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Since my obsession with the Scott Peterson trial I have followed Mark Geragos career and was interested to hear him speak at a local bar function a couple years ago I picked up a copy of his book then and had him autograph it but never actually got around to reading it until I got sucked into this new Scott Peterson documentary series I was glad I finally got around to reading it it was an interesting look at the criminal defense practice from someone really in the trenches but with a broader perspective too about how media and politics have played into it Interesting tidbits about some of his better known cases as well How long does the attorney client privilege extend Everything I ve been taught is that the privilege can bind attorneys from even mentioning they represented a specific client let alone name drop popular cases and talk about strategies Maybe the information was all that was encompassed in public knowledge but I still feel weird about reading the casesThe case descriptions were the weakest part of the book I ended up skimming or skipping most of them I did like the points made and have seen some of them in case studies myself I wish the bias was reduced a bit to talk about points For example Ann Coulter was talked about and things ust went in a weird direction I had loved the book until the first 20 pages when this popped up out of the blue A look at the problems in the John Dollar justice system that says not one word about inherent racism Or mass incarceration This is a book written by celebrity defense lawyers and it is about what can go wrong in cases where people can afford celebrity defense lawyers Not about the poor and Black folks who get public defenders and are than likely to plead out and never even see the insides of a courtroom You ll have to go to The New Jim Crow or other book to get that side of the story Here we have the authors expounding on how people like Micheal Jackson Scott Peterson Susan MacDougal and others got railroaded by the media over zealous prosecutors and the angry blond white woman ie Nancy Grace talking heads The authors do point out that no matter that the crime rates have dropped precipitously in the last decades politicians still cry wolf and promise to get tough on crime So instead of reform we get of the same and an impossible to sustain prison populations We give and power to prosecutors and a completely blind eye to prosecutorial misconduct Not misconduct criminality For that s what it must be called when knowingly innocent people areailed and in a case not looked at here put to death In Texas The authors do give recommendations for putting some restraints on the almost omnipotent DA s office According to the authors Mark Geragos and Pat Harris they wrote this book to help the general population to understand what works and what doesn t in the criminal Rebooting India justice system I reject that claim I think this book is a soapbox for Mark Geragos and Pat Harris to complain about changes in the system that have negatively affected them and also the book serves as a bully pulpit for them to boast about what they ve accomplished and who they know But don t view this as a complaint Mark Geragos and Pat Harris have written a very interesting and entertaining book It sust not primarily oriented towards an. A searing manifesto on the ills of the criminal ustice system from two of America’s most prominent defense attorneysThe American legal system changed dramatically in 1994 when the O J Simpson trial became a television ratings bonanza Now it’s all crime all the time on TV from tabloid news to police procedurals on every network Americans know about the criminal ustice system than ever before Or do theyIn Mistrial Mark Geragos and Pat Harris argue precisely the opposite In pursuit of sensationalism the media shows the public

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S are done by either the prosecution or the defense in a criminal case I enjoyed this book but I think I was expecting legal analysis than it provided It was part educational part memoir or reflection on cases I enjoyed it for the most part and I did learn uite a bit If you re interested in the criminal Time After Time justice system especially the defense side I recommend checking it out The book is interesting since it sheds light onto the criminalustice system of the US The main message of the book I think would be to think of people s incentives before evaluating their statements be it in court or in daily life Each chapter speaks of the incentives that guide and lead each participant of the criminal The Cost of the Forbidden (Irresistible Russian Tycoons justice system When I was growing up I thought I would be a criminal defense attorney and then a Judge However I changed my mind as I was not sure I wanted to commit myself to years of law school and being able to stand up and defend people that might be guilty Even though my career goals may have changed I have still been fascinated by this area from the guilty party to the forensics to the trial So when I had a chance to read this book Iumped at the chance I wanted to get to see the inside look at the whole law process and not the one that the news media tries to portray to the publicI have never heard of Mark Geragos or Pat Harris Yes I am familiar with the big cases that they were involved with but I have never really paid attention to the attorneys involved in the cases and who they are This is because while I am interested in criminal defense I would rather watch true crime shows and read about them then really watch the long drawn out trial proceeding Yes I know I said I like the trial but sometimes I do have the attention span of a two year old I found this book to be Her Unforgettable Royal Lover just what I thought it would be It did give me a good insight into what a criminal defense attorney is all about and why they do what they