Ethan Winer: The Audio Expert

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A bit bitter sometimes but he certainly knows his stuff impressiveThe book does get tedious in some parts but I ll keep it around whenever I eel the read to refresh my knowledge on some audio related topic. Ce Platform agnostic explanations applying to Windows and Mac operating systems and to most software and hardware Practical tips tricks advice and lots of myth bustingBonus chapters are currently available on FocalPresscomhttp wwwfocalpresscombooksaudiotheau Explains clearly the innermost details of audio hardware and software Contains numerous practical tips tricks advice and lots of myth busting Provides videos and audio examples on the companion website or comprehensive understanding.

EI like it how Ethan Winer explains things rom Hands Tied, A Hammer Story first principles and his skepticismor many audiophile claims a The Slanted Worlds (Chronoptika, field soull of placebossuperstition and commercial products trying to exploit that He gets. Io concepts theories of aural perception and acoustics musical instrument physics and basic electronics and demonstrating their relationships to one anotherRather than merely showing you how to use audio devices like eualizers and compressors Winer explains how they work internally and how they are spec'd and testedWith The Audio Expert you get Videos and audio examples on the companion website wwwTheAudioExpertBookcom that help you understand complex topics such as vibration and resonan.

Really thorough book at least Say Go Be Do from my non expert point of view which takes you through many of the important topics in understanding sound setting up studios or simply a good home music listening experienc. Gain a deep understanding of audio practice and theory with this easy to read book illustrated with than 400igures and photographs Using common sense plain English explanations and minimal math author Ethan Winer helps you understand audio at the deepest most technical level no engineering degree necessaryIf you re an intermediate to advanced recording engineer or audiophile you already know the basic mechanics of how audio works This book will take you beyond that weaving together aud.

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