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E for a very long time where it s always been overlooked by other ripping titles The only reason I read this was because I had to read a dragon book for a challenge The cover however is very ripping but unfortunately I can t see the cover on my Kindle TouchETA This book is the second in the series I had no idea It works well as a first When Liam was twelve his mother died right in front of him He knew it was happening when she had the aneurysm and knew life was about to change for him and his two younger brothers Because he knew Richard his estranged stepfather the biological father of his two brothers would come back into their lives Abusive drunken Richard always hated him hated his repaired cleft palateAnd he was right Abused physically sexually mentally and emotionally he made a deal with the devil at age 15 Do what you want with me sell me use me but keep your hands off my little brothers Richard agreed and Liam could at least know he was doing what was right even though he knew his mother would be so unhappy with him But he can stand anything as long as Chris and Kevin are alright Because Richard has already laid his hands on Kevin once and the boy retreated into his own world never really recovering from the vicious backhand and although the doctors diagnose it as autism Liam knows better And fears what could happen So he will stand between them and Richard untilwell just untilAnd then Liam meets Jericho one of the Lesser Bred a cross breed between one of the Kin the Dragons of the city of Atlanta and a human See they live in the Gray Zone a buffer between the Den of the ueen of Atlanta and the city proper a place populated by humans Kin and the Lesser Bred Anything oes but the Zone has its own peculiar moral code and the boys are safe for the most part But Jericho calls to something in Liam awakening a sexual want that he thought long extinguished So he begins to see JerichoBut when Richard reneges on the deal he has with Liam and Chris and Kevin are threatened he knows he has to take action But how will he manage to keep his brothers safe deal with the strange urges and changes he seems to be having and stay alive all at the same time And will Jericho help him be the one for him to lean on be than sexThis is a stunning Night And Day gritty and powerful tale of survival pain and oddly enough hope Adrienne Wilder has created a worthy seuel to To Adam With Love the first book of her Gray Zone Chronicles with this book Having worked with abused and neglected adolescents for the past ten years the descriptions and events came as noreat surprise to me I have sat with children abused raped beaten sold into prostitution and heard them describe their ordeals and this rang so achingly true What stunned me and had me putting the book down to breathe was its emotional honesty and integrity how the victim can set aside the abuse and try to protect others how the devastation becomes the norm the profane the commonplace In a world of inhumanity the small things like simple hugs can bring you to tearsThere are terrifyingly disturbing things that happen in this world that Ms Wilder has built but what is amazing is the Dragons make a beautiful kind of sense They are alien morally different complex and outside our world To be watched warily and kept at arms length But the truly evil things are at the hands of our fellow humans THAT is the horror story here And what a way to drive it homePainful Hard to read Be strong this ride is worth the price of admissionTom uite a bit violent than the first book and very similar characters Not continuing with this series methinks Tho I was disappointed and frustrated with how book 1 ended and the lack of explanations I persevered and tried book 2 It is important to say that tho it s a series they can be read as stand alone because they feature different MCs I honestly don t know what I was expecting well I do know I was expecting that the blurb was lying and I was Tennessee Takedown / Ravens Hollow going toet my answers from book 1 but nope It s a completely different story with no mention whatsoever of the MCs from the previous book Let s say I was not very happy And this one didn t impress me all that much because I can barely remember it now that it s been a month since I e read it I m still mad at the way Wilder made this series So the story was fine Based on the blurb I wasn t sure I wanted to read it but as I d bought it I did It would be nice to actually follow a Lesser Bred all the way through the Shift and not just be told about it and stop the story a few days or weeks before This time the soon to Shift is Liam He doesn t know about it unlike Adam in the previous story Although I thought there was a The Cowboy Takes a Bride (The Bridal Bid good opportunity to really explore the unknown side of finding out you re Lesser Bred this story ratherlossed over it with the explanation of Liam is so scarred already it just doesn t bother him like it should I think I missed connecting emotionally with his character some because of his nonchalance about it Granted he had bigger problems weighing on him in the form of trying to keep his step father from selling his little brothers to pay off bad debts I m Michaels Discovery (The Devaneys going to call this 35 stars since this didn tet the emotion from me the first book did And you don t really need to read the previous book first or read them close together The stories are not tied except by the alternate universe they re set inThat said what was the point in mentioning either alchemy or Fairies at all They exist So what And nothing is said Why did they need mentioning at all What about the arenas in the Shotgun Wedding (Silhouette Yours Truly, glossary What was the point since they didn t figure into this story I didn t take off any stars for this because it is irrelevant to this story but it irked me a lot that they were mentioned at all There was no point. N Liam’s stepfather welshes on their deal and sells Liam’s brother into the trade and once again Liam resolves to do anything to save him evenet involved in a million dollar kidnapping scheme that could et him killed But that’s not his plan Now that he has Jericho Liam knows his life is worth fighting

