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This is the final book in the Leo Demidov triology The first book Child 44 was excellent the second one The Secret Speech was good but the final book I am sorry to say is mediocre at bestThis book starts on the flashback mode and shows how Leo had met Raisa his wife You would get to see Leo as a bumbling lovestruck manCertain portions of the book where the Soviet officials were trying to convey how great life in the USSR was to a visiting American communist sympathizer were actually comical Then the story shifts from Moscow to New York If the Soviets suppressed the ights of their citizens in the name of greater good there were certain elements in the American establishment who used their power to uin men who did not toe their line alsoThe plot evolves around a political conspiracy which had disastrous esults for Leo To be precise the unintentional conseuence uins him I do not want to elaborate as spoilers might seep inThe Soviet invasion of Afghanistan is also part of the plot The Soviets commit atrocities on the Afghans and the latter etaliate The portions depicting these were exciting but the author could have done much betterThe book had all the necessary ingredients for making a decent political thriller you have spies ogue FBI agents murderous Russian special forces the ISI of Pakistan the CIA the Afghan mujahideen ordinary Afghans who believed in Communism Despite all these something was not ight I liked how the humane side of Leo had been depicted but how he dealt with a certain FBI agent did not make sense to me One of the ecurring themes in the triology manipulation of the idealists and naive people has been superbly used in this book alsoMy biggest complain with the book is Leo s fate The author had a habit of throwing terrible physical hardships and even worse mental anguish on Leo but here I think he has crossed all limits I don t understand why the author had to make Leo such a tragic character If you are like me ie you just have to know what happened to Leo in the final book then go ahead otherwise I would suggest that if you don t want to spoil the memory of Leo from the previous books then you can skip this oneMaybe I am being too severe in my eview if the novel was from any other author I would have given it a 4 star ating but coming from Tom Rob Smith it did not meet the expectations set by the previous books Hey Sera Thanks for the buddy ead It was inevitable that I would finish this series I loved Child 44 so much that I had to continue Of course the story of Leo is much sadder than I hoped for and I don t think books 2 and 3 were as uite as compelling as the first I liked this book way better than The Secret Speech though One of Tom Rob Smith s talents is he doesn t write melodramatically His prose is simple and to the point Never once does this book drag Smith s characters were interestingly drawn but I sometimes found their actions somewhat baffling For instance his female characters always struck me as kind of cold At first I just thought this was a cultural thing but then it seemed to pop up in all three books Not that they weren t compelling I just didn t understand them nor did I elate to them except maybe to Raisa in the 1st book However I di. THREE DECADESTWO MURDERSONE CONSPIRACYWHO IS AGENT 6Tom Rob Smith's debut Child 44 was an immediate publishing sensation and marked the arrival of a major new talent in contemporary fiction Named one of top 100 thrillers of all time by NPR it hit bestseller lists around the world won the CWA Ian Fleming Steel Dagger Award and the ITW Thriller Award for Best First Novel and was longlisted for the Man Booker Prize In this spellbinding new novel Tom Rob Smith probes the tenuous border between love and obsession as Leo Demidov struggles to untangle the threads of a devastati.

D care about Leo and I will miss him One thing Smith seems to have a talent for is writing slimy villains like Wasilij from the first bookYet Smith s best talent is in setting the scene and creating tension He always makes a place come alive with danger I also like how he brings out the injustice and humanity of every place Leo went Conseuently Smith s world is a very cynical world Leo seemed to always be encompassed in a bubble of gloom and this book was ather grimI did enjoy Agent 6 though and thought it was an exciting ead so I m going to give it 4 stars Description It is 1965 Leo Demidov a former secret police agent is forbidden to travel with his wife and daughters from Moscow to New York They are part of a Peace Tour meant to foster closer elations between the two Cold War enemies On the tour Leo s family is caught up in a conspiracy and betrayal that ends in tragedy In the horrible aftermath Leo demands one thing that he be allowed to investigate and find the attacker that struck at the heart of his family on foreign soil From the highest levels of the Soviet government he is told No that is impossible Leo is haunted by the uestion what happened in New YorkIn a surprising epic story that spans decades and continents from 1950s Moscow to 1960s America to the Soviet war in Afghanistan in the 1980s Leo s long pursuit of justice will force him to confront everything he ever thought he knew about his country his family and himself The safest way to write a diary was to imagine Stalin eading every word Even exercising this degree of caution there was the isk of a slipped phrase accidental ambiguity a misunderstood sentence Praise might be mistaken for mockery sincere adulation taken as parody Since even the most vigilant author couldn t guard against every possible interpretation an alternative was to hide the diary altogether a method favoured in this instance by the suspect a young artist called Polina Peshkova This was a bit of a let down The first book is the best a front loaded trilogy35 Child 443 The Secret Speech25 Agent 6 Here s the good news Agent 6 Tom Rob Smith s final installment in the Leo Demidov trilogy is just as breathtakingly good as Child 44 This is a beautifully written book with a plot almost too complex to summarize His spare bleak prose his masterful descriptions of place love grief and betrayal his sympathy for the powerless of this world his grasp of the way the past eturns to influence the present easily catapult him to the strata of writers like Graham Greene and John leCarreYoung Leo Demidov a ising star of the Russian secret police is being tutored on the intricacies of eading a confiscated diary Read in just the ight tone of voice twenty two words are twisted from an innocuous sentence praising Stalin to a sarcastic barb meriting the writer s arrest Welcome back to the USSR Agent 6 begins in the past with the events that brought Leo and his beloved Raisa together Seeing her on a subway platform he falls instantly irrevocably in love When he picks up the courage to introduce himself she snubs him At the same time Jesse Austin a famous black American singer is visiting Moscow and Leo is assigned to ensure that he only sees what the Party wants Ng conspiracy that shatters everything he holds dear Deftly capturing the claustrophobic intensity of the Cold War era Soviet Union it's at once a heart pounding thriller and a ichly atmospheric novel of extraordinary depth AGENT 6 Leo Demidov is no longer a member of Moscow's secret police But when his wife Raisa and daughters Zoya and Elena are invited on a Peace Tour to New York City he is immediately suspiciousForbidden to travel with his family and trapped on the other side of the world Leo watches helplessly as events in New York unfold and those closest to his he.

