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First Sentence November is the month of the deadBoth journalist Jill Francis and Inspector Richard Thornhill are new to Lydmouth and both ave issues in their lives Richard is trying to become accustomed to the ways of the small town and Jill is staying with At Hells Gate her friend Phillip andis wealthy and rather imperious wife Charlotte During the clearing of an old property an old wooden box is found containing a tarnished silver brooch and a baby s bones They go to the town Never Goodbye (Albany Boys, historian who points them back to a Victorian era murder However the investigators find that things are not what they seemI ve only recently discovered Andrew Taylor s books and what a delightful discovery it is I d previously read the second book in the Lydmouth series but decided to go back and start the series at the beginning The setting is different from the norm early post WWII small town England Being a village albeit fictional allows the reader to become familiar with the residents and geography of this community located on the Anglo Welsh border Next the characters The two primary characters are outsiders to the community and to each other In this first book we meet the two characters and through the story learn theiristory and see their association begin These are not sweetness and light characters but are very uman as are all the characters in Taylor s story It reminds one that behind the fa ade of the idyllic village are people Taylor s writing is evocative with a strong sense of time and place The plot is wonderfully done It seems uite straightforward in the beginning but goes somewhere I certainly never expected I so enjoyed this book I am on a uest to find the rest of the Lydmouth series books AN AIR THAT KILLS Trad Mys Jill FrancisIns Richard Thornhill England 1950s VGTaylor Andrew 1st in Lydmouth seriesSt Martin s Press 1995 US Hardcover ISBN 0312117396 A small town in England is full of murderous individuals as Jill Francis arrives for a visit to forget er troubles If ever a book destroyed any nostalgia for the post war era it s The Air That Kills Superbly written and evocative of the dreariness of England after the Second World War Weak beer shabby pubs overflowing ashtrays and the awful weight of social convention stifling everyone The characters are well realised and their often orrible personalities brought vividly to life The author conveys beautifully the plight of women too who were still very secondary in all aspects of social lifeThe book is a study of the period wrapped up in a police procedural rather than a straightforward whodunit but the resolution of the various crimes is very satisfying Britain during the decade after the Second World War looked both ways back toward the old certainties of the empire and forward to the wealth and change of modern life It is in the England that Edgar nominated suspense writer Andrew Taylor sets is powerful novel of long buried secrets and still burning issues of love revenge and justiceJill Francis and Inspector Richard Thornhill are both newcomers to Lydmouth an ancient market town on the border of England and Wales She s just given up on Lady Lorena’s Spinster’s Society her journalistic career for reasons she d rather not discusse recently made an uneasy job switch to this Lydmouth is a picturesue market town on the borders of England and Wales To it comes Jill Francis journalist onlooker and outsider It is the week before Remembrance Sunday and Jill as er own tragic reasons for knowing that November is the mon.

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Even the villains and minor characters like the clerks and barm I like Andrew Taylor s writing and P.S. Im Pregnant have read several ofis Tigress for Two (Alaskan Tigers, historical novels This book was very different in that it was set in the 1950s The story unfolded slowly possibly too slow a pace for some but I wasn t bored by this The attention to detail created the atmosphere of life in post war England and the actual crime aspect was interesting enough toold my attentionAn Air That Kills is the first in a series of crime novels I think I ll be looking out for of the Lydmouth books I ve been wanting to read this book for a long time Andrew Taylor is one of my favourite authors of all time He is a natural story teller who can create just the right atmosphere for the time and settingAn Air That Kills is the first in the Lydmouth series Unlike most other crimemystery novels Lydmouth isn t the name of the detective it is actually the name of the town the novels are set in Lydmouth is a fictional town situated between England and Wales during the 1950 s The backdrop is of a place trapped in time Cult Science Fiction Films half way between looking backwards andalf way through looking forwards Taylor I am awarding 2 stars for the clever plotting but otherwise it was a terrible book The characters were intensely unlikable in particular all of the lecherous men I read on because it was a good story but I would Crime and Punishment hesitate to read the next in the series I enjoyed this book immensely not only because it feeds my need for mystery murder thrillers but mostly because it was English and that made it fun I actually admired the people who were always smoking something the incredibly damp wet weather and the bitter beer It brought back memories of Dunhills in my purse and then later the John Player Specials which I thought uite exotic I even drove a black and gold British sports car briefly before trading it for a slightly dependable silverred British car which leaked less during the rainAs this took place in a small town for the most part the author took pains to get all the settings of post war England exactly right and that mustave been uite a bit of work This was masterfully done The characters with their reserve not always blurting things out as modern characters do added to the mystery and suspense In addition we saw the seedy side of life without getting all the details with which I Sailor Moon Episode Lists have been bombarded of late with writers feeling the need to express truth through profound ugliness I am grateful toave the British view of things and not just another Naked LunchThe two main characters the police detective and the visiting journalist developed uite a bit of sexual tension and I was a little surprised not to find them falling together at some point but perhaps that comes later in a series It is pleasant to read of characters who are flawed but without being Attentions Throbbing hideous and also theideous without Dark Reflections (Dark Reflections, having to watch their performances very often In the end the murders are resolved somewhat not that we couldn tave seen certain things coming but Taylor made it seem like things could Spinetinglers Anthology 2008 have been one of several ways up until the very end Personally I wouldave liked to Angélique à Québec (Angelique: Original version have learned about poor Antonia s childhood but the indications were uite enough to give one the ide. Torian murder trial and forward to the recent past It’s ramifications spread like a cancer through the close knit community and old wounds begin to bleed againPsychological suspense anduman drama lie at the eart of this powerful crime nove.

