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Ct his political background to lapse into life advice to his descendants although working in references to anti gay rights and pro life stances seem a bit of a stretch For someone so pro civil rights it s amazing how much he comes out against gay rights describing homosexuals as people who bend the rules to fit their lives but not their lives to fit the rules while preaching the golden rule and how disrespect is one of the most shameful acts someone can commit He talks about religious freedom in America but his actual views seem to suggest only the freedom to practice Christianity He says we can t know what God looks like but later says we were created in His image And the most astonishing argument was that if not for God why would you give to the poor Still later he talks about agape or nconditional love which seems to contradict this if people can altruistically love someone why wouldn t they be able to give to the poor He says that we have an innate conscience that is proof of God but doesn t offer much in the way of reasoning that an innate conscience has to come from God What gets me is that while discussing things that delve deep into the morality of humanity and contemporary hotly disputed political topics he talks as if reasoning with an 8 year old Evidently letters to his grandkids means proving his point about anything that is controversial as if he only has to convince a small child A few other highlights include that if God wanted him to enjoy pain He would not have invented grade A narcotics but then why isn t God responsible for advanced abortion procedures or the ability to tell when a child will miscarry and endanger the life of the mother At least the latter of these seems like a blessing that we should seek to take advantage of He mentions a friend who plants hardwood trees so that future generations can enjoy them but that doesn t seem to need the motivation of God s heavenly rewards to encourage this friend to do what he does so why do we need God to do good things again I had hoped someone that seems to so strongly consider political argumentation and procedure to show a little consideration in the matters of his faith that he places so much stock in The contradiction of this book is that it isn t written in a form that is purely letters to his grandkids but the tragedy of it is that he treats anyone coming to the book with considerations other than ones that match his own like idiots Great book written in a very down to earth way to Mike Huckabee s two grandchildren He says many of the things I d like to say to my grandchildren about country love. Real meaning of love after watching a friend care for his dying wife who could no longer recognize him “He loved her not because he enjoyed it or found pleasure in it but because he had promised that he would never leave her ntil death parted them And here he was keeping that promise faithful to the end” Like his bestseller A Simple Christmas Dear Chan­dler Dear Scarlett isn’t about politics It’s a deeply personal heartfelt inspirati.

This was typical Mike Huckabee While I do appreciate Huckabee s moderate tone on issues like education and the environment his theology can se a lot depth Overall an enjoyable book full of home spun wisdom practical advice and entertaining stories Mike Huckabee shares insights about life and people with his two grandchildren Chandler and Scarlett This book could be read by females and males of most ages Mike Huckabee speaks from his heart and shares wisdom and insights beneficial to young people as they determine who they want to be as persons and the principles and values that will guide their lives Mike Huckabee former Governor of Arkansas and presidential candidate 2008 writes a book to his grandchildren about things that matter most I like Huckabee and his folksy way about talking about things The advice on family God country governmentcomes across I guess as it should like talking to a grandchild is condescending I don t think the format worked Mike Huckabee s ideas are sound but the writing style was not to be desired by myself Even though I was in the middle of reading 2 other books a friend shared this with me just over a week ago and highly recommended it It looked like a ick read so I put the other books on hold and read through this so I could get it back to her It turned out to be a very easy read filled with a lot of personal stories and views on some core things in life It made me reflect and think about what would I want to share and leave with my kidsgrandkids if I have any and tell them is most important This was one of those books I would go back to again and even share some of the chapters with my own kids right now Thank you Charleen for the book recommendation Mike Huckabee seems to be a decent guy preaching the values of hard work and self reliance how dogs make the best pets and how we have a duty to preserve the environment the latter of these in spite of the GOP s general party line This book walks the fine line between actually being letters to his grandkids and being a book written to his supporters if you re really going to write letters to your grandkids as future advice that s a phenomenal idea but I m not sure that those things should be published as a book that takes a little arrogance I think However in spite of his good natured alities Mr Huckabee holds many contradictory views that seem to arise between the conflicts between himself his political affiliations and his religious affiliations When I say that this book walks a line between actual letters to the grandkids and a politically oriented book it isn t because I don t expe. Dear Chandler Dear Scarlett touches on the time­less topics of faith love family overcoming adversity and staying true to your values in the face of failure and temptation For instance Huckabee tells how being forced to pick The Italians Stolen Bride up pecans from the trees in his yard taught him the value of hard work “We were told that if we wanted to eat that night and sleep in a bed instead of in the yard we’d pickp the pecans” Years later he learned the.

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Education and other important aspects of life Well written easy to follow and humorous throughout I really enjoyed this book Would love to do something like this for my grandson The book helped me to learn about the breath of Mike Huckabee I found the later chapters interesting that some of the first This book will make grandparents think about what they want to pass on to their grandchildren Mike had a few great The Greek Tycoons Mistress uotes I lovedAn education isn t about learning everything you ll ever need to know It is about learning how to learn Commencement means beginning Your education doesn t finish at graduation it beginsA job is only as good as the satisfaction you get from doing itWork is a force that shapes your character and gives you self esteem which is essential to having a fulfilled and successful lifeI believe we are hardwired to find fulfillment in our labor having a job and doing something productive gives a person a sense of purpose I have mixed feelings about this book On the one hand I don t think it works particularly well for general consumption On the other hand it s not long35 hours on CD and is an interesting concept to think about I don t agree with all of Huckabee s opinions but I do like his expression of them as advice for his grandchildren In a family people should be open about what they believe and communicate it clearly to one another And hearing such things from parents and grandparents can be of great help to formulate one s own opinions and beliefs I m just not sure that the formatsed here worked so well as a book However I think approaching it positively can serve as inspiration and even example to readers to sit down and pen letters of their own to their loved ones Whether a spouse child grandchild sibling or friend who would not benefit from some personal words set in writing to read and think about Perhaps after the writer has passed away Personally I mean to follow Mike Huckabee s example and write some letters myself This is really my first and only exposure to Mike Huckabee He had a definite Christian inclination and perspective to the advice he gave his grandchildren in this book of open letters of advice he wants them to have and to live by For me his advice was sound and resonated with how I feel His thoughts on parents education work family and God are things I d like my children to live by as well The only chapter I that really didn t resonate at all was on pets But he did give a pretty convincing argument for the character of the relationship and love between man and dog I found it to be an plifting value oriented and thoughtful boo. Onal book that can be enjoyed by anyone As Huckabee writes “Although my advice comes from my personal experience and I’m writing with my grandkids in mind I hope any parent grandparent child or grandchild can take away some­thing valuable from these letters I’ll try not to be too obnoxious but don’t worry if you ever sit next to me on a plane I’ll still be happy to show you all the photos of Chandler and Scarlett I have on my phone?.

American politician and a political commentator for Fox News Channel A member of the Republican Party Huckabee served as governor of the US state of Arkansas from 1996 to 2007 and finished second in the 2008 United States Republican presidential primaries; he announced his candidacy on January 28 2007 Following losses to John McCain in the Texas Ohio Vermont and Rhode Island primaries Mc