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Or any of the characters they all seemed too one dimensional so it made it hard for me to really care what happened to them and if they found the love they were looking for One small aspect that I really liked was that the story took place in Washington DC instead of the typical New York City setting I wouldn t recommend this book to anyone but it wasn t terrible I give it a C Maybe a 25 The story line just wasn t that interesting I bought this book from a clearance sale and so didn t really expect much from it I was very pleasantly surprised by how much I liked the book and how easy it was to read Not to mention it was pretty hilarious and each of the characters had traits that were very relatable Additionally I was surprised by how little has change in 15 years this book was published in 2001 in terms of the dating landscape Overall a very light read that put a smile on my face GIRLFRIENDS by Patrick Sanchez focuses on the stories of three main characters Gina Linda and Cheryl Three women who are battling frustrating relationship problems and just trying to find the perfect person to spend the rest of their lives with an issue that I m sure many can relate toGina s clock is ticking Loudly So loud that it s making her beyond anxious to find someone to settle down with and marry Especially since all of her friends seem to be jumping the broom which makes things all the depressing for herCheryl is trying to find Mr Right Some. Husband even if she has to break every rule of the personals ads page to get him Linda doesn't need a man She likes her office super organized and her dates to be female Now she's found the lesbian Latin lover of her dreams or so she thinks Before you can say loser Gina Cheryl and Linda are p to their earrings in a series of romantic and professional mishaps that prove whe.

This is the worst book EVER The characters all hate cats except the one who owns cats and is made fun of because of it The men in this book call women bitches The women in this book call women bitches Nobody in this book deserves to be happy I do not recommend this book I selected this from a remainder cart at Barnes Noble expecting a light summer read It s light all right but not in the way I expected This is not typical chick lit Yes there are women seeking men and bemoaning their wretched love lives But these women are something else Their incredibly crazy antics made me laugh out loud several times I m not recommending this book because with its meandering plot and sometimes loathsome characters it probably has limited appeal But it kept me entertained and gave me a few good laughs A friend recommended this book to me years ago In fact she lent me her copy I saw a copy in the library today and realized I hadn t logged it here Considering how I needed something comical then this seemed to work as I remember laughing out loud at times It wasn t lighthearted all the way but Sanchez s style and tongue in cheek moments made it a fun interesting read This book was better than I anticipated however my expectations were pretty low to begin with It follows 3 women on the hunt for true love I thought some of the subplots seemed superfluous but overall it wasn t a bad read My biggest complaint was that I didn t particularly care Gina knows there are worse things than bringing her gay hairdresser to her ten year high school reunion But after witnessing yet another acuaintance's triumphant nuptials she's hit an all time low So what's a gal to do Forget about finding Mr Right and keep an eye out for Mr Maybe Cheryl is over her commitment phobic boyfriend What this chic African American gal wants is

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One that she can call her own have fun and spend The Italians Stolen Bride uality time with She s tried every imaginable way to meet someone so why not go a different route Answering a few personal ads may or may not be her ticket to true loveLinda the lesbian has had her share of lovers Unfortunately none of them have proven themselves worthy of her devotion But when she meets a pretty woman at work who seems to have her best interest at heart Lindaickly finds out that some things are just too good to be trueGIRLFRIENDS was an interesting and at times hilarious read Some parts moved way too bit slow for me but overall it was a decent read 3 stars Just a lot of fun to read About 25 30 year olds straight and gay searching for love and finding out who they are and what they want in life Sort of like R rated Seinfeld This the first book by this author that I have read and not bad It is your typical chick lit book but by a male author which i thought was different It didn t end p the happy way most chick lit books do with everyone getting a boyfriend or the love of their life but it did have a nice happy ending with the characters coming to realizations about themselves and onto a much better path Overall it was a good book to read Very cryptic notes from my BookCrossing reviewNotes to jog my memorywritten by a guyGina classic 20 something manager Dr Harris sad get the guy than any other other chick lit everGetting ready to release on a business trip. N the going gets tough the tough turn to blond highlights margaritasand girlfriends Wickedly witty debut novelist Patrick Sanchez introduces a memorable trio of rban twentysomething females who are searching for the perfect job the perfect apartment the perfect man or woman all the while asking themselves and each other What's A Nice Girl Like You Doing With A Life Like Th.