George Breitman: The Last Year of Malcolm X The Evolution of a Revolutionary

Al rights also come ual responsibilitiesSo what did Malcolm mean by nonalignment He clearly defined it for us and used Egypt as an DK Findout! Birds example They take from East and West and don t take sides withither one Nasser took verything Russia could give and then put all the communists in jail I should note that Malcolm did not promote putting anyone in jail for their ideology He further stated Positive neutrality means if you want to help us help us we re still not with you If you have a contribution to make to our development do it But that doesn t mean we re with you or against you We re neutral We re for ourselves Whatever is good for us that s what we re interested inThis is what you and I need to learnhow to be positively neutral You and I need to learn how to be non aligned Mr Breitman also claimed that Malcolm completely rejected his former advocacy of black owned businesses after returning from Africa in May 1964 He used the OAAU s June 28 Statement of Basic Aims and Objectives as proof of this by asserting that nowhere in the Basic Aims and Objectives is any mention of black owned business as a solution Did Mr Breitman forget that Malcolm said the following at that June 28 Rally We have an conomics department For any of you who are interested in business or a program that will bring about a situation where the black man in Harlem can gain control over his own The Witch’s Warning (Aberrations Book 2) economy and develop businessxpansion for our people in this community so we can create some The Healing Power of Plants employment opportunities for our people in this community we will have this departmentOne can objectively conclude that Malcolmxpanded his conomic thinking beyond mere black business However nowhere did I see him reject the idea of a predominately black community like Harlem pooling together its wealth as the Chinese and Jewish communities do to xpand black owned businesses In fact in an interview with Robert Penn Warren in June 1964 Malcolm again used the Chinese New Yorkers as good The Worst Witch Strikes Again examples to follow Likewise he promoted the idea of Harlem taking politicalconomic and social control of its community independent of outside and non local government control in his OAAU speech on February 15 1965 Wouldn t advocating such positions indicate that he retained at least some of his The Truth (Almost) about Bharat entrepreneurial ideas for black people until thend Malcolm did say that African Americans should consider whether socialism as practiced in Africa can offer any ideas on how to operate their own communities before they incorporate into the American capitalist system However isn t it plausible that Malcolm s brief romance with African socialism was so related to his pro African stance than anything Mr. Christmas else After all he seemed to have no use for European socialism Further scientific socialists did not regard African socialism as real socialism In 1967 Kwame Nkrumahven said the term African socialism was too vague to be useful as there was no clear definition More importantly incorporating African socialist ideas on a community level in Harlem as Malcolm seemed to suggest is not socialism in any revolutionary sense Rather it is creating several community run social programs to help the poor of Harlem similar to the Black Panthers free breakfast program Some of Malcolm s views were Where My Heart Used to Beat even incompatible with most forms of socialism He greatly opposed welfare until thend It creates laziness and robs us of our human dignity He d say which is in line with libertarian criticisms of welfare He also strongly believed in private land ownership In a postcard to Alex Haley he wrote It is better to live in a shack that you own at the bottom of the Grand Canyon than in the city in a mansion that belongs to someone The Truth (Discworld, else He believed in free speech and press and his desire for private organizations such as his OAAU to take control of failing Harlem public schools an idea resembling what we now think of as Charter Schools was anything but socialist in nature Interestingly Malcolm stated the following in his Autobiography An American white Ambassador in one African country was Africa s most respected American Ambassador I m glad to say that this was told to me by one ranking African leader We talked for anntire afternoon Based on what I had heard of him I had to believe him when he told me that as long as he was on the African continent he never thought in terms of race that he dealt with human beings never noticing their color He said he was aware of language differences than of color differences He said that only when he returned to America would he become aware of color differencesI told him What you are telling me is that it isn t the American white man who is a racist but it s the American political Mr. Perfect economic and social atmosphere that automatically nourishes a racist psychology in the white man He agreed We both agreed that American society makes it next to impossible for humans to meet in America and not be conscious of their color differences And we both agreed that if racism could be removed America could offer a society where rich and poor could truly live like human beings That discussion with the Ambassador gave me a new insight one which I like that the white man is not inherentlyvil but America s racist society influences him to act villy The society has produced and nourishes a psychology which brings out the lowest most base part of human beings Would an individual moving towards Marxist ideas be keen on a society where rich and poor could truly live together like human beings That idea seems antithetical to socialism since it implies that