaeffer wife of Francis Schaeffer The author provides an appendix that lists dozens of other Christian leaders favorite books which is a neat resource to have Good chapters on important books that shaped a number of Christian leaders faith journeys In this book the editor Scott Larsen provides essays from 22 well known Christian authors about the books that have most deeply influenced their thinking It was a fascinating examination of how our favorite authors have been shaped by those who have one before them For some the mentioned books that I have never heard of nor considered Others were unsurprising For example the works of CS Lewis and especially Mere Christianity were nearly omnipresent his influence is so wide ranging Other books mentioned with high freuency include Brothers Karamazov by Dostoyevsky and My Utmost For His Highest Books that were mentioned less freuently than I would have anticipated include Calvin s Institutes which was mentioned just a few times and Luther s Commentary on Galatians which was not mentioned at all Very enjoyable book I did not sit down and read it cover to cover but it is definitely staying on my freuently culled bookshelf The first and longest portion of the book is devoted to the 22 Christian leaders referred to in the title these are essays of various length and style It looks to me like the editors simply asked for essays on the books that most influenced these leaders but didn t try to micromanage the style Some included lots of books plus lists of other authors they like others were essays on one single book that was very influentialAt the end there are lots of other writers I didn t count but maybe between 50 100 who just provided a list sometimes with a one line description of the books recommended Interesting detail I compiled a list of recommendations using this book as my primary source but a few others books and websites as well By far far far the most recommended author is CS Lewis 47 mentions Mere Christianity top at 19 mentions the next closest is Augustine of Hippo 16 mentions then Dostoyevsky and Francis Schaeffer 14 mentions each Bonhoeffer and Oswald Cha. What you read plays a pivotal role in shaping the person you will become In the pages of Indelible Ink you can meet the writers and thinkers who most deeply influence twenty two of today’s top Christian authors Each of these trusted Christian leaders–whose lives and ministries impact millions around the world?.

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Ive it I may have to re read that essay a few times this coming week I d also like to forward it on to a few friends to discuss Surprisingly this book is a fantastic reference Admittedly a lot of the chapters are trash and irrelevant Pop evangelical theology has a shelf span of about six weeks Other chapters though the one by Packer and to a lesser degree Colson are outstanding and can be life changing I will focus on Packer s chapter Packer discusses how Calvin s Institutes formed Packer s own theological life Packer talks about how he read through the Institutes four times That is one lesson that I have kept with me over the past ten years I just finished my third reading Packer also discusses how in order to properly understand Covenant Theology he would occasionally block out a Sunday and read through the Epistle to the Hebrews three or four times If only evangelicals would take him seriouslyPhillip Johnson s chapter is uite interesting His most influential sources are the Lord of the Rings Indeed those who stand in an increasingly violently anti Christian American public suare realize they will have to do similar battleThe book ends with a hundred or so Evangelical leaders iving their own favorite books and why they were influential Highly recommended This interesting book contains article by better known Christian believers about which books they have read that have influenced their lives The tell a bit about the book and a bit about how they were influenced by it therefore telling a bit about their own lives Some of my favourite Xian writers were featured here so it was interesting to see what books had influenced them and if I had read them For me narrative has always had much influence on my life than fact that s what I et from hanging around this liars and storytellers Walter Wangerin whose writing I love was influenced by Dostoyevsky s Crime and Punishment and The Brothers Karamazov A book about books that influenced Christians It doesn t sound like much of a read but is surprisingly interesting A ood read 2 12 stars I find it fascinating to read of the books that influence others and this is uite the interesting mix of authors I found it to be a slow read which might simply be due to a crazy season of life but there were enough Starflight Zero gems among the pages that I don t feel it was a waste of time I ve moved Brothers Karamazov and Crime and Punishment to the top of my want to read list. Collection of new essays reveals the inner life of these modern day leaders and points you to theodly life iving wisdom that has shaped their faith With direction from today’s leaders you can discover the most important written works of our Christian heritageand be empowered anew in your own journey of faith.