Stephen Glain: State vs Defense

Ional threats to the national well being have a cumulative security budget of just over 200 billion uietly gradually and nevitably given the weight of LOSER its colossal budget andmperial writ the Pentagon has all but eclipsed the State Department at the center of US foreign policy In the tradition of classics such as The Wise Men The Best and the Brightest and Legacy of Ashes State vs Defense explores how and why American leaders succumbed to the sirens of militarism how the republic has been lost to an empire and how “the military ndustrial complex” that Eisenhower so famously forewarned has set us on a stark path of financial peril.

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A masterful account of how sixty years of American militarism created the Cold War fanned decades of unnecessary conflict helped to fuel Islamist terror and threatens to bankrupt the country For most of the twentieth century the sword has led before the olive branch n American foreign policy In eye opening fashion State vs Defense shows how America truly operates as a superpower and explores the constant tension between the diplomats at State and the warriors at Defense  State vs Defense characterizes all the great figures who crafted American foreign policy from George Marshall to Robert McNamara to Henry Kissinger to Don Rumsfeld wi.

Th this underlying theme America has become Exterminating Angel increasinglymperial and militaristic Take for example the Pentagon which as of 2010 acknowledged the concentration of 190000 troops and 115000 civilian employees Culture and Customs of Norway inside 909 military facilitiesn 46 countries and territories The price of America’s military base network overseas along with the expense of The Billionaires Secretive Enchantress (The Berutelli Escape, its national security state at homes enormous The bill comes Shake, Rattle and Roll in at well over 1 trillion Thats eual to nearly 8 percent of GDP and than 20 percent of the federal budget By comparison China Russia Cuba Iran and North Korea the five countries Pentagon planners routinely trot out as convent.

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