classes would remainThe American Ambassador Malcolm referred to was William Attwood Attwood s recollection of this xchange with Malcolm is consistent with the account in The Autobiography Peter Goldman noted in The Death and Life of Malcolm X that Attwood did not get the sense from his conversations with Malcolm in Africa that Malcolm was actually identifying capitalism with racism Rather Attwood said He was saying that in America we re reminded of color by the scenery and the furniture of our past Abroad we re just Americans So while Malcolm did say You can t have capitalism without racism to a group from the SWP Attwood and others who spoke to him about this issue in depth felt he saw the problem as societal than 7 Secrets of the Goddess economicIn an interview with Young Socialist when asked what was responsible for racial prejudice in America Malcolm s answer was not capitalism Instead his answer was ignorance and greed And a skillfully designed program of miseducation that goes right along with the American system ofxploitation and oppression If the Indianomix entire American population were properlyducated I think many whites would be less racist in their feelings They would have respect for the Black man as a human beingAlso the feeling of inferiority that the Black man has would be replaced by a balanced knowledge of himself He d feel like a human being He d function like a human being in a society of human beings So it takes My Favorite Earthling (Otherworldly Men, education toliminate it and just because you have colleges and universities doesn t mean you have Doglands education The colleges and universities in the Americanducational system are skillfully used to miseducate One could argue that the American system of Riveted (Iron Seas, exploitation and oppression Malcolm referred to was capitalism but his response seemed consistent with the notion that it is thexcessive greed and ignorance of individuals running the government and abusing An Officer and a Spy economic sys. 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Produced in 1967 Breitman highlights the final years in the life of Malcolm X dealing with his split from the Nation of Islam his travels abroad his xpanding social and political beliefs and his challenges in managing integrating the Muslim Mosue Inc and the Organization of Afro American Unity s goal of bringing out revolutionary change in the lives of Black people worldwide alongside the conciliatory progressive gradualism of the civil rights leaders and organizations of the day The Autobiography of Malcolm X Will Always Be The Go To Book Regarding The Life Of Malcolm XEvery once in a while in Life I am able to find a gold nugget of a book that says clearly what I am trying to say in comprehensive and profound ways than I ver could For me A Lie Of Reinvention Correcting Manning Marable s Malcolm X by Mr Jared A Ball and Mr Todd Steven Burroughs is that book This book in it s OBaby entirety is what I would say to review The Last Year of Malcolm X The Evolution Of A Revolutionary by George Breitman Please read Mr Ball s and Mr Burrough s book if you really want to know the true deal about what is going on with George Brietman s book If one wants to wet one s taste buds for what appeals to me about this book use thessay that begins on page 55 by Mr Kamau Franklin titled An Ivory Tower Assassination of Malcolm X It is an Nerds excellent piece and summary for what occurs throughout the whole book and pays particular focus to the agenda of George Breitman For those of us in awe of Malcolm X there is a deep well of affection that we feel for him when we find information that resonates with his truessence This book by Mr Ball and Mr Burroughs is that book a book that brings out Malcolm s ability to put a big ball of luminous sunshine in the soul of those who come to know him For those of us who deeply respect Malcolm this feeling is at a visceral gut level because it is such an overpowering Zack (Areion Fury MC emotion After The Autobiography of Malcolm X this book by Mr Ball and Mr Burroughs is a book that I cling to in understanding and feeling the spirit of Malcolm as it manifests itself in the World I absolutely love this book by Mr Ball and Mr Burroughs and recommend it to anyone who is truly trying to understand Malcolm It is the most perspicacious book about Malcolm after The Autobiography that I have come across in reference to him up until this time Please bear in mind that I have been studying Malcolm for 34 years I read with interest Mr Breitman s perspective on the last year of Malcolm X s life Mr Breitman presented a clear view which is consistent with the facts on Malcolm svolving beliefs with respect to nationalism and allying with whites in the struggle for human rights However while Mr Breitman criticized others throughout the book for lack of objectivity in their portrayals of Malcolm his own loyal adherence to socialist and Marxist dogma put a damper on several of his other conclusions I think Mr Breitman was sincere in his intentions but his dogmatism led him to perhaps interpret Malcolm s words from a narrow lens Mr Breitman never knew Malcolm personally but was one of the founding members of the Socialist Workers Party SWP The SWP nsured that Malcolm s speeches got published in The Militant newspaper at a time when no other newspapers would publish his speeches They also gave Malcolm a platform to spread his message for which we should all be grateful Malcolm spoke at The Militant Labor Forum three times before his untimely assassination That said although the SWP were objective in how they published Malcolm s views while he was alive after his death one cannot be so sure It was no secret that several members of the SWP were ager to persuade Malcolm to get on board with their Marxist agenda