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R to fight the coming stormI can t say this is for everyone but if you can get through the first few pages wanting then this book will leave you satisfied in the best possible haunting sort of way I received an Advanced Review Copy and this is the review of that ARCDANIEL continues a recent trend in fiction of husbands with vanished wives GONE GIRL THREATS etc and just like all the others the story isn t what we think it is Oh sure sometimes the story is of a husband who is too hipster emo and too lost in his search for the virginal goddess that his obsessions and idiosyncrasies take over Or maybe the husband actually illed his wife There s also the wife sneaking off in private to torment the husband In this case Daniel is just batshit crazy to begin with and his wife isn t really lost I m not down with this Here s why part of the charm of Jones s past work has been the phantasmagoria of it all a style that asks the reader to take these bizarre o journies to embrace these magical places and to enjoy the ride Here the reader is told oh that All of that is just in his head I call bullshit on this because it s like a slap in the face Everything I liked about uintessential Jones is ripped away and replaced witha bad Hallmark Channel movie starring Brendan Fraser as DanielIf it s all in Daniel s head then who the heck cares This is either irresponsible representation of mental illness anxiety or it s asking too much of me to care about it because it is subverting the strength of Jones s writing Look I get that I m probably supposed to say his thinking is so magical despite his level of anxiety This is how he handles it or it s so sad that he missed out on his real life because he didn t see it in front of him until it was too late or even he s NOT the crazy one because he LIVES But I actually have zero emotional connection to or investment in this ind of lost puppy character In fact I want to punch him in the face as I m sick to death of the broken hipster dude who is a loser till the bitter end Ugh Read the entirety of this hurricane of surreal language in two 2 3 hr hallucinogenic sessions of reading What are you reading I ask because you s fin Oh my god I finished it I hate it so much What a bleak awful horrible book20 pages from the end I give up I give up Okay yes I will most likely trudge through the last 20 pages at some point but I am just so un compelled It s so odd so intentionally bizarre with these hints and hints that actually no it s not bizarre but actually devastating and awful I hate weird for weird s sake and I hate bottomless despair without cease and I hate this dumb bookbefore reading Why haven t I read this yet Flavorpill put it as one of their ten most anticipated books of the year and now here s this from Word Books If you re familiar with Jones s first novel Light Boxes which was briefly optioned by Spike Jonze that should be reason enough to check out his latest This book will also appeal to fans of Steven Hall s The Raw Shark Texts Rivka Galchen s Atmospheric Disturbances and any other fiction that lives in that hinterland where reality imagination hallucination and coping with loss swirl around like wind like the oceanWANT It is really rather bad Think Light Boxes with a hurricane instead of February insanity instead of beauty failed marketability instead of ingenuityMoments of potential unrealised Was told the PO. Y to save them both Haunting mesmerizing and beautifully written Daniel Fights a Hurricane is an affecting original novel of love and loss marriage and friendship by a rising young talent.

