John Marchese: Renovations A Father and Son Rebuild a House and Rediscover Each Other

His book for many reasons One being I think I will revisit this book year after year and also I loved physically marking the many stories and moments that reminded me of my own dad and grandpa I laughed and cried and laughed some I resonated with John who went from nowing nothing to being uite skilled So much can be learned through the process of renovating The relationship between John and Tully was real and pulled at my heart strings on numerous occasions Glad to have found this book Men it is said love to take things apart the tricky part is putting them back together again Marchese a freelance writer takes a workman like approach He deconstructs the complex relationship that he shares with his former construction worker father and presents it as clearly as a blueprint Their fizzled relationship is rekindled when the two renovate a house in Narrowsburg NY It helps that Dad has a lifetime s experience because Marchese doesn t even now which end of a pry bar to use An epiphany near the Would have his first real home since childhood Renovations is Marchese's account of their difficult but ultimately rewarding time together This is the story of how something as simple as home improvement can balance an otherwise complicated life; it's about a father and son tackling a project that seems woefully ill advised and through humorous and oftentimes touching situations emerging from it with a deeper understanding of each other Renovations is about the ambiguous influences of family history and the enduring inspiration of the American Dre.

They say that doing a home remodeling project is a huge test of a marriage if your relationship can survive that it can survive anything Of course those projects are usually done in the early days of a marriage when young couples can afford only a bare bones house and they take on the work themselves to save money In the case of this book it s a lo Someone has daddy issues With my love for a good narrative this was the first book in the home improvement section that looked interesting to me when I was weeding it at work a few weeks ago Marchese a thoroughly urbanized writer having spent a decade in New York suddenly decides to buy a house in the country and work with his construction worker Dad to fix it upAs you can imagine there s the classic theme of a blue collar father and white collar son trying to find common ground while learning a lot about how the other lives I love the honesty of non fiction that makes this situation seem fresh even though it s a situation that plays out every An award winning journalist recounts the grand adventure of rebuilding a house with his father of finding new faith in their relationship and of living out the American Dream A thoughtful sensitive funny mid life odyssey Carol Saline author of Sisters and Mothers Daughters Like many American men John Marchese arrived at his fortieth birthday feeling a mixture of pride and anxiety The son of a construction worker he'd been the first man in his family to graduate from college the first Marchese after three generations in America to make his living wi.

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Ay across the land of the American Dream When a cliche is happening to you it feels uniue and that comes across in Marchese s storyThe sarcastic wit in the early chapters when son is bristling at father s demanding instruction are entertaining enough to get you hooked to find out if the two ever work things out It s not a Hollywood ending but again that s the nice thing about non fiction you can still get something a little less than schmaltzyAnother fun tidbit is his chapter about meeting Bob Vila a major icon if not the founder of home improvement TV As you can probably guess the guy on TV is only somewhat related to the guy in real lifeOverall this was a solid if understated book This is truly the stuff of everyday life but told by somebody with a better vocabulary and ability to craft an engaging narrative A Father Son relationship true story The story makes you rethink your relationship with your father and throw s in some construction information too It s a eeper I am so glad I own Th his mind not his hands Despite his achievements he had never really settled down after college he'd lived in seventeen places And disturbingly he sensed that a subtle estrangement had developed between him and his working class father Now as he approached midlife he wondered if they had anything in common Determined not to be a rootless cosmopolitan who'd never done an honest day's work John approached his father for help in finding a house they could renovate His father would teach the skills he'd always wanted to pass along to his son and John.

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