and after Malcolm s death they have presented him mostly in a biased way which is favorable to their belief system It is my opinion that this book does not always deliver an objective look at Malcolm s ContamiNation evolving social political andconomic views Subseuently Mr Breitman sometimes came across as pushing his own socialist agenda rather than impartially Taxi ins Glück evaluating Malcolm s political andconomic trajectory No matter how much Mr Breitman wanted to think Malcolm would have become a socialist there is nough vidence that Malcolm was nowhere near becoming oneOn the Stan Bernard Radio Show on February 18 1965 Gordon Hall accused Malcolm of breaking bread with socialists and communists Malcolm s reaction You are absolutely out of your mind He Losing My Virginity and Other Dumb Ideas exclaimed He then made it clear that he was not a socialist or communist and seemed offended that he wasven accused of breaking bread with them He added Just because you speak somewhere it doesn t make you that I speak to the public and I ll speak on any platform Does that sound like a man who wanted to be remembered as pro socialist Malcolm was in fact his own man trying to come up with a new and fresh political and The Magic Rolling Pin economic philosophy independent ofxisting ideologies According to Carlos Moore a black Marxist who had hosted Malcolm during some of his travels Malcolm was tactically using The Militant newspaper to get his words outBut he was neither a Trotskyite a Stalinist or a Leninist or a Castroite Until the Indecent... Exposure (Indecent, end Malcolm was very much his own man politically At an OAAU rally Malcolm statedThe black man can come up with a new philosophy He can come up with a philosophy that nobody has heard of yet He can invent a society a social system anconomic system a political system that is different from anything that Not Without a Fight exists or hasver Garden Bouquets and Beyond existed anywhere on thisarth He will improvise he ll bring it from within himself And this is what you and I want Are these really the words of a man moving towards socialism Or are these not instead the words of a driven man wanting to create an ntirely new philosophy to solve the problems of the black masses Malcolm believed strongly in a concept he called nonalignment and rejected all labels including leftist centrist and rightist in a A session in January 1965 I saw no mention in this book of Malcolm saying the following in fall of 1964 I am not anti American un American seditious nor subversive I don t buy the anti capitalist propaganda of the communists nor do I buy the anti communist propaganda of the capitalists Nor did Mr Breitman mention that Malcolm said in his diary fall 1964 When we all learn to think as human beings instead of as capitalists communists and socialists this will then be a world for all human beings Would a pro socialistanti capitalist really indicate as Malcolm did that we should stop thinking of ourselves as capitalists communists and socialists and instead focus on ach others humanity I contend that Malcolm remained non aligned with respect to socialism and capitalism Here are his words to MS Handler in fall 1964 Some of my dearest friends are Christians Jews Buddhists Hindus agnostics and The Management Bible even atheists some are capitalists Socialists and Communists some are moderates conservativesxtremistsMy friends today are black brown red yellow and white It takes all these religious political Zu schnell economicand racial ingredients to make the Human Family and the Human Society complete We must forget politics and propaganda and approach this as a Human Problem which all of us as human beings are obligated to correct The well meaning whites must become less vocal and active against racism of their fellow whitesand Negro leaders must make their own people see that withu. 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Tems that creates systemic oppression America happened to mploy capitalism as its conomic system Malcolm also criticized communist Soviet Union for being oppressive towards nonwhites Therefore it is the society that needs to be changed through ducation to nd racism Merely replacing an conomic or political system will not Invisible (The Curse of Avalon eliminate racism It seems Malcolm understood this Mr Breitmanxaggerated the degree to which Malcolm was sympathetic to socialism by compiling all of Malcolm s seemingly anti capitalist uotes without including his numerous other uotes inconsistent with those statements Further Mr Breitman never drew Yummy Supper enough attention to the fact that Malcolm by his own admission was still only learning about these concepts and had yet to truly define them In October 1963 Malcolm stated in a A session at Berkeley that he knew nothing about socialism The term didn tnter his vocabulary until after his travels abroad in 1964 and he later acknowledged not having much time to read about it This was a man who normally defined very term he utilized and read as much as he could before drawing conclusions Yet he never defined what he meant by socialism or capitalism His transitioning opinions on these topics seemed tied mostly to what he was told or shown abroad by militant leaders and Ambassadors His interest in socialism stemmed mainly from his belief that the newly independent nations wouldn t all become socialist by coincidence Shouldn t this be addressed in any book talking about Malcolm s volving views Without properly defining socialism or capitalism his discussion of these concepts seemed merely rhetoricalMalcolm was certainly anti imperialist but imperialism is not the same as capitalism At times he seemed to conflate the two Without knowing clearly what he meant by capitalism we have no idea what he meant by You show me a