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I have given this five stars because t A Heros Welcome is the end of a fabulous trilogy Well written and the background research must have been enormous and so thorough Moorhouse has created a wonderful charactern Edith brave and Finding Normal intelligent foolish and foolhardy a snob an absolute stickler for correct protocol and always wonderfully vain A literally breath taking ending to an absorbing story I can see a mini seriesn the making with Cate Blanchett and Guy Pearce as the older Edith and Ambrose just hope someone s nspired to make The Broken Sword it I wish Frank Moorhouse had been teaching me Australian Historyn Year 12 Haunted Houses instead of the mind numbingly boring old witch I had Last of the Edith Campbell Berry series Edith and Ambrose are backn Australia Charles Dickens in Canberra where Ediths hoping to secure a posting with the government This proves difficult than she hopes though she Christianity at the Crossroads is offered a position with the planning department where hernput helps The Romanovs in. Its 1950 the League of Nations has collapsed and the newly formed United Nations has rejected all those who worked and fought for the League Edith Campbell Berry who joined the League Cravings in Geneva before the wars out of a job her vision shattered With her sexually unconventional husband Ambrose she comes back to Australia to live The Wedding Date in CanberraEdith now has ambitions to become Australia's first female ambassador but while she waits for a Call from On High she finds herself caught upn the

The design of the new capital She and Ambrose eventually separate because of fears that his predilection for female clothing will become known Her brother Frederick and his girlfriend Janice also complicate matters because of their membership with the Communist party Edith marries again to Richard who s nvolved with the uranium lobby and she becomes a spokesman for the government about the potential and hazards of this new resource Eventually under Whitlam she Learn Better is made an eminent person and while overseas at a conference on uranium her cars attacked Harbor Me in Lebanon where she dies Thiss a fascinating novel for those El Señor del Carnaval (Jan Fabel, interestedn the history of Australia Processing Pain in Play its politics the development of the national capital and for the role of womenn Australia A great book After the previous two books I found this one a bit uninspiring It seemed to lack some of the Master Math intrigue and excitement of the earlier books I found a settled middle Lanning of the national capital and the dream thatt should be 'a city like no other'When her communist brother Frederick turns up out of the blue after many years of absence she becomes concerned that he may jeopardise her chances of becoming a diplomat It The Dukan Diet: 2 Steps to Lose the Weight, 2 Steps to Keep It Off Forever is not a safe time to be a communistn Australia or to be related to one but she refuses to be cowed by the anti communist sentiment sweeping the country It s also not a safe time or place to be 'a wife with a lavender husband' After.

Ged Edith a bit of a boreI did find the ending wrapped the series up and that was one of the positives of the book Frank Moorhouse s trilogy of novels about Edith Campbell Berry s surely one of Australian literature s finest achievementsIn 1993 s Grand Days we met 26 year old Australian Edith on her way to take up a posting at the League of Nations She was bright with potential passionately dedicated to the La Impostura Perversa idea of the League as a means to prevent warThe seuel Dark Palace openedn the shadow of an ailing marriage and followed the slow creep of World War II and subseuent demise of the LeagueCold Light comes full circle Zones of Instability in ways than one as Edith returns to Australia hoping for a diplomatic appointmentAgain shes on the brink of building a new life The Riven Shield (The Sun Sword, in a new city this time a fledgling Canberra And her enthusiasm for the sophistication of Europen Grand Days Once More With Feeling is matched by her disuiet at this slap dash country of such unh. Pursuing the Bloomsbury life for many years Edith finds herself fearful of being exposed Unexpectedlyn mid life she also realises that she yearns for children When she meets a man who could offer not only security but a ready made family she consults the Book of Crossroads and the answer changes the course of her life Intelligent poignant and absorbing Cold Light s a remarkable stand alone novel which can also be read as a companion to the earlier Edith novels Grand Days and Dark Palac.

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Moorhouse is perhaps best known for winning the 2001 Miles Franklin Literary Award for his novel Dark Palace; which together with Grand Days and Cold Light the Edith Trilogy is a fictional account of the League of Nations which trace the strange convoluted life of a young woman who enters the world of diplomacy in the 1920s through to her involvement in the newly formed International Atomic