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TRIGGER WARNING This book contains marital rape This started off kind of like Companions of the Night by Vivian Vande Velde or Sunshine by Robin McKinley but not nearly as interesting or well written just clich s everywhere Then it took a weird turn into Pretty woman without the whole being a prostitute thing Gideon the vampire just treats Kay the werewolf to masseuses manicures shopping trips all the while romancing her with red roses everywhere she oes To be honest it was just weird because there was zero chemistry between the two And there was always this constant talk about money Like You must be rich I hope you re rich Don t worry I m rich we Skylars Outlaw get it he has money Stop talking about how much everything costs and the brand of every item she buys with his money It just cheapens everything As if that weren t enough there s this passage Hence the dinner dates the nights at the opera the tour of the city the bouuets of flowersShe let out a long shuddering sigh with the realization that it was time to pay the piperUGH Then heets angry because she didn t tell him she was a virgin but decides not to leave her unsatisfied when the damage was already done Did you know you became damaged once you lost your virginity I for one did not The characters in Blades Lady general were pretty two dimensional and made decisions that rendered them too stupid to live the story was predictable but even so there was one problematic aspect of it that kept bothering me the fetishization of Kay s Native American heritage There are plenty of odd turns since the beginning with her boss making supposedly witty remarks about her working her Indian magic and her best friend telling her they shouldo out because she s sure to like the fire water Now in real life I Learning Yii Testing get you forcing yourself to shut up at the boss s stupid remark but your best friend No You make it plain that is not acceptableThen Gideon also jokes he s always had a thing for Indians and instead of punching him in the dick sheoes You re just saying thatLOL ARE YOU SERIOUS And then there was the whole domestic abuse between her parents that was sickening to the nth degree Add to that her forced marriage to the villain and subseuent rapeJust no This book takes off running from the very beginning Amanda Ashley does not waste any time etting straight to the ood stuff I swear so much happens in this book it s like two or three books in one There are no really big epic battles but there is plenty of turmoil and strife to keep you entertained from beginning to end Gideon and Kay find each other early on in the book and fall into their romance pretty uickly however it doesn t feel like insta love These two o through a lot together in a short period of time which makes it feel like a true meaningful romance has occurred if just a bit expedited due to both of their captures and then subseuently being hunted by different factions I love how these two were together Gideon was supportive of her and was willing to put himself in danger to make sure the Kiya would be ok He always came to her rescue but also understood that there were just some decisions that she has to make for herself Kiya was the same with Gideon she was fiercely protective of him and valued his opinion He is the most important thing in her world so important that she is willing to disobey her Alpha who also is her father to be with him This causes a reat deal of trouble for both Kiya and Gideon The witch that took Gideon will stop at nothing to Communicating Effectively get him back including kidnap Kiya to force Gideon into her servitude again Kiya is also engaged to be engaged by the jacka son of the neighboring Pack He was such a complete douche there is no way you wanted Kiya in his clutches She is being forced into the marriage by her father because he wants a solid alliance with that pack and he does not care what Kiya wants Kiya s father was such aood villain I could not stand him I wanted to kick him in the dingaling so many times His forcing of Kiya into marriage causes a reat deal of the strife in this book As the witch is hunting Kiya so are her father and her future husband causing Gideon and Kiya to take some drastic measures This book takes Held captive in a basement prison wrapped in silver chains the vampire Gideon is too weak to fight the monster who enslaves him.

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Udicrous Boring I was happy it was over Don t recommend One of the worst books I have ever read The story was boring and it repeated itself throughout the entire book I believe this book doesn t deserved to be even rated but I like the cover so I will ive it some points Reviewed by CrystalBook provided by the publisher for reviewReview originally posted at Romancing the BookDesire The Night was a book that I just couldn t put downGideon is a vampire that is over three hundred and sixty years old but that doesn t stop him from being bested by an evil witch named Verah She keeps him in her basement tied with silver chains and only Asset Protection gives him enough blood to keep him alive after finding a spell that reuired vampire blood His blood allows her to stay young but she also starts selling his blood and sometimes sheets females for paymentThat s when Kay comes in the picture She is at a club one night when a man drugs her drink and she passes out She wakes up locked up with Gideon Imagine their surprise when they find out what each other is They both believed the other didn t exist They hatch up a plan that on the next full moon when Kay turns into her wolf they will escapeThis book was so exciting Just when I thought that everything was Enzymes Enzyme Therapy going to work out for Gideon and Kay something happens This story really kept me on my toes always wondering what wasoing to happen next and I started to wonder if they would ever be togetherI completely understood the relationship that Kay had with her father Mine wasn t an alpha werewolf and I thank God for that My dad always wanted sons instead of daughters and in the story Kay hopes that her father loves her and wants her to be happy with the man she loves instead of having to put the pack first and marrying the Blindsided guy her father thinks of as a son To her dismay her father puts the pack first I understand how she feels I could never do anything to satisfy my father eitherSo Gideon and Kay had their work cut out for them Not only did they have to figure out how to make a relationship between a vampire and werewolf work but they have to deal