do They are not the bad guysust their clients may be the bad guys Also our system is flawed I liked the ways that the authors described things and the examples they used They put their terminology into layman terms so that helped to make for easy reading Mistrial makes a lot of great points about how North America s obsession in recent times with courtroom drama and true crime has warped society s understanding of how law and First to Fight justice works I m inclined to agree honestly We romanticize serial killersuvenile delinuents and sex offenders both with fiction and in real life from Hannibal Lecter to the 2014 Slenderman stabbing and we also get a skewed view of law and courtroom practices through our TV screens and magazine pages Much like pop psychology I guess you could say pop law is now a thing Everybody who s ever watched Law Order or seen a true crime documentary suddenly thinks they re on par with a police detective lawyer or FBI profiler We also have the false notion that law is always about fairness Backfire (Mountain Cove justice and euality which it s not and this book takes a very in depth look at some of our many misconceptions that are actually hindering a layman s understanding of America s criminalustice system It s a great book that breaks through the falsehoods generated by pop culture and it s really detailed but not too weighed down or dry either. L viable todayIn the aftermath of the Casey Anthony trial the flaws in America’s ustice system are glaring than ever Geragos and Harris are legal experts and prominent criminal defense attorneys who have  worked  on everything from  celebrity media circuses to eually  compelling cases defending individuals desperate to avoid  the spotlight and Mistrial’s behind the scenes peek at their most fascinating cases will enthrall legal eagles and armchair litigators alike as it blows the lid on what  really happens in a courtro.

Unbiased assessment of the ustice systemGiven their long careers and often well The subtitle of this book tells the story An Inside Look at How the Criminal Justice System Works and Sometimes Doesn t You will no doubt recognize the authors names since they have represented several celebrities including Michael Jackson when he was accused of molesting a boy who stayed overnight at NeverlandDefense attorneys get paid to win people over to their point of view so of course I knew this book would be biased However they won me over right from the get go with their definition of one thing that s wrong with the Queen Esther the Second Graders of Doom justice system at the moment namely the Angry Blond White Women The name comes from a person on HLN who I cannot abide She used to be a prosecutor but has since become a broadcaster and nominated herselfudge Dirty Secrets jury and God I m sure you know who I mean Some of these people aren t even women or blond or even white but they are universally angryThat the authors won me over doesn t mean I agree with everything they write but I do see their point of view and that s all they ask really They are understandably upset at the fact that toughudges and district attorneys are easily re elected because the public is convinced that only stiffer penalties will solve what they see as a rising crime rate Actually the crime rate has been falling for years we A Ranchers Vow (Sons of Silver Springs) (Sons of Silver Springs) (Harlequin Intrigue just hear about crime on 24 hour news programs that need to keep us stirred up and tuning in Meanwhile theails and prisons are full to overflowing so that in California at least they are turning prisoners loose to free up spaceRead here about actual cases that prove dependence on eyewitness identification is wrong wrong wrongI learned a lot from this easy reading book Each author narrates some tales that make you feel like you re one of a bunch of lawyers sitting around telling stories and laughing There are also some unarguable points about problems with our Jazz Funeral justice system many of which exist because the public demands them Mistrial might make you angry in places and laugh in others but I doubt that you will regret reading it When the subtitle says the inside look that s true and these two lawyers have the years of experience to back it upRecommended readingSource LibraryThing win I was intrigued by this book because I was considering it for a book club and I had planned to pair the reading of this book with a tour of the county s courthouse My look inside provided by led me to believe that this book offers insight into various points of view when it comes to the criminalustice system with chapter headings that include prosecutors clients The Doctors Pregnancy Surprise judgesurors etc The problem was it doesn t It really Fearless (Warriors Of The Dragon Banner, just considers the other aspects of the criminalustice system through the lens of a criminal defense attorney So When Valentines Collide just know that The authors are pretty forthcoming in the introduction that they have talked about writing a book about all their stories in the courtroom That s what this book ended up being a few entertaining stories here arguments about how the criminalustice system favors the prosecution and an author who inserts passages about his passion for his heritage and the Armenian genocide That being said I did find the book to be entertaining and it did provide some insight into the why some thing. Nly a small distorted sample of what really happens in our courtrooms So ironically the the public thinks it knows the less informed it really is Mistrial debunks the myth of impartial American ustice and draws the curtain on its ugly realities from stealth urors who secretly swing for a conviction to cops who regularly lie on the witness stand  to defense attorneys terrified  of going to trial Ultimately the authors uestion whether a ustice system  model drawn up two centuries before blogs television and O J Simpson is stil.