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Fascinating text about black Americans Just a little to deep for me I really enjoyed the addition of pictures that were carefully placed to Id in undstanding Would have loved to purchase this for my library but it is too old for my under tensa necessary book well done and fascinating and I would love to see younger spin offs biographies and history for younger readers Discovering Black America is a wonderful resource It contains exactly what it says it doesthe history of Africans brought to America what happened to them the various circumstances that brought them there and travels through the ages to the present day The book is in sections so one can see pre colonial times then Colonial times and so on This is a handy resource for anyone looking for a uick overview of historyand leaves you with many interesting names and places that you can do further research on should you wish to A This is a very impressive effort text photos drawings maps and primary source documents all Discovering Black America offers readers an unprecedented account of than 400 years of African American history set against a background of American and glo.

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E experience and holding attention They are all photos paintings diagrams and maps no illustrations There is no credited editor in charge of selecting these so I have to assume Tarrant Reid did this herself The permissions alone would have been daunting so I expect there was an editor who helped What a book This book gives us detail of so many influential African American from early slavery to today This book highlights the life struggle and success of people such as President Barrack Obama MLK Harriet Tubman and etc This book can be used for grade 4 8 I didn t read the whole book because I ept it from the library for too long and I do not like that So I will borrow it again soon But from what I have read which was a good amount to state my opinion I enjoy the way the history is placed it s informative and reveals facts you probably never heard of I give this book five stars because being a young woman of color this book is a great source of our history for readers young and ol. Crow and civil rights to our current president in the White House Including first person narratives from diaries and journals interviews and archival image.

Ome together to create a book that is compelling and interesting Because of the many visuals it s good for browsing but the well researched text is excellent for in depth study as well I learned a ton from reading this one A volume of this type and scope is basic Social Studies euipment The amazing aspect is its comprehensive content Spanning 400 years of chronological time was remarkable but the thoroughness of the presentation was staggering While many of the familiar stories are here there are dozens and dozens of less Štěky Broka Špindíry known histories of events movements and individuals Individuals are presented in someind of historical context So a sub section dedicated to an individual does not read like an unrelated encyclopedia entry As a whole the structure builds toward a holistic presentation of African American history and the contribution of this slice of history to the current state of the nation Because the book is based mostly on text the visuals were important for breaking up th. Bal events The book begins with a black sailor aboard the Nina with Christopher Columbus and continues through the colonial period slavery the Civil War Jim.

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