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Hey were both upset when they found out that the team was getting moved to a different state They both notice a football team will be playing instead of a baseball team so they both decide to go and soon find out that it was the greatest game ver played A book about the 1958 ColtsGiants game predating the Superbowl but a game that many say inspired its development as it captivated fans across the nation What I like about this book is that it really captures the The Exiles Gallery era and thexcitement it sets the scene well and gives some insight into what was going on in people s lives at the time Then the momentum builds I love the illustrations in caricature style After reading the book I felt like I had sat and listened to two old men reminisce about being there and that was a cool feeling Set in the 1950s this is a story of a little boys trying to get his dad interested in football his dad is an ardent baseball fan though the defection of NY Giants to San Francisco as soured him considerably After getting tickets to a game the boy convinces his father to accompany him They bond and both really get into the gameWhether you will li. On with professional footballNow Phil Bildner tells a heartwarming father and son story against the backdrop of this historic momentWhen the New York Giants baseball team moves to San Francisco young Sam discovers the other.

A really good picture book about the greatest game ver played Good story for young boys with relation to sports baseball and football good illustrations and history Picture book look at the beginning popularity of professional football and a game that is well known in football history with players Frank Gifford Vince Lombardi Tom Landry and Johnny Unitas When their beloved baseball team the New York Giants moves to California Sam and Pop switch their loyalties to the other New York Giants and attend their championship game with the Balti Colts After the NY Giants baseball team moved to California this young boy searches for a new sports team to follow and settles on the NY Giants football team As father continues to mourn the loss of his Giants team his son tries to spark his father s interest the sport of football Can tickets to what turns out to be one of the most xciting Super Bowl games in history between the NY Giants and the Balti Colts 1958 change his mind This is a great historical fiction book for little boys to read It s about a little boy who went to very New York Giants baseball game with his Papa The 1958 NFL championship game is known to football fans as the Greatest Game Ever Played Featuring gridiron legends like Johnny Unitas Frank Gifford and Vince Lombardi the Game marked the beginning of America’s infatuati.

Ke this book or not depends a great deal on your view of sports particularly football I thought it was really boring because I could not care less about a game played over 50 years agoIllustrations were nice though Great historical fiction picture book that tells the story of the 1958 NY Giants vs Colts football game from the point of view of a young fan and his father The story is set during the time shortly after the NY Giants baseball Phil Bildner came to our school four years ago and yet this is the first time I have read this interesting book about football long ago you know in the fifties Youngest chose this one because his library didn t have any Christmas books and he sat transfixed listening to the minute details of players from the sixty years ago As a big Colts fan he was thrilled that they pulled it out in the nd although he falsely predicted that the Giants would be the big winners since it was played in NYC Interesting play by play make this book interesting for Cultural Excursions even the non sports loving reader I didn t know Frank Gifford was soseasoned Enjoyed by the both of us immensely this book was a winner tonight. New York Giants the football Giants He convinces his skeptical Pop to come with him to the Game and as Johnny Unitasngineers Balti’s legendary comeback Sam and Pop rediscover the joy of rooting on their heroes together.

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Phil Bildner is the New York Times bestselling author of numerous books for kids His latest book is the groundbreaking #OwnVoices middle grade novel A High Five for Glenn Burke He is the author of many children’s picture books including the Margaret Wise Brown Prize winning Marvelous Cornelius the Texas Bluebonnet Award winning Shoeless Joe & Black Betsy Martina & Chrissie Twenty One Elepha