capitalist I ll show you a bloodsucker Mr Breitman made little mention of insights from persons who spoke with Malcolm during this period such as Carlos Moore Jan Carew MS Handler Charles Silberman James Farmer and some of Malcolm s close followers within the Muslim Mosue that would have weakened his argument that Malcolm was moving in a socialist direction He also seemed to downplay the important role Sunni Islam had on Malcolm s Deep Listening evolving worldview and withheld facts showing that Malcolm was becomingven religious towards the nd of his life Instead one may ven get the impression from Mr Breitman s writings that Malcolm began downplaying religion and that his travels to West Africa had a significant impact on his Evolution, Me Other Freaks of Nature evolution than his religious travels However this couldn t be further from the truth In fact Malcolm visited Mecca at least five times in his last year to sharpen his spiritualye and spent many weeks studying Islam in Egypt in 1964 He was becoming just as much of a spiritual revolutionary as he was a cultural and political revolutionary Of course one cannot be as God fearing and deeply religious as Malcolm was and also a Marxist so I can understand why Mr Breitman would have left out these factsOut of all the socialist countries in Africa Malcolm seemed most impressed with Nasser s government in Egypt which promoted ducation a pious religious atmosphere for the people and healthcare for Egyptians at no charge Egypt had also nationalized xploitative companies previously owned by Europeans such as the Suez Canal Company as a move towards independence from Colonial powers Malcolm Trajan emphasized that most of the revolutions going on in the world at that time lacked balance because of a demphasis on religion Therefore while he admired the courage of any revolutionary to stand up and fight against oppressive powers he was not necessarily keen on the type of leadership Bunnys Book Club Goes to School established in those countries following their respective revolutions On December 20 1964 at the Audubon Ballroom he said The Egyptian revolution differs from most revolutions in that it s one of the few revolutions that has taken place where religion has not been minimized In most revolutions religion is immediately demphasized Eventually that revolution loses something Always But the thing about the Egyptian revolution was that it never de The Peculiar Pig emphasized the importance of religion In these new cities the first thing they build is a mosue so the people can practice their religion Then they build schools so the people can beducated free and then they build hospitals They believe that the religious aspect keeps the people spiritually and morally balanced and then Cherry Ingram everyone should have the bestducation and free hospitalization These new villages actually reflect the whole motive behind the Egyptian revolutionI was there and studied it for two months It s a balanced revolution I go for revolution but revolution should always do something for the people and it should always keep them balanced Why didn t Mr Breitman include the above uote And why did he not mention that all talk of socialism and capitalism abruptly vanished from Malcolm s vocabulary in February 1965 If Malcolm was really moving in a socialist direction why did he only mention these concepts in passing or as minor points and why did he not focus on The Mermaids Shoes expanding these ideas Instead his immediate political concerns were international in nature but not necessarilyconomic his focus on Sunni Islam was amplified the last month of his life and his practical Untameable Rogue (Bennett economic ideas such as a Technician Pool had nothing to do with socialism I think studying Malcolm s Memorandum to the Organization of African Unity along with the OAAU s 17 point program provides a better foundation for understanding Malcolm s solutions to the race problem during his last year than this book Malcolm was a spiritual revolutionary and humanist at the time of his death As Malcolm s daughter Ilyasah Shabazz has stated My father s revolution wasducation If Mr Breitman really was objective he would The McKettrick Way (McKettricks, emphasize that Malcolm in his own words was not dogmatic about anything that he could change his mind at the drop of a hat when newvidence presented itself He said I refuse to be in anyone s straight jacket Aligning with the socialists would have placed him in a straight jacket When asked about his philosophy during his last year he repeatedly answered I don t know but I m flexibleall I know is that I am a Muslim and a revolutionary The only other ideological label he accepted was internationalist In summary Mr Breitman s book is interesting and provocative but ought to be read cautiously for the reason that his socialist dogma clouds his interpretation of the martyred leader s teachings Un livre vraiment int ressant ui nous permet de conna tre les diff rentes facettes de Malcom X must have A good book to better understand what Malcolm X was at the Midsummer Masque end of his life A book thatxplain how Malcolm in the last part of his life completely changed his approach on the African American problem and became an open minded and international leader It s a book that rightly destroy the idea ndorsed by who still wrongly think Malcolm was a violent and full of hate man Powerful story about a powerful man This is a Negro Classic about a revolution that was televised The movie Malcolm X was good but the book is betterI needed to go back and read this year and compare it with Manning Marable Malcolm X A Life of Reinvention Will start it May 1 2011I will never finish reading about this man He will forever be on my reference shel. 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