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Good plot oved that both soldiers were wounded and relied upon a woman Loved that Sohia shot Peter didn t see that coming This book is published under two titles The Hostage by Robert Tyler Stevens and For Love of a Soldier by Mary Jane StaplesIf the blurb here on GR is accurate they changed the German heroine s name from Helga to Sophia in the MJS versionIn a nutshell the free spirited daughter of a German general is on her way to an elopement with a German fighter pilot when she witnesses a sky battle and sees a British fighter plane shot down When she approaches the wre. France 1918Sophia the rebellious daughter of a distinguished German general is on her way to the town of Douai to elope with the man of her dreams – a young army officer – against her parents’ wishes On her way she witnesses a dramatic battle in the skies that eaves an.

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O this one The whole plot is well running They are on the run for 97% of the book I got a ittle tired of the chaseThe ending while technically satisfying was a bit cheesy and I wasn t feeling the romance It was there but the chemistry was Charming the Firefighter (In Shady Grove, lacking Andet s face it the main story covers TWO DAYS So realistically it was farfetched does that sentence even make senseI recommend this book to fans of Robert Tyler Stevens but not to newbies He could and did write much better stories than thisCONTENT SEX NoneVIOLENCE a shot or two Nothing graphicPROFANITY Very Mild cussingMY RATING. Ct instructions from Sophia’s father to bring her homeWith their pursuers hot on their heels how will Sophia explain her behaviour protecting a man she is supposed to hate And after sharing so many adventures will she be able to turn the flying officer in when the time come.

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Ck the pilot commandeers both herself and her car for his getawayWhat follows is a chase between the two on the run and the couple sent to hunt them down a woman soldier and a one armed war hero confidant of the GeneralSo really this book contains two parallel stories Two heroes and two heroines And for the record I m not fond of that scenario Its Making India Work like sharing a cupcake It really shouldn t happenAnyway while I always enjoy a R T Stevens book I think this was myeast favorite Its almost as though he had a uota of WW1 books to write and his ideas were running dry when he got English pilot without a plane and under the misapprehension that Sophia is on his sideShe has no choice but to agree to assist him in his attempt to avoid capture and he joins her in the family car she has stolen trailed by both the German Army and a staff officer under stri.

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