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Another great entry in the Sons of Chance series I m so glad Rafe loosened up and recognized he had in common with Wyatt than he thought Meg was a great heroine for him The epilogue introduced Nate s story and already I m looking forward to a return visit to the ranch Rafe Locke comes to The Last Chance Ranch for his twin brother Wyatt s wedding never expecting to meet anyone like Meg Seymour Rafe doesn t want to change his lifestyle but finds that he s fascinated by Meg and her love of life Meg Seymour is best friends with Olivia Segwick cannot believe that Rafe doesn t seem what golden opportunity being at the ranch is Rafe changes his mind about ranch life and finds that he actually enjoys what The Last Chance has to offer after all Rafe s only worry is his mother and father being at the ranch How will Rafe s life really change Will Meg understand what Rafe really needs Will Rafe and Wyatt s parent Sort of disappointed I realize Harleuin s can t run to the same length as War and Peace but there was a lot dealt with in this book as far as Jack s half siblings go and the character of Diane and not enough book to cover it effectively This woman s impact on this family has been a significant theme running through nine books now and her return was dealt with very anti climatically The H H romantic wrap up was very rushed too Then came the Epilogue and I was excited to read I mean it s not like we don t already know the guy is gonna get the girl and vice versa when we read a Harleuin that s why we love Harleuinsright but they had some challenges and I was hoping the epilogue would address some of them Maybe the author couldn t figure out what wouldcould happen either because the epilogue was simply a preview of the next novel with people I could care less about yet because I was still invested in the little bit of time I got with the main characters of this book I think these Last Chance books have literally had their last chance with me I actually thought that about 3 books ago but kept on with them NowI don t see the point of continuing to read something that is not so much about uality any but about how much you can try to string the readers along that fell in love with the original theme and characters Rafe Locke came to The Last Chance to see his twin brother married and perform his duties as best man he s not looking forward to the drama having his mother here will cause or the pain she may cause his older half brother who she abandoned as a small child but. City slicker Rafe Locke is no cowboy When he arrives at the Last Chance Ranch for his brother's wedding Rafe refuses to buy in to the whole cowboy thing That is until he sees engine.

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ONS OF CHANCE 9 Rafe and MegCity slicker Rafe Locke is no cowboy When he arrives at the Last Chance Ranch for his brother s wedding Rafe refuses to buy into the whole cowboy thing That is until he sees engineer Meg Seymour whoopin it upa city girl gone countryand she hits his libido with a bull s eyeMeg grabs life by the horns and it s not long before she s enticed Rafe into riding roping country dancingand gettin naked in bed But as they get tangled up in the sheetsand each otherRafe has to keep reminding himself that this cowboy life is ust a flingOr is it I read this book in one day and it was fun and light and Religious Authority in the Spanish Renaissance just what I needed to get my mind off of the death of my father I know that sounds weird and morbid but it really is a good compliment Anything that can take my mind off of the nasty bits of life is a blessing There was not a lot of sex in this book it was basically one very long sex scene about 23 thru the book but it totally worked and I did not feel deprived My only complaint is that I wish the couple knew each other a bit longer than they did to amp up the reality factor Other than that I highly recommend and loved this book I was also very happy that the epilogue indicated that another one in the series was going to come even though I have not heard if this is true or not I hope it is Another solid Chance Ranch story3 starsOne thing that is as sure as the sun setting each day is books about the Last Chance Ranch available each Summer Feels Like Home is the last in the 2012 Summer installment This book takes place a number of months after Wyatt s visit to Last Chance where he meets and falls in love with Olivia It is now the week of their wedding and Rafe Locke and Meg Seymour are both at Last Chance ranch for a wedding Rafe is best man for his twin brother and Meg is maid of honor for her best friend Olivia Rafe is as citified as Wyatt is all about the outdoors He is a financial advisor and isn t far from his iPhone at any time As he arrives at Last Chance he is greeted by Meg who hasust retu I was very disappointed with this book Although the storyromance is in the same line as other books in this series and enjoyable I was looking forward to impending moment of Diana s return to the ranch We ve been reading about this character for so long and she s such an important factor in the series that I was left needing much than what the book offered I m starting to think that Chance ranch is a making money than they said or b getting really crowded. Oping country dancingand gettin' naked in bed But as they get tangled up in the sheets and each other Rafe has to keep reminding himself that this cowboy life is ust a flingOr is

He s willing and up to the task There s another task he s willing to perform when he meets the maid of honor only there s nothing honorable about the performance he has in mindMeg Seymour traveled from PA to see her best friend married and as soon as she arrived at The Last Chance it starts to feel like home to her and since she s interested in being happy than having money she s already looking for ways to become a permanent resident another thing that will make her happy is getting up close and personal to best man Rafe Locke who s one handsome gift and she s ready to unwrap himThe explosive attraction they have for one another starts as pure lust but soon grows to something that neither has expected or thought they wanted Will they be the next recipients of the magic of the Last Chance or will this love affair fizzle out before the bride and groom say I DoThis is my first Vicki Lewis Thompson read but it won t be my last She gave me a country feel romance with down home characters right along with big city slickers and made them all fit together in a great story set under the big sky country of Montana Her hero and heroine are a most unlikely couple for that all elusive HEA but totally spot on for that hotter than Hades scorcher of an affair but as we get to know the real people behind the masks we also see ust how right they are for each other and have the added fun of watching them trip and fall in love and it especially impressed me how playful she made them in regards to lovemaking and Punishing the Art Thief just interacting in general Her love scenes are definite sheet burners and should come with a warning of rapid pulse and heartbeat So if you re looking for that modern day knight in shining armor we call cowboys look no fartherMs Thompson thank you for one heck of a line dance andust so you know I ll be dancing to your tune again real soon YeHaDo you want to know Ms Thompson better click the link for an exclusive A I have had the pleasure of reading a good many of VIcki s books Some are good some are hilarious and some are dear to my heart Feels Like Home is dear to me I absolutely LOVED the characters Rafe is a dashing hero and Meg the effervescent heroine I ust wanted to stay in their life a lot longer than the book actually was In fact I wish the story was a lot longer so I could That is my only complaint ha If you enjoy a sizzling romance as well as a sweet love story then read Feels Like Home you won t be sorry Thank you for writing this book Vicki FEELS LIKE HOME Er Meg Seymour whoopin' it up a city girl gone country and she hits his libido with a bull's eyeMeg grabs life by the horns and it's not long before she's enticed Rafe into riding

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New York Times and USA Today bestseller Vicki Lewis Thompson believes love makes the world go around and laughter makes the trip worth taking The recipient of RWA’s Nora Roberts Lifetime Achievement Award and the author of than ninety books Vicki pioneered a new kind of romance hero with Nerd in Shining Armor Following the success of her nerd stories Vicki launched a boisterous paranormal