Mall community that keeps arking back to the way things were before the warThey meet after a pitiful collection is unearthed at a building site Workmen find an old wooden box containing a The Doughboys handful of baby s bones a scrap of newspaper from the last century and a tarnished silver brooch in the shape of a love knot What looks to be a routing inuiry proves to be anything but and Jill and Richard become unwilling partners in this perplexing case that draws them back to a celebrated Victorian murder trial Soon their investigation takes a deadly turn bringing past crimes very much into the presentfront flapLydmouth seems a grim gritty little town and the people in it likewise None very likeable all with grim gritty secrets toide or else just general nastiness The jacket blurb is somewhat misleading Jill and the Inspector do meet up but there s no collaboration or teaming up although Inspector Thornhill perhaps would like there to be 魔法使いの涙 [Mahou Tsukai no Namida] his marriage characterized by a dearth of affection or common ground Having enjoyed a couple of the Lydmouth novels in the past I decided it was time to go back to the beginning and read the ones I d not yet read in the right order In this first book we meet the two characters who ll be central to the series Jill Francis journalist and Richard Thornhill police inspector We meet Jill as she arrives in the town by train Clearly something distressingas Futurity happened iner relatively recent past though we don t find out what until well into the bookThe mystery revolves around the discovery of a baby s bones which are dug up on a building site It s initially believed they re from Victorian times but as enuiries unfold a recent secret is revealed This is not a fast paced crime thriller but a story told at a gentle pace reflecting the conservative nature of society of the time Set in the 1950s it s an interesting insight into life in Britain a few years after the Second World War Optimism for the future is tempered by weariness of Ouija in Suburbia how much needs to be done and the drudgery of the slow pace of changeThe story was an intriguing one and an enjoyable read The reader sees events through the eyes of several different characters including the two main players and we also meet those associated characters eg Philip Jill s friend and editor of the local newspaper Thornhill s police colleagues who will appear in future booksBy the time I got the end of the book I felt I dad the briefest introduction to Jill and Richard and was immediately keen to pick up the next book to continue to read Reclaiming Authentic Fundamentalism how their story developed Iave the second book in the series The Mortal Sickness all lined up ready I m so glad this was my first read book in 2010 Way to start out the year If you like a British mystery with an old time feel written by a man who knows ow to write then you ve found a great new series I almost checked my classics shelf when I logged this one in because in many ways it feels like a classicAndrew Taylor makes is characters real in a masterful sense Fiona who Caz Sanatı has been pushing all manner of Andrew Taylor novels on me for some time says He gets you to know these characterse writes without you really seeing Desire Sensibility howe does it I can t say it any better than that When you care about. Th of the deadWhen workmen demolishing an old inn discover the pitiful remains of a newborn baby in a disused privy Jill becomes an unwilling partner in Detective Inspector Thornhill’s investigation The case stretches back to a celebrated Vic.

Andrew Taylor b 1951 is a British author of mysteries Born in East Anglia he attended university at Cambridge before getting an MA in library sciences from University College London His first novel Caroline Miniscule 1982 a modern day treasure hunt starring history student William Dougal began an eight book series and won Taylor wide critical acclaim He has written several other thrill