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E complex and deeply layered stories are set within the context of the cultural and religious conditions that mark these societies This fourth novel reunites previous characters Arieh Ben Roe a detective in Jerusalem and Yusuf Khalifa of the Luxor Police and their own deeply personal and involving stories are played out alongside their joint investigation of the murder of a woman in an Armenian Cathedral in the Old City of Jerusalem They uncover a network of crime and abuse which has its origins in an ancient Egyptian mystery and includes the world s oldest sinsI would recommend all of Paul Sussman s novels but this book is superb There is something xtraordinarily poignant in the tales of these two men Khalifa and Ben Roe This is a novel about family and death How terrible that Paul Sussman should have died in May this year aged just45 just weeks before The Labyrinth s publication It is a marvellous novel but when you close the final page reeling from its revelations there is also great sorrow in knowing that there can be no The full review is now up on For Winter Nights The anti ueer parts were just tiring I don t know if we re xpected by the author to sympathise with those ideas of Ben Roi s I would guess not but it s just tiring as a ueer reader I wish Zisky was a prominent character Another fantastic read Won through a Goodreads GiveawayThis is the first novel I have read by the late Paul Sussman but it will not be the last Although it s saddening that this collection of stories involving Yusuf Khalifa and Arieh Ben Roi I look forward to reading the other two books that preceded this one The story is told in such a atmospheric and descriptive manner that it s hard not to feel like I m in the deserts of Egypt or on the streets of Jerusalem I thoroughly njoyed the pace of this novel as well The moments of boredom were far and few between The interweaving stories really help keep the story moving forward Initally I was confused as to what verything had to do with anyt. St in the 1930s This Egyptologist was said to have uncovered a giant labyrinth like gold mine of incredible riches written about in the works of Herodotus But what connection could this gold mine have with Kleinberg's murderWith a plot that moves from Israel to Egypt to Vancouver to Romania The Labyrinth of Osiris is an intelligent gripping novel from an internationally acclaimed master of thriller writin.

Despite receiving this as part of the Transworld Historical Reading Challenge this book is set firmly in modern times beginning with a murder in the Armenian Cathedral in Jerusalem and stretching back to the death of an Egyptoglist in the 1930 in Luxor This an intrigue crime thriller set in one of the most complicated areas of the modern world Jerusalem and Luxor with two detectives from very different cultures and backgrounds working at different lements of the mystery The characters are well written and different Rodeo Daughter enough to stand out from the raft of modern detectives Ariah Ben Roi is the detective in Jerusalem who struggles against politics in his precinct and city while investigating the murder He is alsoxpecting his first child and is trying to find the balance between work and his new family responsibilities To be honest I found this My Guilty Pleasure (Harlequin Blaze element much interesting as Ben Roi works with a new partner and has a good side line in banter that made his parts of the story comfortable and amusing The Egyptian detective Yusuf Khalifa has suffered a family tragedy in the recent past and this is palpable in his actions and decisions throughout the story but does feel a little heavy However the twonds of the investigation dovetail nicely and build up a lot of tension and uestions many of which aren t answered until the Fatal Secrets (Protecting the Witnesses end I really liked the way a lot of the discoveries are made through good old fashioned police work investigating connectionsxploring paperwork and using the brainPaul Sussman has a great A Wanted Man (Silhouette Intimate Moments, eye of detail and obviously loves this region of the world I feel like I could navigate both Luxor and Jerusalem just using this story as a map and guidebook However on occasion knowing that thexact address of My Spy (Mission: Impassioned, every place feels like too much detail and not overly relevant to the story While a little slow at the beginning the pace picks up considerably towards thend with an Until You Loved Me (Silver Springs, exciting andmotional few pages This is an intelligent thriller with a uniue setting and a well woven plo. Detective Arieh Ben Roi of the Jerusalem police is tasked with the investigation into the death of a well known Israeli journalist Rivka Kleinberg who is found brutally murdered in a cathedral in Jerusalem Known for her fearless The Baby Album exposs Kleinberg had made many high powerednemies including international corporations the Israeli government and the Russian Mafia Looking for leads Ben Roi begins researching.

T and one I would recommend for those wanting to try something a little different I flew through the four pack of Sussman books and now I am sad that there are no These are the books I keep hoping Steve Berry will write They are modern day Indiana Jones I love the Egyptology the archaeology the history The mysteries are fascinating and the stories are Secret Agent Minister and Deadly Texas Rose engrossing The characters are well written and have depth which is unusual for a historical mystery thriller The setting is fun different and contemporary Sussman knows his subjects I ate these books up and I wish there were to come A riveting well written adventure story much tonjoy and unlike many other books of a similar vein no compromises A book I would have liked to take on holiday with me just to be able to read without the interferences of Why Not Tonight (Happily Inc., everyday life Starting in Luxor Egypt in 1931 with a young boy witnessing something distressing and moving uickly to the present day with a murder in the Armenian uarter of the Old City of Jerusalem the investigation fans out in what appears to be unlinked ways Confronting in the descriptions of the seedy side of life and some of the language also not to my taste however the story is so convoluted and good that you just have to know what is going to happen nextA look at corporate greed the politics of middleastern countries and the animosity that Her First Mother (Conveniently Wed, exists between different cultures and religions The personal stories within the story are intertwined withase and only add to the depth of the main characters An Welcome Home, Cowboy (Wed In The West, excellent very well written book I was torn between a 4 or 5 star rating Really interesting book Lots of facts history and current politic through the World Really liked it and makes me sad that itnded an xellent bookinteresting and thrilling with lots of historical and political information plus lovable characters Paul Sussman journalist and archaeologist brings the cities and deserts of Israel and Egypt to life Combining police investigations with historical puzzles th. Which stories Kleinberg was working on before she died and finds a connection to Egypt which confuses himAt a stumbling block Ben Roi phones up his old friend Yusuf Khalifa of the Luxor Police and asks him if he will help him investigate the case Khalifa is happy to help and begins looking into another story that Kleinberg was researching just before her murder the mysterious death of a British Egyptologi.

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He was educated at Merchant Taylors' School and St John's College Cambridge where he won a Joseph Larmor Award and a boxing blue His novels have been translated into 33 languages and are set mainly in Egypt where he worked for many years as a field archaeologist notably with the Amarna Royal Tombs Project in the Valley of the Kings Among other finds he unearthed the only items of pharaonic