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Er s End also adds a touch of darkness to events An old burnt out place set in woodland becomes a place of suspicion when it is revealed that some ears previously oppressive things went on there Other murders take place Alex Rourke is gradually brought into an unsettling web of events which create an undertone of threat and add to the tension of the story There is love interest which is not overstated but which adds some normality and lightness as one turns the pagesAn unexpected twist as the story is heading to a finale is cleverly introducedThis book would have been given five stars if the dark atmosphere had been toned down a little too much of anything can sometimes be heavy Having said that Winter s End is a gripping well written tale that is well worth a read but don t have the lights in Laurus your room turned down too low whilstou are reading it JJ I enjoyed parts of it I was bored in othersI read it about a month ago and I had to re read parts of it to remember anything at all about it So I m guessing it wasn t good enough to remember 34 out of Winter s End is a Murder Mystery novel that ticks many boxes and has many good points while also leaving room for improvementPROS The scene is well set and the world building is nicely done from the weather to the scenery to the personal experience of protagonist Alex Rourke The fact that it s set in Maine also prepared me for something uite Kingly and certainly there are some moments that would ualify for that category Reading it also made me feel like I was experiencing a TV show or a movie It is paced in that way which is a nice touchCONS The characters are mostly by the book with predictable development or back story I m acknowledging that there are seuels that would build upon key figures At times the book seems to lose focus and it decides to tell stories between the plot such as Alex meeting up with the girl he lost his virginity to and her husband and a date with the Coroner Also I was a little disappointed by the twist and was expecting of a red herring It worked It s good But I have preferencesDespite taking nearly 3 months to read a 190 200 page book I felt able to read it for 2 4 pages on multiple busy days without getting lost on what was happening I would consider that kind of writing a win Very good suspenseful novel It takes a while to get good though. Ody does hold the answers to crimes both present and past then Alex will have to get to them and uickly Because it soon becomes clear that what Nicholas has been waiting for from the beginning is Alex Rourk.

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It pulled me out of the narrative of a book not set in a British speaking time and place The mystery and intrigue we re just enough to keep me interested and I didn t feel like it dragged on I also appreciate that the romantic aspect was kind of limited Throughout reading about Alex there was almost too much about his breakdown and mental state which did pay off as purposefully done but almost too overdone Long story short will I read the next in this series Probably when I want a uick summer thrill I d like to see where Alex goes next and if the continuation of his work continues to be uite so personal Really liked this book it was amongst a bag of books a friend donated and I have to admit I hesitated as I tend to prefer feel good novels How ever as I want to be an author I thought I d give the title a go and I m pleased I did The tension build up was subtle and well w This is John Rickards first novel and who lives in England Some of the words used in this story were a little confusing because of John not being from the United States However the story was a good read just not fantastic I think the ending was probably my Favorite of the whole story in other wards ended Great This was an easy enough read with likeable if flat characters and an interesting enough premise to keep me reading Alex Rourke is an ex FBI man who became a private detective after he had a nervous breakdown He s called to help with the investigation of a murder in the town where he grew up and has lots of nightmares during the investigation A lot of it was taken up with describing his dreams and psychological states and while the latter were a bit relevant to the plot the dreams and how many times he got up in the night were a bit much From page 12 of this book which is told in first person narrative tension is created that rarely subsides throughout the whole book There has been a murder The details of its commision have an immediate bizzare feel about them Nicholas the captive suspect taunts private investigator Alex Rourke with snippets of information which implies that the perpetrator knows Rourke why and how are details remaining obscure until the story is almost finished As well as the build up of tension there is a dark brooding atmosphere that the writer John Rickards builds into the tale which is set in a place whose name Wint. Of Winter's End But as Rourke probes the mind of the enigmatic 'Nicholas' he is forced to re examine his own pastStrange things have been happening in Winter's End The uestion is why And if the man in cust.

Eighth book I read in KenyaI picked this up off the book shelf at a place I stayed in Nairobi the night before I was set to leave So it s an easy read I was able to finish it in a dayIt was not a great book A typical mysterykiller type book with some strange supernatural elements thrown in It almost seemed like the author was trying to ineptly channel some Stephen King I thought the supernatural elements were unnecessary and a bit distracting to the story And the twist at the end while not surprising added a little interest to the story I did not particularly like the main character and it got very tedious as the author described every sip of coffee drag of a cigarette or drink of beer he had After a while it seemed that those were the only three things the character did I thought to myself Enough already so he smokes and drinks coffee shut up about itWhat was strange about the particular version I read was that it is very obviously an American mystery it takes place in Maine and has all the hallmarks of an American crime novel but it was printed using all British slang and spellings and terms So I m not sure if there was a thorough edit before publishing it for British authors or if the author is British and was trying to write an American crime storyNot really recommended unless Silk and Steel you are sitting in a foreign country and are desperate for a uick and easy read to pass some time 35 4 stars Okay so I found this in a book take one leave one book exchange at the hotel my family and I lived in for a week while we waited for the movers to deliver our household goods I thought it looked like a perfect uick read paperback to read by the pool and in my new backyard and it was perfect for this I will say this edges very close to what others and myself call Dad novels but it wasn t so I ll say police detective Het Reservaat Van Ward Ruyslinck y FBI jargon and police procedure that I couldn t stick to the narrative This book does bear the marks of a first time novelist though the writing is not awful it does have some cliche and falls heavily into thrillerPI tropes a little too hard at times I mean one can only check that their Glock is at the ready when anxious so many times as foreshadowing This is also an odd read because it s set in Maine but written by a Brit so some of the spelling and phrases don t fit as one would like I only mention this because. They have the body of a slaughtered woman They have a half naked man standing over her They have no idea how to make him talkAnd so they call in ex FBI interrogator Alex Rourke to the traumatized Maine town.

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