As I read the previous reviews I thought it interesting that the critiue on Daniel Fights a Hurricane has somewhat been based upon what the reviewer feels a novel should be As I have found with many of the newer younger writers is that that might be the wrong approach If you are entering this adventure thinking it should fit in with a preconception then you will have already missed the boat That said maybe Shane Jones is not for everyone Too bad as I would love to see him become wealthy from his talentI found Mr Jones use of perception by the characters very intriguing especially as the perceptions tightened into the same spaces and realities The characters were fascinating and were developed in a most original and uniue way And yes as a response to another review I DO enjoy the way the arc of the story is fragmented and pieces itself together in its own timeSadly now that I have finished Daniel Fights a Hurricane I have run out of new Shane Jones writing to read And by the way the only reason I gave Daniel four stars is because I place Light Boxes in the five star category and have to eep a little wiggle room in my ratings This may be the most interesting book I ve read since Poe s The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pim of Nantucket Nobody makes it easier to believe nonsense than Shane Jones not even Lewis Carol What s nobody has the power to create emotion out of nonsense like Shane Jones does Perhaps the chapter in the book that most captures Jones style of writing is the one titled Box built from green pipes to which the overwhelming theme is this there is no rhyme or reason sometimes there is just beauty for the sake of beauty The choppy scattered prose is vaguely reminiscent of The book of Jonah The bible story describes Jona being swallowed by a whale all in one sentence In the same way Jones can say they are now living underwater in the pipes and make it completely believable and compulsive to read That s just how it is There are no uestions askedAt first glance the book may seem to be a story about a man who s mind is stuck in between reality and fantasy but after cracking open the book the reader will soon discover that the novel is actually a story about Daniel s wife The bulk of the book is writen in Daniel s perspective a mix of reality that bleeds into Daniel s nonsensical make believe world Shorter sections written in Daniel s wife s Karen perspective are interjected into the middle of those parts These sections anchor the story in reality and give depth and emotion to the the silly and fun bits The sharp stability of Karen in contrast to Daniel s imaginary world reminds the reader of the sadness that Daniel s mind is deteriorating and that Daniel Fights a Hurricane is in reality a tragedy I found this book to be disturbing by its informal base images This is meant to be surreal madness in the span of 211 pages and that s all it is I got through it fast and will say I enjoyed the book and if you pick up a copy the best thing to do is simply agree with the images being presented and don t uestion that feeling you get when you continually say to yourself this isn t normal If Shane Cross had decided to define his world a little I would have gave this book a better review It s written like poetry In many ways the reader has to take a page from Roland Barthes and become the books new author SpoliersI will be about the 3000th person. Ever since he was a boy Daniel Suppleton has been deathly afraid of hurricanes which he fears will arrive suddenly and reduce everyone he nows and loves to trembling skeletons Retreating.

To write this but I loved Shane Jones Light Boxes and was hoping for a similar experience with Daniel That was not the case I wanted to give this a 3 initially but I eep thinking about the story Jones writing is crazy making and I wondered if I should eep going The you get into the story though you truly understand that you are supposed to be driven crazy Daniel is mentally ill and only getting worse fast When we are given Karen s perspective she is his ex wife we see how truly out of it Daniel is and how sad the entire story is Some of the craziness is disturbing some beautiful and mostly just heart breaking Jones is extremely talented I don t think he missed his mark with DFaH but it also did not hit dead on the way Light Boxes did I look forward to his future work Daniel is a uick read that provides an interesting unsettling and memorable glimpse into mental illness If you were going to characterize the main character of this slight novel as insane which Shane Jones hopes you won t then he is probably psychotic rather than anxious The image of the hurricane in the first 100 pages or half of the book worked well for me though as a metaphor for an anxious mind The story of Daniel reads like a parable leaving me as a reader trying constantly to figure out what things were meant to represent and coming up short again and again The narrative shifts between the story of Daniel a pipeline worker with an intense fear of an oncoming Hurricane as he leaves his job and eventually leaves reality to populate his own world of strange characters and underground pipelines In the meantime his ex wife Karen searches for him providing with her narrative a sort of baseline for the reader who is trying if that reader is me desperately to ground herself The book made me feel crazy I wanted to make sense of it somehow but the symbols and narratives ept shifting and changing like a Hurricane which is pretty brilliant but not for me I ve seen it described as surrealist and would myself categorize it as magical realism which I never really get It is also heavily laden with symbolic significance which I grew tired of by the end I was much interested in the real world than the one created by Daniel and unfortunately that imaginary world took over and as the novelette progressedJones book wasn t for me but might appeal to fans of surrealism or magical realism or fans of his other works which I will probably still try I received an electronic copy of this book for review from the publisher This is the 2nd book from the mind of author Shane Jones and while it may seem confusing at first and at times elliptical it is also oddly his most linear tale and his most accessible to dateShane Jones has a wonderful way with words He can take simple short sentences and fill them with a plethora of meanings Like his previous book Light Boxes I was pulled into each and every world word stopping to think after each sentence on the numerous possible thoughts of what I had just readThis is the story of a man named Daniel and his fight with a Hurricane that may or may not be coming This is the story of mental illness and how it can strip the sanity from our loved ones This is the story of coming to grips with ones own delusion and still letting it wash over you Ultimately this is the story of belief pain hope despair and the power of love and how those emotions can bind us togethe. To live in a tipi in the woods Daniel battles demons real and imagined As his ex wife Karen frantically searches for him the long awaited hurricane finally hits and Daniel must find a wa.

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