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Re books where the romance is secondary but still integral This is a fine example of such a bookLiam is a reat character and one I really wanted to see triumph He s been taking his stepfather s abuse for many years in an effort to protect his younger brothers abuse that includes beating rape torture and whoring him out to some real sickos to pay for his drug habit It is NOT pretty But Liam doesn t wallow in self pity He s willing to do anything to protect his brothers and provide for them which is very admirable It s uite sad though that he doesn t feel like he deserves any better His self esteem is low because of what s been done to him and some facial scars that he thinks make him so ugly nobody wants him except to abuse But when he s around his brothers he is always kind and thinking about what they might need Chris the older of the two brothers knows what Liam is doing to keep him safe and is conflicted Kevin has some sort of mental disorder so it s hard to say how he feels a lot of the time but there are some poignant moments when he s able to express himselfJericho a Lesser Bred offspring of a human and a dragon remains a mystery until near the end The first seventy five percent of his relationship with Liam is mostly lust I don t consider this a flaw These two can t keep their hands off each other for various and sometimes supernatural reasons Their feelings develop slowly because this is the first time Liam doesn t see sex as abuse or at best work Jericho remains pretty aloof until his reveal toward the end so I didn t develop the connection to him that I did to Liam I still liked him just not as muchThe plot is fast paced and exciting though I admit I saw the twist coming at about the half way point It didn t really bother me though because I still wanted to see how Liam would handle it Maybe because I read To Adam With Love I wasn t nearly as confused about all the dragon terms this time around or maybe because Liam was on the outside of that world and didn t know about it so he needed it explained There is a Innocent Sins (Harlequin Presents, glossary but I didn t really need it toet what was happening Some of the things that happen to Liam and that he does are BRUTAL This is not for the faint of heart or anybody looking for a fluffy feel Only a Whisper good read It is INTENSE at times blood violence death torture and rape Personally I usually prefer that to fluff since the rape is portrayed as cruelty and it s NOT okay No worries Liam doesn t fall in love with his rapist or the people who abuse him He s much too well done of a character for that crap Still it s only when his brothers are threatened that he starts to fight back He doesn t think he sood enough to defend when it s just him being threatened I want to Copper Lake Secrets give a big thank you to the author for depicting a realistic victim of abuse His self esteem is shot but he knows enough to hate the people who have hurt him He might take it to protect those he loves but he never starts liking it And finally thank you he wants some revengeSome of the sex practices did make me uncomfortable I don t think it s a spoiler to say that the dragon Kin eat the flesh and blood of their sex partners because it s a staple of the series People wanting to be eaten certainly pushes my boundriesbut the characters and the world are so compelling I soldiered through it I m absolutely fascinated by the mythology created here It s detailed and completely uniue among anything paranormal or fantasy I ve read The author s descriptions really make the Gray Zone come alive and the non human characters while their behavior is bizarre by human standards are always consistent And there are fairies now I hope to see of them but I ll be awaiting anything else set in this world I want to meet VeshI m only knocking off half a star for the structure of the ending which was out of seuence and would have been clearer if things just happened in order without the flashback Other than that a 5 plus read all the way if you re not sueamish Recommended highly and I can t wait for the next one I never NEVER thought I d like a dragon story but this one proved me wrong I was justoing to read a little bit yesterday starting with the terminologies at the beginning which I admit Brooklyn's Song got me curious but as soon as I started reading the actual story I couldn t put it downIuess what helped was that there was less emphases on the dragons a paranormal species I find even less plausible than vampires elves mermaids and werewolves not saying Men Are Like Waffles--Women Are Like Spaghetti Devotional Study Guide ghosts because they DO exist and on the impossible nightmarish situation Liam and his brothers are in Mostly Liam though because heets the physical and psychological pain as well as the complete humiliation and helplessness while the others live in fear This story is darker than dark Not only with the dystopian setting with everything in deterioration and lawlessness but also the physical and psychological evidence in both Liam and Chris one of the brothers after the abuse Liam has taken The abuse Liam has Plain Jane The Hotshot gone through over the past six years is absolutely horrible to the point I felt like my skin was crawling off a few times but the way the author managed to both create and infuse the conflict in the story many times over was both infuriating and masterful I applaud the author for making Chris scars come out as well his fear anger and regret over the sacrifices his older brother has made It put even depth into the story I ll admit that I enjoyed the parts about the dragons less I feel that this story wasn t even about the dragons it was a survival story of the brothers Sure I liked Jericho but nowhere near as much as I liked and cared about Liam I hope there s a seuel with the two since I felt the ending between them wasn t wholly satisfyingThe title isn tripping I ve had it on my Kindl. Categories Liam was fifteen when he made the arrangement as long as he let his stepfather sell his body his brothers would be safe Scarred inside and out from years of horrific abuse Liam is stunned when Jericho a Lesser Bred a dragon’s mixed blood offspring makes a pass at him and he is helpless to resist The.