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Im to see Simultaneously he is inadvertently esponsible for the arrest and death of his trainee s new girlfriend at the hands of the KGB The prologue culminates in a concert given by the Communist singer tying together the threads of the tragedy to come The story leaps forth in time to 1965 Raisa is alone in New York with their daughters Zoya and Elena leading a joint SovietAmerican concert for peace Secretly using Elena as a go between the American Communist Party euests that Jesse Austin who has been uined by his association with Communism attend a demonstration outside the UN Catastrophe strikes altering the course of Leo s life Fast forward to 1980 Leo is an adviser in Soviet controlled Afghanistan living in an opium colored trance that shields him from his feelings His new trainee is a pretty young Afghan girl as blindly enthusiastic about the brave new world that the Soviet state has to offer as he once was The progression couldn t be clear The people of the Soviet Union were enslaved by corrupt leaders American blacks were first slaves then enslaved behind prejudice Women all over the world are still slaves I can t tell you any Agent 6 has compelling believable characters and a heartbreaking juggernaut of a plot Tom Rob Smith has enough compassion for everyone for heros and villains for perpetrators as well as victims You will not be able to put this down While I wouldn t go so far as to say this third part in the Leo Demidov trilogy is a disappointment it is definitely the weakest of the three which is always a shame for a trilogyDon t get me wrong I enjoyed it The first half of the book which shifts the spotlight away from Leo himself and onto his wife and two daughters was eally good It was a eal shift in tone which caught my attention and held it until the first act s tragic ending Said tragic ending was absolutely gutting tooIt s a shame then that the second half of the book is such a huge diversion from the plot up to that point The focus shifts back onto Leo but puts him in such a situation that the events of the first half of the book are largely ignored In fact the second half is practically a completely different book and would have worked better as a separate book in my opinion As it was I find it difficult not to get bored of the events of the second half because they just seemed largely irrelevant to the story I d been eading in the first half It introduced a bunch of new characters none of whom I could bring myself to care about and none of whom have any bearing whatsoever on the est of the plotWhen this huge diversion is finally over and we actually get to Leo trying to esolve the threads left dangling from the by this point uite distant first half of the book it takes about three heartbeats to end It was almost as though Tom Rob Smith had got so engrossed in the diversion that he couldn t eally be bothered to esolve the first half of the plot in any great detail It felt glossed over and left me feeling largely unsatisfiedI ll stop there as I m making it sound worse than it actually was I did still enjoy the book for all its flaws and would definitely ead other books by the author I just hope he s done with Leo Demidov and can move on to other project. Art are pulled into a web of political conspiracy and betrayal one that will end in tragedyIn the horrible aftermath Leo demands only one thing to investigate the killer who destroyed his family His euest is summarily denied Crippled by grief and haunted by the need to find out exactly what happened on that night in New York Leo takes matters into his own hands It is a uest that will span decades and take Leo around the world from Moscow to the mountains of Soviet controlled Afghanistan to the backstreets of New York in pursuit of the one man who knows the truth Agent

Tom Rob Smith born 1979 is an English writer The son of a Swedish mother and an English father Smith was raised in London where he lives today After graduating from Cambridge University in 2001 he completed his studies in Italy studying creative writing for a year After these studies he worked as a scriptwriterHis first novel Child 44 about a series of child murders in Stalinist Russia