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Xt and vibrant art to show the many ways Ben Franklin contributed to American history He was a printer writer publisher inventor and ounding Father of the new American nation Most North American Spies famousor his interest in electricity Ben was also a man with many other interests This book was an honor recipient of the Robert F Sibert Informational Book Medal Recommended Che Guevara for grades K 3 students willind the very detailed illustrations with captions interesting and informative Broken up into several parts of Franklin s life Fire Blood (A Targaryen History, from early years to his scientific discoveries to his ph Audience Primary grades 4 6Genre NonfictionFiction Twin Text Ben Franklin s War by Stephen Eaton Hume Ben Franklin s War is the bestiction twin text 21st Century Corporate Citizenship for Electric Ben because it shows Ben Franklin on an adventure to convince Canada to join the United States against Britain in the great waror independence Unfortunately his plan goes awry and Franklin is captured A group of orphans including a deaf boy named Michael Flynn helped to hide and protect Ben Franklin De Koersk - De dodelijke reis van een kernonderzeeër from the British This book includes many of theacts and inventions Sweet Bags from the nonfiction text but also brings with it a larger than life adventure with young protagonists that students will be able to relate to This book is not as text heavy as Electric Ben but will support the learning students develop after reading in a meaningful way 1 Book summary in your own words 3 ptsThis book is packedull of information of Ben Franklin s life leading up to his greatest invention of all time electricity This book really reflects a uote he once said If you would not be England in America, 1580-1652 forgotten as soon as you Since Bob is illustrating my book love being able to write that I don t claim to be objective That said I think this is a lovely interesting and beautifully done book about Ben Franklin It is well researched concisely and clearly written and of course exuisitely illustrated I like the way Bobolds Franklin s life and work into the greater American history story going on around him And I have to say there can never be too many Franklin books Battle Scars: A Story of War and All That Follows for kids reading this one reminded me that the man was incredible. Anklin's numerous and diverse accomplishmentsrom raming the Constitution to creating bifocal.

Down or a younger reader One thing that stood out to me was the pictures were incredible detailed and colorful Just looking though this book a person would be drawn to the illustration and the story that the pictures told before the writing This informational picture book is used to describe the life of Benjamin Franklin His early life discoveries and political contributions are all highlighted in this children Comparative Contract Law, Second Edition friendly text The illustrations are exciting and they engage the reader into the information Ielt that the text was very heavy which may turn readers off However I love little unknown Breakfast with Anglo facts and this book tried to emphasize thoseacts to the readers One good thing about the text is it reads like a story so readers are not bored by the generic texts that are often One Big Damn Puzzler found in textbooks Also the end pages of the book areilled with uotes by Benjamin Franklin This is a wonderful non Landscapes of Communism fiction textor young readers BiographyByrd Robert Electric Ben The Amazing Life and Times of Benjamin Franklin New York Dial Books NORJAK for Young Readers 2012 Print 40 pA biography of Benjamin Franklinor older children this oversized volume is stylized in a way to catch the attention of reluctant readers The bulk of the text is displayed on pages made to appear like it might in the past on off white textured looking pages The many intricate illustrations throughout give readers an added sense of the time and place in which Benjamin Franklin lived The author gives many anecdotes of Ben s life which leads readers to grasp what the amous historical igure was really like An additional The Outside feature is the boxes throughout the pages giving historical information on not only specifics in Ben s life but also some of the inventions he was responsibleor events in history as well as samples of what the man s w This all around awesome biography of one of America s most notable citizens may be a picture book by strict definition but it s extremely dense so don t be Loving James (Surviving Elite High, fooled into thinking it sor a particularly young audience In this informative book all about the life and accomplishments of Benjamin Franklin author Robert Byrd uses te. In was the irst American celebrity In pictures and text master artist Robert Byrd documents Fr.

WOW Okayit took me reading this all the way through before I could definitely say 5 stars partly because there is just SO MUCH to this storytruly the amazing life and times of a great American celebrity Benjamin Franklin I learned so much but I was often overwhelmed One thing I do understand better rom reading this is the whole time period of the Revolutionary War and the signing of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution He is the only person to sign the three significant documents including the Treaty of Peace with England There is much to see and read on each page I liked the end page uotes and the back matter notes WOW again You could teach a lot of American history with this one great picture book Although some readers may be turned off by the small I See Rude People font size and the book s use of several columns of type to emulate the broadsides and newspapers of the early colonial period Iound them appealing Not only do they put the subject of this lively biography in the proper context given that he was a newspaper man but they allow readers to have a taste of what Poor Richard s Almanack looked like By the time the book s HVAC Design Sourcebook final page has been reached readers will have amassed uite aew interesting Melvin Menchers News Reporting and Writing facts about Ben Franklin the Electric Ben of the titleamous The Far Dawn (The Atlanteans, for his experiments with lightning and electricity but oh so much than that The man was an inventor a diplomat a writer a publisher someone whose interest in the world around him never seemed tolag The authorillustrator relies on Franklin s unfinished autobiography and published writings Ormen i Essex for the pithy sayings that are sprinkled throughout the book and he describes in detail how he researched his everascinating subject taking care not to include only details known to every school child The ink line watercolor and colored ink illustrations are Bare It All (Love Undercover, filled with detail leaving readers electrified with delight over this tribute to an amazing man who left his imprint on pivotal times during this nation s birth This book has a lot of information about the life and time of Benjamin Franklin It is defiantly a reador an older child but can be scaffold. A picture book biography of a ascinating Founding FatherA true Renaissance man Benjamin Frankl.

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Robert Byrd has been delighting children of all ages with his whimsical fantasy filled children's books for over 30 years As author and illustrator he has the rare talent to see his fanciful visions through to the minutest detail Whether enlightening audiences to the many talents of Leonardo DaVinci or taking us into a wonderous world filled with foxes and bears in military attire Bob as he'