35 StarsOkay I will keep this bluntI stayed up reading this till 3am in the morning I was completely invested and captivated Then the author Family of Her Dreams gives me yet again one of the shittiest ending ever I nearly threw my kindle against the wall I was that frustratedI had spent a couple of hours reading theses characters be abused and struggled againstreat odds They deserved an epilogue so that THEY and ME could have closure dammitHere is an example of why I am frustrated with timelines and weird jumps in the plot be careful because it is a BIG spoiler view spoiler in the last few pages Liam is asked to kill his lover He then has this weird jump in time and it talks about in a few days how he completes his shift and its painful and how much stainscales he Blackmailed Into the Italians Bed gets etc I was left thinking WTF then the timeline snaps back to present and Liam shoots the man trying to force him to shoot his loverBig things happen and Liamets shot and wakes up in hospital 4 days later Him and Jericho talk for a few mins and then it ends abruptly We dont know if Liams little brothers live with them if Kevin Girls Night Out gets fixed I dont even know of Liams mother carried the dragon DNA or was it just Liams dad where did they live how did they earn money were they happy all uestions a simple epilogue could have answeredAlso instead of having this weird forward in time flash while in the van when he thinks about shifting why not show us that in the epilogue or at the end hide spoiler Another intense story from the Gray Zone even darker andrittier than the first Oh how Liam suffered made me care for him and his brothers and left me with uestions Once again I ran to the author s blog cursing a blue streak after another wide open ending to see what the hell is next There I found a blog entry where Ms Wilder answers the uestion Why the endings on Gray Zone stories suck Slices of life leave the option openok I can see that now please tell me what I what I want to hear Another entry there A preuel Jericho William and Vesh yes yes YES AND a seuel Liam Chris and Kevin coming up THANK YOU This was a dark book that touched on a lot of ugly topics Topics of abuse and rape and desperation But it also had strong themes of love and courageAs a boy Liam watched his beloved mother die of an aneurysm right in front of him Vowing to protect his younger brothers Liam put up with years of physical and sexual abuse from his stepfather even allowing his stepfather to sell his body Not realizing that while he can protect his brothers from suffering physically he can t protect them from hearing his screams After meeting a lesser bred a Kinhuman offspring he is mesmerized by Jericho s inhuman beauty For the first time he finds pleasure in sexual release instead of pain and shame When Liam s stepfather Bound To Ransom (Bound Series Book 2) goes into enough debt that he sells Liam s brother Liam is desperate to do whatever it takes to raise the money to pay off the debt andet his brother backI thought this was a very powerful book but I originally ave it only 3 stars because I was disappointed that this book did not help wrap up the story from To Adam With Love I felt the first book ended with an HFN rather than a HEA and I was hoping that this book would tie up some of those loose ends As I kept waiting for Adam and Ean to appear in this book and realized it wasn t happening there was a measure of disappointment As I wrote the review however I decided it was unfair to mark this book off for that fact and this book deserved 4 stars for its powerful and moving topics I felt that this book also ended without a firm conclusion either but now I know not to expect a wrap up in the next book Imagine someone with a horrible past a past that left him with mental and also physical scarsthat s the main character of he story Liam After his mother death Liam will be obligated to do anything also unthinkable things to protect his young half brothers Chris and Kevin protect them for their father Richard I can t say how much I despise Richard can a villain in a story be worst than him It s hard to find one I m not kidding I must think A LOT and maybe no I must admit Richard despise me so much and I really read all this book wanting just two things Liam happiness and Richard death Oh yes it s what you will want too You can be a peaceful person as I m but reading all the monstrosities Richard did you will want his head in a silver plateWhat I m being cruel and using hard words Oh if the fact I m saying I desired to see Richard dead is shocking you this book is not for you Why Simple it s a cruel world Liam has a cruel life and this book certainly is not for the faint onesBut when I start it I knew very well what I should expect I read the Darwin s Theory series and also the MF novel Blood Bonds City of Dragons 1 so I KNEW very well what I should expect did I had itNo I have much this book surprise me for how the dilemma Richard death or life were solved and most of all it surprise me see someone so altruistic as Liam suffering so much Chris a rebel brother Kevin a sick brother Liam life is full of complications and the last thing he need is find someone like Jericho that certainly will make Liam dare to desire for the first time desire to be less responsible for other s lives dare to desire to be loved5 starsPSThis story could be considered a standalone because reading the lossary and during the story you will understand a lot about the Kin dragon world BUT I vivid recommend the read of To Adam With Love Gray Zone 1 to a detailed explanation This is a Orbital Velocity (Stony Man, great book 45 It has everything that I personally enjoy in a story complex flawed but likeable characters a fascinating and well drawn fantasy world conflict fighting violence and a plot beyond twouys hooking up Lately I think I m prefering actiony adventu. A Gray Zone Novel Give us your poor your unwanted your criminals that’s the unofficial motto of Atlanta’s Gray Zone the no man’s land between the city and the Dens of the Kin the dragons Between Liam the two brothers he’s cared for most of his life and their abusive stepfather they account for all three.

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