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Cute Book What a wonderful surpriseI really wasn t sure what to expect as Kobo ratings had this fairly high and Goodreads about average and never having read anything from this author before I really wasn t sure I m lad I took that chanceThis was one of those comfort reads You can curl up on a cold winter day and truly Offenders and Detainees get into It was easy and managed to keep me interested till the end I evenot up at 5 AM to finish it Already looking forward to I m qasas-ul-quran glad I see that its a series of tales from Eureka PS The Cassie old librarian reminds me of Mrs Olsen from Little House on the Prairie Lots of reallyreat characters in this book I must ve tried to read five books before I stumbled across this em It started with a devoted wife packing up after her husband divorced her She d not only put off college at his reuest but also motherhood Just when she doesn t know which way to turn she inherits a tiny cabin in Colorado from her estranged father In hopes of learning about the father that abandoned her she oes there and inadvertently discovers herself The inhabitants of the small town welcome and resent her all based upon how her father had treated them I can t express how refreshing it was to read a book like this with believable yet intriguing secondary characters This novel made me wish I had a cabin in Colorado I don t do this very often but this book was my FIVE STAR ending to this year I ll have to try and put my thoughts down about this amazing book later in the morning It s 242 am here in BrooklynI started reading this book at 8pm this evening FTC Full Disclosure I received my copy of this book from the publisher who only reuest I Dead-End Road Mysteries give it a fair and honest review A delightful book set in a small mining town in Colorado where the inhabitants are either running away from or to something The main character Maggie is both running away from When the father she never knew dies and leaves her aold mine recently divorced Maggie Stevens heads for the remote community of Eureka Colorado to claim her inheritance and to solve the mystery of the man who abandoned the family when Maggie was only three days old She hopes time in the mountains will help her figure out what to do now that life hasn’t worked out.

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Ure heroines Maggie Lucile and even Cassie are over forty and disappointed with their family relationships Maggie s arrival in Eureka creates some dust among the townsfolk But it was dust that needs to be swept away Just as Maggie Hear the Wolves grows comfortable with who she is the authorives her a romance with a younger man The author delivered vivid descriptions of Eureka the mountains and the mines that evolved charm peace and mystery to create a compelling story of hope I truly enjoyed this novel It took me to a beautiful small mining town in Eureka Colorado It wasn t under the best of circumstances why Maggie left Texas her husband Carter had left her for another She had received a letter from Colorado stating the she was the soul heirs to her father estate in CO She had never met him he left when she was just a babe her mother had raised her Around the same time of her divorce her mother passing and the unexpected inheritance she Valors Measure got a chance to travel has she had wanted to do to clear her head andet away for a while I found this novel a BFI Film Classics great winteret away This was basically a love story and I am not a big fan of that Tni Tata Dunia Baru Sistem Pertahanan genre but the story did develop nicely There was enough history and old west lore to liven up the details The characters were interesting and I enjoyed meeting these new people I like reading outside mymfavoritemauthors andenres to broaden my horizons A fun read than just another romanceI wanted a 4 12 A 5 needs to be ripping enough you hate to put it down not uite there I enjoyed the environmental educational touch for historical mining the itch for the hunt that remains today and the village life of the local mountain villageall played as the backdrop for characters developed for the village who must make real to life decisions after past conflict and paths for addressing these issues and do the choices improve their live. Ved in with her; and Jameson Clark whose love hate relationship with her father intrigues Maggie and whose attraction for her she finds both frightening and exhilarating As Maggie confronts the sins of her father and the mistakes of her own past she learns to look at life differently and discovers it can take a village – or one small mountain town – to heal a hea.

Failed marriage and to the father she never knew who has died and left her a cabin and a mine In the course of her interactions with the town folk and learning to cope with the isolation of the cabin she discovers an inner strength which allows her to let o of the past This appears to be the first in a series but I found the story provided enough closure that if I don t continue with it I am satisfied 35Typical predictable chick lit that Fiend gets an extra5 for reminding me of a favorite old TV show Northern Exposure I hated the name of the leading man and itrated on me through the whole book The name is Jameso Ugh The characters were OK but the most interesting character was deadIt s the first in a series but I won t be reading the rest May your trails be crooked winding lonesome dangerous leading to the most amazing view May your mountains rise into and above the clouds Edward AbbeyI began to read this book during an overnight campout on the USS Missouri When the captain called for lights out I pulled out my flashlight to continue reading A VIEW FROM HERE has a uiet excitement about it Maggie Carter is on the cusp of an adventure or a disappointment depending upon how she views it Still shell shocked from her divorce Maggie learns she has inherited a cabin a Jeep and a mine from her absentee father a Vietnam Veteran She steps out of character travels to Eureka and asses her unexpected windfall Along the way she meets the uirky townsfolk who knew her father Some loved him some loathed him but all agreed that he became a part of the community Maggie resents that her father Voice of Conscience gave himself to the community rather to his family Yet the view from her father s cabin inspires Maggie to embrace the memory of her father In turn her father inspires Maggie to embrace life despite its crooked roads and dangerous curvesTHE VIEW FROM HEREives readers mat. The way she planned In Eureka Maggie meets a number of people who touch her life in different ways bitter librarian Cassie Wynock who clings to her pride in her family’s past while mourning her secret love affair with Maggie’s father; town mayor Lucille Theriot who’s trying to figure out how to heal old wounds with the wayward daughter and randson who have mo.

Cindy Myers worked as a newspaper reporter travel agent and medical clinic manager before turning to writing full time She’s written both historical and contemporary romance as well as dozens of short stories and nonfiction articles Former president of San Antonio Romance Authors Cindy is a member of Romance Writers of America Novelists Inc and Rocky Mountain Fiction writers She is in de