with Verah Victor theuy Kay s engaged to and her father Will they find a way to be togetherThis is a At Land great paranormal love story that mainly deals with two people finding out how to be together I enjoyed the way that the book was written There wasn t a feeling of anything being left out and it had areat ending to a beautiful story Just when I thought that nothing was On the Run going to work out I was pleasantly surprised I have said it before and I will say it again Amanda Ashley writes the best vampire romance I have always enjoyed her books One of the main reasons her books are so enjoyable is because she takes us back to the true vampire romance with not a sparkly vampire in sightGideon has been held captive by an evil witch who uses his blood for money youth and beauty The witchives him females to feed off of but he fights it because Gideon is not evil He doesn t want to hurt these women even though he knows there is no chance for escapeWhen the witch captures Kay she is thrown into the cage with Gideon When Gideon tastes her blood he can tell she is not human Kay is half wolf and half human Every full moon she transforms and becomes a predatory wolf that refuses to kill humans She has been living on her own away from her pack Her father is the Alpha but he is not the normal Alpha we read about because he is far from friendlyKay helps Gideon escape his cage and together they o into hiding from the witch and Kay s family Now they have to hide from a vengeful witch an angry wolf daddy and also try to fight their attraction of each other Again author Amanda Ashley will take you on a fun ride and has expanded her paranormal world to include werewolves as well as vampires With the romance of these two the sky is the limit on what she will bring to the readers next I can t wait for another wild adventure from Amanda Ashley Excellent Enjoyable Exciting DNF Horribly stiff unemotional writing Zero chemistry between lead characters and a strange fascination with designer clothes and handbags Also if this author has ever set foot in the Black Hills I d eat my ha. Sure But with the latest victim she brings him he senses something intriguingly different Something dangerous yet oh so temptin.

S on a roller coaster ride of action and emotion It is fast paced and a delight to read By the time I was halfway through the book I couldn t believe I was only half way through so much had happened already and I couldn t imagine what else we would be in store for Ms Ashley did not disappoint and plenty happened in the second half keeping the rollercoaster oing Even with all of the conflict Russian Winter going on we stillot a solid romance out of Gideon and Kiya which thrived throughout the book I also really liked the ending I thought it was appropriate and the right choice Rating 45 Full Review to be posted at wwwunderthecoversbookblogcom as a Meg and the Mystery in Williamsburg (Meg Duncan, guest post I received this book from Kensington for an honest review Gideon a vampire had been locked up by a witch in order for her to use his blood to keep her young She keeps him supplied withirls to keep him from dying He tries his best to keep from feeding from them but he cant control his self The witch captures Kay and locks her in with Gideon not realizing Kay is different from the other Pregnant Man girls She is part werewolf As they make their escape together they try to hide from the witch who doesn t want to release Gideon to Kay s father who like to run her life As they are hiding away they fight the attraction between them cause after all a vampire and were shouldn t be together Gideon is an amazing vampire One of my favorites I have ever read about He is strong sexy and tries toive Kay everything she may need Kay is a female character you will love as well She isn t one to stand back but tries her best to help All she wants is to live her life away from the pack and to live it on her turns Well that was before she met Gideon after meeting him she may want to add to her lifeThe other characters help keep the story flowing and leave their on mark This is the first book I have ever read by Amanda Ashley but it sure won t be the last I love the love story as she writes it so well You feel an instant connection to Gideon and Kay and keep rooting them on the whole book They endure it all and fight to be together and fight to defeat evil It is has lot s of action as they battle the witch and battle different weres The book never slows down and keeps a strong hold on to you I would recommend this to anyone looking for a wonderful paranormal romance with a reat story line I will be picking up of her books to read Amanda Ashley has pulled from all the corners of her imagination to bring readers Desire the Night the latest release in her paranormal romance series filled with vampires witches werewolves and of course romance Gideon Maruet a vampire held prisoner by an unscrupulous witch named Vera as a source for her own means rues the so long ago night he fell captive to her enchantment Gideon s existence is one of constant agony by both the bonds that hold him and the unmerciful actions he must resort to for his survival Kiya Alissano working as a veterinarian s assistant also holds magic powers of her own than just the ift of being able to calm her patients at the clinic either Kiya known as Kay to her friends who are few a far between thanks to her father is the daughter of a very possessive Clan Leader who Kay still can t believe has been persuaded to allow her time away from their family compound to pursue the wish to live among humans Unbeknownst to Kiya her thirst for adventure in all things human may prove to be her downfall and bring her even closer to the thirst of one who is not all human You will be surprised how fast the pages turn once you pick it up you will not want to put it down Started out Kawaii Manga good but then it just spiraled out into one ridiculous event after another In between bouts of crazy we have Kay eating huge amounts of foodlots of food was the author hungry by chance when writing this I never felt romance between Gideon and Kay Lots of sex and a need to escape that basement as mentioned in the blurbbut on in the bookets unreal with pretty much everyone being a villain Kay seems to become stupid and helpless That was really annoying All these I love yous but The House Girl getting kidnapped over and over or walking into the werewolf compound knowing all that wasoing on just ot For years she's tapped his precious blood like a fountain of youth sustaining him with human females she captures for his plea.